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Cloudy With A Chance Of Scattered Cadavers
COVID Fallout On Urban Heat Islands - Part 20

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

Contrary to inflated fears of coronavirus cross-infection aboard airliners, the major vector for the worldwide spread of COVID-19 has been primarily due to the jet stream delivering virus loads over major cities, which attract virus fallout due to the Urban Heat Island effect. This atmospheric pattern is revealed in a glance at the maps of coronavirus concentration in American megacities during southward dip of a widened jet stream in late winter due to the Polar Vortex (created by the Fukushima nuclear impact on the Arctic ice-cap). Otherwise, New Orleans south of the CoV low density Midwest would not be a hot zone. The onward passage of the jet stream over the Atlantic followed by another southeasterly dip over Britain and Europe accounts for the string of cities with high rates of infection, including London, Madrid and Milan.

The jet stream, even at its very lowest reaches of altitude 8,000 meters, the level of higher peaks in the Himalayas, is a harsh environment of ultraviolet exposure and radioactive ions emitting gamma, beta and alpha rays, meaning that viruses lifted into the winter-spring sky by the massive pyres from cremations at Wuhan and Chongqing that plummeted over the heat islands of mega-cities, should by now have been destroyed in the upper atmosphere by radiation, that is if replenishment by crematoriums around newly infected parts of the world does not occur. Can you trust funeral home directors in New York not to cut corners by saving on gas and failing to preheat chambers?

I am writing essay 20 of the coronavirus series on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, when the objectives of the early environmental movement against pesticides and lifestyles of wastefulness have not been close to realized but have gotten worse, while the spirit of that initiative has been hijacked by the nuclear-energy industry through its propaganda front of "climate change" to obscure species extinction by radioactivity.

The first Earth Day held in 1970 on the quadrangle lawn of my university included activities like collecting throwaway bottles and cans for recycling, signing petitions against Dow's napalm being dropped on Vietnamese villagers, tossing frisbies at leaping dogs, and meanwhile off-campus trying to start up an organic farm with natural forest in peaceful resistance to agribusiness with its chemical apocalypse for wildlife and unborn children. It all goes to show that a life-saving idea doesn't really catch on due to self-centered greed, laziness and gluttony in a consumer conveniece-based global economy. In that perspective, the worldwide spread of coronavirus due to biological warfare is the logical outcome of human apathy, social irresponsibility and mute acceptance of mass suicide. When you're too selfish to do different, the bad will surely happen. Lame excuses will not do, not a half-century after a good start and not now when tens of thousands are dying for no good reason.

Polar Vortex intrusion

The thermodynamics of airborne virus invasion of a major city goes as follows. Following daytime upward expansion of an urban heat bubble, sunset begins a cooling process that results in partial shrinkage of the urban air mass. The downward pull acts like a descending piston, pulling a downdraft from the passing jet-stream. The pressure differential creates a vacuum, sucking down millions of COV viruses tumbling down over the metropolis.

Along the outer edges of the heat bubble, the viruses skirt around the high-pressure barrier and slides into the surrounding cooler areas with their parks, ponds, rivers or shoreline and low-rise residential neighborhoods. Anyone outdoors in the evening is risking infection.

After sunrise as downtown temperatures skyrocket due to car motors and exhaust fumes in congested traffic, or lithium batteries of e-cars for that matter, and thermostats turned up for heating systems in office buildings. The uplift of expanding warm air begins, pulling in flows of viruses at ground level toward the city center, which wend their way forward into the stream of commuters and shoppers, a vast herd that's easy prey, through rotating doors and into elevators, down hallways and onto desktops and swivel chairs. Military strategists and terrorists could not have planned a better battleground for biological warfare than the real-estate developers and city councilmen who designed and built the prefect death-chamber for millions of unsuspecting people. Mega-cities are killing fields.

It was 20 years ago that I worked on the installation of a virus-removing media lab at The University of Hong Kong with Asia's pioneering expert on the Urban Heat Island effect, architecture professor Stephen Lau, who's more recently been teaching at the National University of Singapore. That first-ever "green building" in Southeast Asia sparked a quiet movement for healthy buildings that have saved energy and lowered maintenance costs while protecting against infectious diseases.

