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The Price Of Closure

By Jim Kirwan

1913 with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act, a private foreign banking cartel was made the fiscal agent of the United States.

SD: Rep. McFadden (Congressional Record 1932)

The entry of the United States into World War 1 added to the responsibilities of the young Federal Reserve Bank. It helped finance U.S. military expenditures by becoming the fiscal agent of the federal government”

SD: From the website of

1920. Congress handed the U. S. Treasury over to the same banking cartel via the “Independent Treasury Act”

SD: “Independent Treasury Act 1920

1921. “The Council on Foreign Relations” was founded to direct the media. Paul Warburg was its first director. Warburg also directed the Federal Reserve Act and became the “feds” first Governor. Paul Warburg was an agent for the Rothschild Banking Dynasty

1925 The United States Corporation Company was charted in perpetuity in Florida, by its ‘fiscal agent’…


This company was created without the approval of Congress nor the knowledge or the authority of the American people.

Note: In 1925 the Federal Reserve Bank of New York had offices on Cedar Street and on Broadway, both cited in the Articles of Incorporation.


The UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY created a “maximum” of 100 shares of stock. The Articles of Incorporation revealed the names of three individuals who held only five shares. The other shareholders were not identified.

1920’s The US Treasury was raided by the private federal reserve bank... Who then caused the Great Depression and bankrupted the United States Corporation Company.

SD: Representative Louis McFadden, Congressional Record (June 1932)

kirwan ­ Given this experience isn’t it time for the public to raid the FED and take back control from the illegally founded private corporation that has driven this nation into global bankruptcy and national ruin?

1933 A state of Emergency was claimed and Congress gave the president unconstitutional emergency powers.

SD: Congressional Record (March 1933)

1933 On behalf of the private Federal Reserve, President Roosevelt confiscated the people’s gold and forced all to use the Federal Reserve Notes from then on.

SD: “Congressional Record (March 1933)”

The Federal Reserve is a Private Corporation. Therefore their “notes” are privately owned currency. The people and the property of the UNITED STATES was hypothecated and placed unlawfully in a Public Trust.

SD: Rep Traficant Congressional Record (March 1993)

Hypothecate means to pledge as security without delivery of possession.

1933 The Internal Revenue Service was charted in Delaware as a private corporation. It is not a division of the U.S. Treasury.

SD: “Internal Revenue Service corporate charter (1933)

Congressional Record (March 1993)

The UNITED STATES is a private corporation with unnamed stockholders. A private corporation is its “fiscal agent”. A private corporation owns and circulates the currency we are forced to use. A private corporation expects us to pay THEM taxes.

The U.S. CEO, the president, has maintained unconstitutional powers for the past 80 years.

SD: “Senate Report 93-549” “Continuation of the National Emergency (2012 & 2013)”

Rep. Traficant: “Congressional Record (March 1993)

All United States Offices, Officials and Departments are now operating within a defacto status, in name only, under Emergency War Powers. With the Constitutional Republican form of government now dissolved.

SD: Rep. Traficant “Congressional Record (March 1993)”

Today as has been demonstrated ­ The United States is just a corporate franchised network represented by their all caps names such as STATE OF OHIO.

Corporate statutes have replaced laws.

A corporate “statute” is a rule of a corporation, given the force of law by the consent of the parties. This “consent” generally requires a signed contract.”

kirwan: Is this what Obamanation and Bush before him were doing whenever they write an Executive Order? With their official signatures as CEO’s being the signing of that false contract which they have told the people are “laws”?

From Judge Dale author of the Great American Adventure (pg 102) The Federal and State Governments are not real. They are privately owned corporations called governments and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called statutes”… (1)

Source Documents (SD) are available from under the tab

Source Documents”

USA INC - exposing the thieves who stole our government

Given the above experience of the people of the United States there are two more illegal and falsely created corporate entities that are currently hard at work to finish stealing the planet. That would be the United Nations, a total fiction that has no resident population, no citizens of their own and no country they can claim as their own. The same is true of the North American Treaty Organization (NATO) which is another orphan organization without a population or a land mass of its own: Both organizations function as illegal and fictitious corporations whose only business seems to be corrupting and capturing individual nation states while stealing or destroying everything they have absolutely no right to, regardless of any existing circumstance in the world today.

The thrust of their daggers have reached into the backs of many nation states, but their current global role can easily be seen throughout the Middle East in Palestine, Libya and Syria most prominently. The exact same plan seems to have begun inside Ukraine—which is following the exact same battle plan built upon a puppet dictatorship that was paid for by US taxpayers, who paid the mercenaries who caused the overthrow of the democratically elected government which promptly used the Right-Sector (4th Reich Nazis) to violently destroy Ukraine. That was followed by more saber rattling and the bombing of hospitals, schools and apartment blocks filled with civilians—to no particular point.

The world could disenfranchise both NATO and the star-crossed UN, to end this traveling force of paid mercenaries and let the world get back to being run by those who have lived in their own countries for centuries. There are no “INSURGENTS” and the only “TERRORISTS” are those created by Israel, which Israel used to steal Palestine from the British mandate which they were living in prior to the end of WWII.

Insurgents “R” Us

Those same TERRORISTS were used to attack America on 911 and they came from Israel with help from traitors inside Washington, Tel-Aviv, London and the Vatican. And no one who was responsible has been charged with that crime yet!

If we are ever going to turn this thing around we need to call this government by its true names and begin to act like the population that we thought we were before we became traitors to our own nation: By failing to protect this nation and its people from these pathetic corporate thugs, on every continent that is harboring them we have left Americans totally defenseless. Of course if we begin to act that would mean the end of the EU, and a return to individual nation-states, along with an end to the fake-unending wars upon the planet by USI and Israel… think about it!

Without the corporations that have stolen this government, the fed, and the financial system that is dead already: The world could get back to being a place where individuals could take charge of their lives again—but only if we begin to act upon information such as the facts listed at the top of this article. What’s it going to take before you and your families get angry enough to call this fake-government on all the lies they’ve been telling this country and the world for over a hundred years!


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