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It Comes Down To This

By Jim Kirwan


Understanding ~ Confusion

Whoever you are: A professional, unemployed, casual laborer or just a person, male or female, young or old none of that matters. You don’t need to be an expert, a commentator, a reporter or political analyst. You don’t need a formal education, all you need are eyes that see and ears that can hear along with a general sense about when you’re being threatened about anything. You don’t need to be a genius to understand what’s happening to you, to your life, or to your country. All you really need is a pulse, a heart and a mind that knows when you are in danger and enough intuition to sense when there are real problems in your future.

Make a list of the things that have changed in your life over the years just since we entered the New Millennium, and check-out the number of times that you tried to change what’s been happening in your world…

For Instance

Civil rights are Gone

Freedom is now Slavery & the Constitution is Dead!

All Political Parties are the same ­ the Party in POWER

Human Rights are a joke.

Self Defense has been Outlawed

Private Thoughts’ are a crime against the state

Thought-Crimes are now a reality

Having a personal opinion is against the New World Order

Anything you might want to do requires government permission

Food, water and even the air is polluted and controlled

Books, newspapers, videos and films,

Have to be approved before you indulge yourself

There are taxes now on everything

Including your right to live or work here inside the Gulags

Soon sunlight will probably be taxed along with air.

The state must be consulted about everything

you want to say or do or think

You cannot make decisions for yourself without permission


You can now go to prison for life

Without the possibility of parole, for a $10 lid of grass

You cannot be “cared-for” without Insurance

By law you must buy insurance, even if you don’t want it.

The rainforests are gone

Even though we only managed to study about 10% of what they contained that could’ve helped humanity

Before we burned them to the ground.

The air is polluted beyond our ability to survive

And nothing is done to change that.

In America the trees have massive disease infestations

The trees are dying, the land is dying

And the Water is now being contaminated by nuclear radiation

That no one is even trying to stop.

The oceans of the world

Have been savagely murdered by BP and the nuclear industry

Global-corruption of the air water and land continues

Year round. Yet those who do that refuse to

Pay for the damages they routinely do, each and every year.

Those that steal whole nations are never charged

with any crimes, much less for



None of those criminals ever go to jail!

Israeli-trained mercenaries wearing police uniforms

Routinely murder about 5,000 people a year.

Nothing is done - they don’t even get fired for murder.

No evidence is needed to kill anyone

No investigations of

Police excessive force or violence is ever investigated

That’s just some of the high-points that never seem to go away—in fact they get worse each and every week. How much have you noticed in your world? Make your own list and ask your friends, if you still have any, what has changed in their lives ­ go ahead!

Ask them this question: Are you better off today than you were in 1999? Can you “trust” anyone in government or inside officialdom anywhere? Ask yourself: When’s the last time that this government ever told the truth about anything they said to the public?

Did you know that it’s a crime to display religious symbolism, unless you’re a Jew? Christmas is against the law, because it offends too many other people. The Christmas Tree on the White House lawn will be replaced this year with a huge Jewish Menorah ­ and congress is all for that one.

No medicine, No law, No Department of Justice, and now we’re all about to be arrested for any one of dozens of things that were all not just legal ­ like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the right to protest against the government, whenever we disagree with their polices—especially during a time of war?

In fact anyone would be hard-pressed to find anything that has been done since 2001 to be legal, publicly acceptable, or just something that people might want to do because they feel-like-it?

SAFETY is the only thing that counts now; even though when it’s carried to that extreme there can be no life that’s still allowed to exist!

Ironically the promised SECURITY has never been such a sham, since that became the only national-concern that anyone in power now cares anything about.

Do people today really believe that in this place with all of our hundreds of thousands of laws—99% of which are illegal—are we really better-off because of those massively-illegal spy-networks which government says are now REQUIRED?

Where have all the jobs gone? Where are the jobs we used to have? Why do we no longer bother enforcing the immigration laws for millions of illegals? Why is the government so anxious to give away the nation to illegals?

What exactly is the “benefit” in being an American?

Our infrastructure is a disaster. Our cities look like the third world and they feel like the fourth world: In many cases even below that of a Banana-Republic ­ yet no one seems to notice. Our Colleges keep on churning out degrees, that most people have to borrow money to get - yet there are no jobs to get when you finally graduate. The functional-illiteracy rate among highschool graduates is 35% for a nation that bragged about our graduates, not so very long ago.

Given all of this why has this nation not even begun to experience Days of real Rage & Outrage on a continuing basis? Why has virtually no one in the totally criminal-government not gone to jail or even been charged with any crimes—over the last thirteen years?

Just make your own list and see how many positives you can find in the way the world has been forcefully changed since the Twentieth Century ended. And yes it really is that simple. As some are so fond of say: “Just Do the Math—because EVERYTHING’S connected!



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