Our plans for making a business with these design concepts were pleasantly frustrated by the immediate responsiveness of Mainland Chinese architects, largely due to their familiarity with Fengshui, the ancient Taoist view of "wind (feng pronounced fung) and water (shui, pronounced shuhway)" as the primarily drivers of fortune or failure for sites of human habitation. The health-protecting interior ventilation methodology along with his strategies for countering the Urban Heat Island effects were immediately adopted by China's most important architecture school, Tongji University. then involved in remodeling Shanghai, and from there on the rapid spread of these concepts, principles and methods to most major cities across the Chinese realm, with the notable exception of grimy industrial Wuhan and Shenyang, which accounts for the stark contrast in infection rates.

Corporate Enemies of Human Health

Frankly speaking, most metropolises in the U.S. and Europe are constructed and managed by property developers squeezing dollars and euros out of floor space with zero concern about the health impact of high-density occupation on their tenants. Add to that factors for disease transmission, urban zoning into central business districts (CBD) and residential suburbs instead of a balance of mixed usage to reduce commuting loads and providing fresh air and exercise for employees and local residents. When it's all about money, all you get are cities kill its residents and visitors, meanwhile diverting their minds with idiotic distractions on dumb phones. Contagions of influenza and now coronavirus dropping in from the jet stream are the consequence of greed-motivated ignorance. People, not bats or pangolins, are squarely to blame.

Climate-change distraction

Other points shown here is that the nuclear-industry financed climate change "movement" did more than anything else to overshadow, block, de-fund and marginalize the UHI energy-saving and health-protecting methods from being universally adopted, which is why I am a vocal critic of fake environmentalism that promotes "safer" alternatives to coal through boiling water with uranium-plutonium fission at nuclear-bomb sites nearby most larger cities. The logical outcome of the "clean, safe and cheap" nuclear mantra was the Fukushima meltdowns that created the Arctic ozone hole and its Polar Vortex that has fixated the jet stream from late winter to early spring, concentrating virus fallout over the largest cities across the USA and Europe along with the long-term radioactivity threat, a double whammy for human health.

5G Killer Apps for brain-dead apes

As usual for this series, the main course awaits clearance of news items. The third whammy in this 2020 start-up of a global genocide program is your 5G mobile phone for brain-dead dummies with money to throw away. The ill effects are an urban myth, a wild conspiracy theory, right? Let's clarify the situation, by pointing out that 5G doesn't directly cause COVID-19 but does something worse, which is to totally wreck your brain's control over the human immune system, hastening mortality. If by miracle you survive Round 1 of mental disorder, then susceptibility to infections have vastly increased. It'd be better if 5G just killed you outright like a bullet to the head instead of dragging the victim though ceaseless pain and leaving surviving relatives with a pile of hospital bills while busting the Medicare system and bankrupting insurance companies. The economic devastation form the COVID lockdown is a short preview of what's to come.

The body's defense against infections is based on the human immune system, which ultimately depends on the responsiveness of your brain, specifically the cerebral cortex, which perceives the invasive threat, and orders the frontal cortices to signal the lymphatic system to "do something fast!" The immune response centers, based in cells in the fat under your skin as well as the internal organs, then release a horde of antibodies to quell the aggressors, in this situation, corona viruses.

Scrambling the synapses will, of course, subvert the immune response right at the top, the command and control center of your bio-defense network. That's a no-brainer, but telecom industry doesn't care a hoot whether you die because of their ray-guns since there's always another sucker who'll plonk down the money for a 5G phone, to be cool and up to speed without a moment of thought about the side-effect of killing themselves along with others. There's no shortage of brutally stupid consumers who'll buy anything advertised, including the spenders inside the universities who believe themselves to possess superior intelligence over the QAnon yokels working a dull job.

Why is it that 5G was deliberately designed to overlap every type of human brain wave? 5G is a step toward device-less telepathy in the trans-humanist objective of turning your children into drones. Lockdown is a test-bed for lulling the population into a cocoon state prior to the blossoming of your kids into moths fatally attracted to the candlelight, Netflix is a key part of CIA mass hypnosis, toward de-socialization, dissolution of the nuclear family, and then mute acceptation of the leash and obedience to H2MV, Her or His Master's Voice.

Social control was always the end-game since Marconi's invention of radio, which was the instrument of mass-society totalitarianism in the 20th century, through training by repetitive commands over electromagnetic waves spinning illusions to replace experience-based cognition in the natural world and actual society. Unfortunately, for the would-be masters of the new universe, their mind-control system is killing tens of thousands of people worldwide through vulnerability to CoV infection. In this perspective, coronavirus is your liberator warning everybody of what's to come and the lethal risks of being connected and then switched off.

