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Comey & Hillary

By Jim Kirwan


As They Are in Reality...

The problem with the current political-realities in this “fraudulent-election” is that what is being shown to us, by those who have had total dominance over the nation, is the exact opposite of who and what these traitors have always stood for. Without actual laws being enforced , the public is doomed!

The FBI and the Ages'-Old-Politicians' who both stand for exactly the same lies ­ need to seen for 'the true-negatives' in this nation, they've always been.

These are the facts that this supposed-election is being run on!

Yet what we really have are the same creatures that are supposed to be protecting us

They're all in-bed with each-other as lawless-pretenders

that are 'supposedly running' to make “a difference”.


Since the Clinton Campaign is nothing but the Clinton Foundation on steroids, and has been for over thirty years ­ and since we have now seen the FBI switch sides in the personage of Director Comey, not just once but on several issues, to give Clinton a pass to take over the nation, instead of being arrested and tried for any of her crimes related to her treasonous stint as U.S. Secretary of State. How then do we deal with this “In our face BETRAYAL of everything this place was once supposed to have stood for?

What's crystal clear now is that 'the USI government' is clearly the enemy of every American and they are now trying desperately to protect the blatant-outlaws that are supposedly seeking office again, this time as Killary-Cash-Clinton Inc.


Hang the Clintons


One look at the government today makes clear that there is absolutely no-chance that anyone but Hillary will ever be appointed to crash this nation and the world—which means that the public must demand an end to this criminal-farce—yet how can that happen when all the criminals are part of the defense of their every action, which leaves the destitute public in invisible chains.

It is not possible to have 'an election' when all the various forces of the government have been totally-arrayed against the people of this nation:

Yet everyone pretends that “everything is fine” especially at this late date.

Comey refused to question thoroughly, refused to retain any evidence and then refused to prosecute the bitch ­ for anything: How in hell is he in any way carrying out his duties to protect the nation from this witch?

On top of that even his bosses, Loretta Lynch & Obama are in on this fix, so even if Comey fails his bought and paid for task, Lynch or Obama will block the arrest of Hillary for anything she might be found guilty of ­ given the evidence gathered so far?


Where does this leave the public, on the edge of the 'Election' ­ when no matter what crimes CONTINUE to be committed either by Killary, the State Department or the BLM & the FBI in Oregon: Over their assassination in cold blood of an unarmed American and the take-over of massive amounts of lands that they have never had any right to have... This so-called “election” is a total fraud since all of the “officials” were bought & paid-for long before the so-called candidates were ever “chosen”.

What Is Clear:

Is that everything about this farce has been rigged from top to bottom.

The worse part is that no amount of evidence or reality-based facts will change anything, so long as every facet of the now “dead-law” has clearly been coerced and apparently the only creatures that don't see this are the deaf, dumb & blind that still think they're really going to be allowed to vote for someone ­ this has been a very long time coming - but now that time is less than a month away!

This is not about 'a candidate' - this is about the takedown of the entire nation, that will be accomplished by calling this farce an “election”. The only way any of this could have been changed would have been “if” there were still honest or determined 'officers of the law' instead of the fake sellouts that represent USI at every level. Of course the only other possibility would have been if the public had chosen to resist the politically-correct insanity or the totally owned government dictates that are now running the ruins of the United States?

Another thing that's Crystal-Clear is that the entire governmental system is now totally structured to guarantee that the public will lose this election, no matter how this 'show-trial' turns out.


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