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Cologne Demonstrators Were
Turks, Imagine The REST

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - Did you see the amount of demonstrators?  These are Turks. Imagine how many savages are in Cologne and Germany when you add in the Somali, Syrians, and the rest of Africa and Middle East.  They will over take the White Christians by 2020 for sure. Europe needs to deport all of them NOW or start looking for a place for the White Christian population to find asylum.  Unfortunately, no country wants to help White Christians.

I do not think the Western leaders have any iIDEA of the scope to this problem. If they did,  they would be deporting these savages NOW.  They would be banning Islam and closing Mosques now and making the savages hold to a no-child policy. This is extremely serious.

The western leaders are soft if they think the Muslims will turn around and be good European citizens and give up Sharia law and pedophilia.  

Make no mistake, this is an invasion of the West.  So this is how the west fights a war?  Invites the enemy in, allows them to procreate and gives them money, medical care food housing and cars. I noticed the demonstrators using smart phones.

I cannot even afford a flip phone throwaway but these bums have smart phones?

I am sure there are a lot of Armenian Christians who would tell you what the Turks can do when they invade. Armenian genocide is just a distant memory that the West knows little about.

I am afraid the die is cast and Europe, North America has lost the war.



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