The lab director Danielle Anderson at Singapore Duke-NUS (National University of Singapore) microbiology center, who also serves as consultant on many research projects at the Wuhan virology research center, calls the accusations of accidental CoV releases and charges of bio warfare "infuriating". Her statement, which can be accessed via FB and online, is the definitive science verdict by an individual in the position to know, versus politicized paranoiac accusations of bat-research at that lab as the starting point for the coronavirus outbreak.

A quick look at Duke-NUS associate professor's list of research papers discloses her impressive professional expertise and courageous dedication to the advancement of bioscience and public health. This is one of few cases when it was right for Facebook to de-platform the cynical disinformation campaign by ZeroHege and the Epoch Times of Falun Gong, one of the possible perpetrators in the bio-war attack against the Wuhan world military games. Dr. Anderson is an American hero whose truth-telling has broken up the disinformation campaign, that was trying to derail investigation into the bio-terrorist attack in October against unsuspecting military athletes from 100 nations.

Following her lead, the accused Institute of Virology belatedly issued (or was allowed to issue) a denial of responsibility. The propaganda bureau and total censorship were largely to blame for not only failing to report the facts but also crafting a cosmetic image over the Wuhan catastrophe, which only raised erroneous suspicions of government complicity in the outbreak.

The Media Fallout

The mishandling of news and public information about the Wuhan outbreak exposed the dismal failure of one-sided propaganda, which should be ended completely and replaced by independent media outlets. The abuse of online messaging is another obnoxious state-sponsored violation of individual rights worldwide. The Chinese censor's 50-cent army of unemployable tech kids is another futile exercise in self-incrimination. This sort of childish role-playing only makes Chinese students abroad and Chinese Americans seem like puppets on a string pulled by cynical Beijing officials. These attempts at media manipulation, theft of lab samples and other hostile actions are exactly what prompted and justified internment camps for Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor, all because of a handful of diehard ignoramuses who should have instead gone back to Manchukuo and Nanking to fight a real war to learn that imperialism is not so glorious.

The worldwide negative image of Chinese due to absurd propaganda stunts is undeserving of the majority of Chinese who are honest, hard-working and helpful to others. The rotten apples fermented by Beijing propagandists are ruining life for every Chinese individual around the world, most of all those trapped inside the psychiatric ward called today's China. The profit-driven regime, which is living in comfort by the lake, has no right to treat its citizens as cannon fodder for the greedy grasping personal gain of connected corrupt families. Quit blaming the rest of the world when China's economy has been ruined from within by a shameless and totally unpatriotic elite no different from the wolves of Wall Street. It is high time to cease and desist from disinfo and disruption.Honesty is still the main measure of character for an individual and a nation. .

Vectors for Trans-Pacific infection

There are three cohorts involved in transmission of COVID-19 infections overseas from February to the present time.

The earliest infections, which did not immediately show overt symptoms, were among the soldiers infected by the bio terrorist sneak attack on the CISM World Military Games at Wuhan held October 18-27. The contingents of up to 60 of one hundred participating armed forces were infected. The coronavirus was then passed on by the returning soldiers to airmen involved in the trans-Pacific return flights and in transit at USAF bases, other military personnel who came in contact at bases, and family members. The discovery of a mysterious virus in the ranks caused consternation at American military hospitals in the homeland and across Europe, and aboard larger U.S. Navy vessels.

The second cohort consisted of air travelers, including Chinese students and tourists, along with American expats from Asia and returning visitors, who flew back to the States for the spring semester or return home to avoid the Wuhan outbreak. That impact was felt most in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and Orange County, and Chicago, the transit hub for Midwest campuses. That early-on outbreak proved limited in number, however, despite the failure of test kits, affecting mostly younger people without prior serious illnesses. Despite the panic, no COVID cases were traced back to Asian restaurants in the USA or Europe.

The third infected group, by far the largest hubs of outbreak, involved mostly city residents who had no frequent contacts with Asians in general or Chinese in their cities, did not spend much time in crowds during the late winter season nor were at hospitals, airports or other risk sites. The source of infection for the vast majority of Americans and Europeans was undetectable and remained a mystery until this analysis of wind-borne transmission.

A Jazz Funeral March

As someone who was in Hong Kong throughout the 6-month SARS lockdown and in Southeast Asia during the subsequent avian influenza outbreaks, I was puzzled most of all by the COVID outbreak in New Orleans, where the Asian community is very small, mostly Vietnamese who wouldn't even think of setting foot in China. The hometown of Dixieland jazz (excuse the expression, Nike and Kevin), the Louisiana Creole-African American regional music style, is located deep south of the Midwestern states then with zero infections, meaning the attempt to blame Mardi Gras at the very end of February was another cheap shot from the know-nothing NIH leadership.

No, I was stumped but then the causal factor hit me when watching a brief television weather report on the Polar Vortex that "froze" the jet stream in a U-shaped pattern over the United States. That's it, the reason for the New Orleans outbreak and the urban contagions along the arc of the jet stream, whereas the Midwest was largely far less affected, other than Chicago.

The realization hit me with a "I should have realized it all along" after the past 9 years of tracking radioactivity out of the Fukushima meltdowns along the jet stream, dumping hot particles along the same belt of death. Viruses, unlike bacteria, are not living organisms but similar to machines in their hardiness to survive extreme cold, as proven in the recovery of ancient viruses in permafrost, and can remain intact for a short period at high altitude provided there is dust cover against sunlight and UV radiation. The massive plume of smoke from crematoriums in Wuhan and Chongqing indeed provide the soot, humidity and even particles of coagulated blood and bits of flesh to protect escaping viruses propelled by the jet stream on their eastward journey.

Architect of Urban Heat Island solutions

My area of expertise in crisis journalism with special focus on disasters, with focus on human-causal factors and social impact, was much enriched by cooperating with architecture professor Stephen Lau, Asia's foremost pioneer in urban heat island (UHI) effects then at The University of Hong Kong and more recently at National University of Singapore. The concentration of heat over cities and larger towns is a research-proven phenomenon with a major impact on public health, as shown in this coronavirus contagion.

Outside of the architectural field, the Urban Heat Island effect (UHI) is not well known due to unfortunate media domination by dubious environmental studies of "global warming" theory, most of it a fraud promoted by the nuclear-energy industry to perpetuate the myth of uranium being safe, clean, cheap and "green" (like Kryptonite is for Superman). The media monopoly of the nuclear-fueled climate agenda is the major factor for public unawareness of the jet stream's role in conveying CoV to the metropolises of the Northern Hemisphere.

Cities in a bubble

At the top of a heat-bubble over any given city, there is a measurable daily noontime temperature differential of around 7 degrees C (about 12 F) higher than the surrounding atmosphere, whereas climate-change models, which are not based in actual field research, estimate less than a 1 degree rise over a century. UHI is palpable and at times unbearable, whereas "global warming" is unnoticeable on a mercury thermometer. Nearly all climate change activists reside and grow up in big cities, confusing a localized heat spot for a general world condition. On this false premise, the distorted perception is then extrapolated using data from metropolitan weather stations to boost findings from rural meteorology centers, skewing results to an uppermost possible level of 1 degree C over a hundred years, no big deal at all. Hundreds of millions of dollars, have been wasted on this diversionary exercise by the nuclear-energy industry while the big cities have been left defenseless against infectious diseases conveyed by the jet stream and the UHI effect. Nuclear always get away with their crimes, including Three Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukushima, punished with a slap on the hand and nothing close to compensation for victims from their investors, much less punitive fines.

These sorts of scientific fraud and political collusion have abetted bad policy choices by city halls and national governments in favor of high-density urbanization and population concentration inside mega-cities to the benefit of big banks, private equity, institutional investors, real-estate developers and corporate retail chains. From this perspective, the coronavirus contagion is primarily the fault of corrupt state policy in favor of property developers and consumer capitalism in opposition to the long-term national interest served by a low-density mix of towns surrounded by a financially stable countryside of family farms, the model based on Jeffersonian democracy rather than Hamiltonian favoritism toward central banks and Wall Street finance.

Plume over Wuhan

To comprehend how viruses from Wuhan and Chongqing circled the planet to converge and infect cities with massive bio-fallout, we must start at the beginning, at the 84 furnaces in crematoriums in Wuhan and about half that number upstream at the Chongqing garrison of the PLA 77th Group, where possibly more than 2,000 soldiers died of COV infection from the bio-war sneak attack on the CISM World Military Games in Wuhan. As evidenced in the long yellow stripe on the left of the Windy satellite image, their bodies of soldiers infected during and after the Wuhan military games were disposed of in secret at crematoriums across Chongqing Municipality, apparently still without notification of their nearest kin. This treatment of the fallen youths falls far short of the proper honor that should given to patriotic young fellows who protected foreign military athletes, rallied in defense of the Wuhan citizenry and prevented an even worse spread around the world for that matter. Especially after pondering Beijing's media hoopla about "winning a people's war in Wuhan", it even more greatly saddens me to think in terms of the human cost of the depths to which regime propaganda can sink at the expense of unnecessarily lost lives considered mere cannon fodder. How important is saving face when innocent victims are losing their lives in droves?

Given repeated false body counts, the total number of cremations remains questionable, even with the newest revised tally of 3,869 deaths in Wuhan, apparently still not including police officers and prison convicts. A conservative estimate of 6,000 military and civilian deaths may also well be an under-estimate, when considering the size of the sulfur haze over the two cities over more than a month of non-stop cremations. The numbers rigging is intolerable, barbaric and inhumane, especially for the nearest kin of the dead.

The temperature inside a crematorium furnace is ideally in the range of 975 C (1,750 F), plus or minus a hundred degrees, to render a body to ashes within an hour. During the core weeks of the Wuhan crisis, combustion temperatures must have been increased to expedite disposal of bodies to avert decay and virus release. Constant high furnace temperatures, however, causes scaling and ruptures of gas feeder pipes, adding more pressure on exhausted work crews. The interval between cremations involves lowering of temperature in order to remove the ashes and insert the next cadaver. This lower heat level during the restart-up period enabled viruses to escape through the relatively short chimneys to ride the cooling heat plume into the sky.

Due to the potential threat to emergency crews conveying bodies from hospitals to crematoria, fresh corpses were dusted with sulfur powder to prevent bacterial infections from expanding pustules into open sores that release viruses into the air. This sort of pragmatic method is among the more disconcerting aspects to handling bodies of the dead, which goes unreported in the news media or even academic literature, which I witnessed as a child and helper at my uncle's mortuary to craft a resemblance of the deceased for an open-casket viewing by mourners. Pumping formaldehyde into veins as an antiseptic, an preservative, is too time-consuming and inappropriate for an emergency like Wuhan and such artistry is pointless when a body requires immediate disposal as decomposition sets in, spreading stench, fluids and bacteria along with airborne viruses. An infected corpse breaking apart on a sidewalk in Wuhan would have been disastrous, so some towels and sulfur had to suffice for the haul out of the hospital and the hour-long van ride to a crematorium. I salute those unsung heroes, the emergency workers, for their sheer endurance of struggling through that hell on Earth.

Infrared Cube-Sat over the pyre

The CIA disinformation site Snopes, long ago discredited in my articles from years back, is spewing baloney about supposed fake graphics from the Windy weather service. Besides sulfur powder to prevent decomposition of the skin, additional amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxide are in the natural gas of lower quality from gas separation plants. Cooking gas for your kitchen is, by contrast, repeated filtered at high cost. Since nobody's dining on the roasted flesh, cheaper gas has to suffice. The Windy images of sulfur and nitrogen emissions are not fanciful computer graphics based on theoretical modeling, as falsely claimed by Snopes, but based on surveillance by Earth observation satellites used to detect chemical releases and explosions.

The remote-sensing EOS (Earth observation satellite) is a cube-shaped or "cubic" monitoring device with a hyper-spectral (highly sensitive multi-wavelength) detector in the infrared bandwidth, which can also be used to detect launch preparations for rockets and track forest fires, anything that emits heat. The data is processed by computer into accurate color-coded images, in this particular case by Windy weather service based in Prague, Czech Republic. The imagining is not some sort of fiction, as Snopes asserts, but is highly accurate and scientific.

This distortion is anothe example of the sheer amount of official disinformation in response to the worst terrorist event in recent history, far beyond 911. The Deep State disinfo operation needs to be investigated, dismantled and the officials in charge imprisoned. Way too many people are dead and dying to this sort of politicalized interference and media chicanery. Thanks much to team Windy for the great catch, Dekuji!

Exploding Body Fat

COV viruses remain active inside corpses and can be infectious for an indeterminable period, as recently discovered to the shock of a coroner in Thailand. The body of an adult is not easily rendered into ashes, being as heavy as a heifer with water content at about 55 percent of body weight. The initial phase of cremation has to render out much of the water content as steam, which prevents incineration. Another problem for the burn is subcutaneous fat, and today's Chinese tend to be overweight from an oily diet. Belly fat explodes and hisses, blowing particles of blood and flesh into the heat column to the sky. It'd be like turning your barbecue grill to max and adding on a flame-thrower, blowing apart that pork roast like a firecracker in a few seconds.

Since crematorium chimneys are shorter than a fireplace chimney, prematurely releasing particles of flesh crispy on the outer surface but not thoroughly "cooked", not even medium-rare but rare. Hasty incineration resulted in billions and probably trillions of viruses spiraling upward on the edge of the heat vortex rising to the lower reaches of the jet stream to be transported away to foreign lands.

On a normal day, the cremation plume will rise to 3,000 meters, but Wuhan was an extraordinary super-bonfire event, going 24 hours a day for weeks, with a massive outpouring of heat energy providing enormous uplift, easily reaching 8,000 meters (5 miles), the altitude of the late winter and early spring jet stream moving at more than 250 mph. Bacteria, which contain water, will freeze and die under these conditions. Viruses, however, are not organisms but more like machines and can survive extreme cold over long duration, as shown by the RNA particles in Siberian permafrost at -50C or -55F, which can be revived by microbiologists.

By now, a month after the end of mass cremations, it's probably too late to be carrying an umbrella against any fallout of human flesh and active viruses. The immediate danger from the skies has passed, other than the possibility of viruses escaping from cremations in South Korea, Japan, parts of the USA and Europe, and on around the planet. You've heard the expression "It's raining cats and dogs outside" so you can tell your grandchildren, "I was there when it was raining cadavers."

Decency of burial

The indignity of mass incineration in a cold cruel urban response to an epidemic contrasts with the slow rites that I witnessed in southern Thailand, as a volunteer for the search and rescue effort after the Asian tsunami that struck on the day after Christmas 2004. A caretaker with a local temple north of Phuket stacked wood around a drowning victim while a monk chanted a blessing, and then put a torch to the logs. The pyre burned for hours until final reduction to ashes and a few bones, which were raked and placed in a wooden box with another prayer. At that point, I headed back to shore to rejoin a Thai and Korean team as the scout sniffing out bodies trapped under buildings, under piles of debris or rammed by wave pressure into the roots of palm trees. My sense of smell was way better than others, due to the Korean habit of eating kimchee and the Thais consuming Sri Racha-type hot sauce, so it was left to my boringly bland tofu nose to be the search dog.

Days later came a hushed New Year's Eve gathering for weary volunteers worn down by the stench of bloated decaying bodies while they checked for identifying marks to write on posters for distraught families before zipping up the body bags. Up on a hillock was the only place for volunteers to overnight on the holiday. Thais from Bangkok, Canadians, Dutch and a few others gathered over cases of beer and past-expiry box lunches to quietly share their trauma a long shadows of the sun setting into the Andaman Sea crept across the wide balcony.

When a young fellow expressed his feeling of guilt about drinking after such a horrifying experience, as the oldest person there I told everyone that each of them earned this moment and relaxing on a rare special evening puts away a terrifying year and will give everyone strength for tomorrow morning's ordeal and for the rest of their lives. For whatever reason we've come here, each knows now through personal witness that life ends with dying and so we've learned to approach death calmly not as something horrible but as a tribute to another person's life. So what better moment for a toast to you brave volunteers? On the first dawn of the year 2005, every individual departed on a different path along the endless tsunami line, each agreeing that although we arrived as strangers and were traumatized by this experience it was the best New Year's Eve that this brief existence could ever afford.

Pandemic's Arc

Tokyo - The plume racing out of Wuhan reaches the Pacific coast in a half hour, on the East China Sea where the early springtime jet-stream curves toward the northeast toward Japan, as late spring snowfall turns to drizzly rain over the first big urban heat islands of Shinjuku, Marunouchi and Shimbashi business districts of Tokyo. As cleaning crews shut off the lights of office towers, a downdraft pushes countless viruses toward the outlying suburbs where office mates clink steins of beer and they head off to the local station, unaware that they're walking though a viral fog. In the early morning rush hour, the viruses arrive downtown with the hordes of commuters packed into subways.

The Japanese capital is highly radioactive, as shown in monitoring data from a citizen's group that's found dozens of hotspots. The radioactivity level has killed off the algae in Tokyo Bay, but corona viruses are a mere 120 nanometers wide, three times smaller than the pores in a medical face-mask. It's not been researched but viruses are probably small enough to avoid direct hits of gamma radiation over the Tokyo region. The passengers aboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship never had a chance, especially a night, against the billions of viruses falling out of the jet stream onto Tokyo Bay, these being small enough to pass through the vessel's air filtration system. This is why my team of microbiologists in the Hong Kong SARS crisis advocated air cleansers with UV generation of free radicals of titanium dioxide for disinfecting indoors air. The rest of the world has not caught up and not shown a lot of interest in these effective technologies.

Trans-Pacific - The continuous stream of viruses in the jet stream travel arcing north to the Bering Strait and then making a ballistic trajectory southward to make landfall in Seattle, the first American city with a lot of infections, although many of those are relatives of Navy SEALS who participated in the Wuhan games, and then proceeding southward across the Bay Area and Los Angeles, turning before the Mexico border toward vast empty stretches of Texas. The West Coast population has suffered a lot of lung-tissue damage from Fukushima and local radioactivity, related forest fires and now 5G testing, so a high mortality rate from jet stream-borne viruses is a no-brainer.

New Orleans - The celebrants converging for Mardi Gras in late February caught the very height of the Wuhan-sourced virus fallout. Contrary to the nonsensical witch's tale from Fauci and his warlocks, the party-goers from those Midwestern and Southern states were clear of infections, and instead the viruses fell upon their heads after descending along the glide path over the cool waters of the Mississippi. New Orleans is an urban heat island located between two virus-attracting bodies of water, the Mighty Mississippi and the Gulf of Mexico. Whichever the way the wind blows, viruses are streaming onto Bourbon Street, which is a shame since a good time is to be had linint up of bottles of Dixie beer, but don't swallow the Deepwater oysters. The world has really deteriorated since those college days I'd hitchhike down to Nawlins for music and all-nighters.

Fort Lauderdale and Miami - Sunny Florida's temperature differential between inland areas and seashore means that cascades of coronavirus flow on downdrafts straight toward the beaches and are blown back toward shore by the breeze off the waves, drenching partly clad college students on spring break and Easter holiday. They don't teach science in college anymore when mojito mixology and sex ed are the most popular majors among the young and dumb.

New York City - Soon after the the Polar Vortex shifted eastward from the Ohio region toward the northeast, the next big opportunity for mass infection was on the beeline to New York and Boston, both harbors with rivers and towering skyscrapers with steam heat at full blast. These are classic Urban Heat Islands, with powerful air pressure churning like pistons. Therefore in daytime, the Manhattan heat bubble sheds viruses down to the open spaces of Brooklyn and Staten Island. At night after offices close their doors and ground temperature plummets, viruses come tumbling down on Central Park and then onto sidewalks packed with visitors to the Big Apple. The canyons of tall structures trap viruses, pouring down subway entrances, through revolving doors and in the vents of taxis. The Apple is a virus haven, topping up every night, while emergency crews on forklifts loading bodies onto refrigerated trucks that are serving a temporary morgues until 45 new cadaver storage units are set up across the metropolis. Hart Island is used as a mass burial site. This is primitive, back to the Dark Ages. New York City has no space for bodies, which will start to fester with trillions of new viruses as the weather warms in late April. Wall Street is surrounded by the death wave it created.

London, Madrid and Milan - The same goes for Europe, when the jet stream turned south over London, looped at Madrid and swung over Milan, in the worst bombing campaign since WWII. From there the airflow crossed over "immune" Moscow, which is now thawing to a viral bloom. The jet-stream has by now gone northward over Beijing and Northeast China's Dongbei region around Shenyang and then North Korea, where the Great Leader suddenly fell ill when CoV started to perk up in the warming outdoors temperatures. The Grim Reaper is a billion-virus beast stalking the land for new victims.

Learning from life's challenges

Based on the practice of Urban Heat Island countermeasures, including "green roofs" to reduce the heat bubble and using underground water as a coolant instead of heat-generating rooftop cooling systems, viruses would not fall to ground-level in such abundance but instead circulate in the jet stream until solar radiation destroys them. The solution is that simple. Air flows in offices, restaurants and homes that channel stale air up and out of interiors to roof level would reduce the odds of infection by a million times over. Better toilet and urinal design, and especially hand dryers, that now blow viruses from the hands to your face, was all part of my microbiology team's proposals, with some adopted in Hong Kong and the mainland and others ignored, which has indeed spared Hong Kong the brunt of this contagion. Small steps make a giant difference in public health, since it is more effective to fight infectious diseases in the built environment than inside your body.

If society is going to revive and survive, you just cannot forget this pandemic as a bad dream when lockdown's over and go back to living like a pig in a sty. If changes are not made, then the next outbreak could be your last. It's really important as I've been stressing not to get caught up in abstract concepts unsupported by convincing data, like global warming and climate change theory, which are responsible for derailing the basic steps that were advocated by the early Earth Day movement of developing a recycling society to deal with the mountains of toxic waste, to radically eliminate most pesticides and other chemical contamination, to promote healthy lifestyles in a mix of countryside and town rather than mega-cities, and homeopathy and herbal therapies instead of piles of pharmaceuticals.

Coronavirus is here because people were lazy and mentally lax, allowing some cynical players to develop viruses into weapons of mass destruction because they realized there were no bio-security measures in place, not even the simply habits of personal sanitation. This is probably the last call, because if you fail to respond and act and apply political pressures and boycott evil corporations, the next one will be the final call.

Life Inside a Bubble

The mega-cities are the problem and not the solution. The core Midwestern states have the least levels of coronavirus infections and also are in the worst financial condition due to dominance by corporate agribusiness profiting from exports of soy and corn to China and the bankers and commodity traders who finance it. Meanwhile family farms have suffered chronic debt and mortgage defaults due to the finance-engineered lending policies in favor of mega-scale corporate land owners implemented by Wall Street and State Street, the same plutocratic interests responsible for the present CoV pandemic and the biological warfare that unleashed it.

The neoliberal promotion of mega cities and dispossession of agrarian communities is essential for corporate-banker-politician control of all natural resources, from minerals and energy to food production and water sources, while packing people into ever-tighter enclosures, with lockdown essential for psychological retraining from "unrealistic" expectations of what was normal not long ago, while billionaire board members own multiple mansions, beach islands and personal resorts. The social isolation imposed on Midwestern states with hardly any COVID cases is proof of the mass internment of a once free society based on the autonomy of farm households and local community. I've always understood that the wartime internment of my kinfolk was a brainwashing experiment by the Roosevelt globalist liberals, a trial run for an eventual all-out assault on constitutional rights. The neoliberal fascistic elite's desperate attempt to destroy traditional values and ways of living is unvarnished aggression, class warfare by the criminal rich and unrepresentative institutions against a grassroots democracy that's committed to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Far Horizons

Doing a little bit of good brings on a lot of vengeful demons. After a coup against the chancellor by the British stay-behind operation in the faculty along with heavily financed Soros infiltrators trying to cut my throat, I headed off with a backpack to Nepal, India, both halves of Kashmir and the Af-Pak border, because I couldn't afford the skyrocketing rent in Hong Kong, and anyway preferred a video-cam to grading papers, living on whatever freelance scraps were tossed my way. Another reason for heading off beyond the horizon was to avoid communicable diseases festering inside the bubble of big cities, after living in LA at its worst, NYC through the default, Tokyo during the subway gassing and then HK with its flu seasons.

Sitting on a narrow rooftop above my tiny walk-up cold-water room up five floors of steps, I'd sip local coffee and a paratha for breakfast, included in the 5-dollar a day rent with a view of the old palace and Kathmandu valley and the distant foothills, enjoying the unfamiliar sensation of deep breathing fresh air.

The smog was down below on what little remained of Freak Street, but my humble perch was in the Himalayan wind. Though I realized the evils of this corrupt world always catch up with a fugitive, the the hideout far above sari-wrapped women sweeping the grounds of old Durbar Palace with giant leafy brooms allowed me to get into the idle habit of staring at clouds, which later proved valuable for detecting the pink glow of radioactivity off Fukushima and Tokyo and white blocks of tritium fog along the distant capes. Stephen's lectures had prompted me to analyze the cargo in a passing cloud, shimmering fleece over a clear stretch of ocean, sooty gray steel wool out of smokestacks, the yellowing tinge of chemical releases, and inside the nuclear exclusion zone the tingly purples and oranges from ionizing radiation. My favorite ones were the wispy feather ice crystals over the Gobi shaped like dancing angels and fantastical phoenixes, indicative of a cooling wind passing over the whispering sands of the dunes. So much of life is lost to the storm, only memories last. And so with this look at an angelic gandharva appearing at dawn over the Dunhuang oasis, it's time to whistle a tune.

"How many times must a man look up
Before he can really see the sky?
And how many ears must a person have
Before he can hear people cry?
And how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died?
The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind."