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Time To Close All Mosques In The US

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff...

I am sure that any organization that preached hate and killing of innocent population by weapons of mass destruction that organization would be shut down and banned.  So, why are we allowing Mosques to preach death to ALL non- Muslims and permitting Mosques to collect money to send to known ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists?

Islam is not a religion, it's much more of a violent, malevolent, hate-oreiented cult which embraces death, 'rewards'  martyrdom, engages in female mutilation, 'honor' murders and the pure hatred and disrespect of Western values.  They seek to DESTROY Western culture.  Read the Koran, read muslim history, study CURRENT literature, speeches and events.  Many Mosques, like the one in Florida where the Anchor Baby terrorist killer 'worshipped', had been known to the FBI as a Mosque that gave money and support to various terrorists organizations.  We have the Mosque in NJ and the one in Brooklyn that was also known to the FBI.  It is mostly the norm and not the anomaly that Mosques preach hate and give aid and comfort to terrorist groups.  They are often far more recruiting and training centers than places of worship.    

It is time to close the Mosques and end illegal immigration.  It is also time to end the Anchor baby nightmare scam as well.

Obviously, Muslim immigrants and illegals do not appreciate living in America, so it is time to 1. close all Mosques, 2. end Anchor Baby status, 3, deport ALL illegals and 4. suspend immigration from countries that have professed hate for the US and who belong to and support organizations that harm America and Americans.

It is time to stop the free ride and money to these people.  It is time we stop committing national suicide.   It is also time to stop giving foreign aid to Egypt, and all the countries who hate us, and time to end all foreign aid to Israel…a nation that looks at America with laughter as it loots billions and billions from us every year.

It is time, way past time, to think of America First and to help taxpaying citizens survive in these brutal times.

Taking guns from law abiding citizens is also wrong…as wrong as it gets.  History has proven it over and over.  If Hillary manages to cheat Donald Trump from the Presidency, she will allow 700,000 Muslims to immigrate to the US above the number that Obama has promised to bring in for 2017.  Every year she will bring in hundreds of thousands of Muslims and also she will take guns away from law abiding citizens.  She will mouth the same old platitudes after each new mass murders of our people.  The US under Hillary will be even worse than the US under Obama. A HORROR.

Under Hillary with more illegals coming into the US and more refugees to be resettled among us, we can expect major outbreaks of diseases like TB and resistant TB, resistant STDs, Leprosy, Polio, more Chagas, Leishmaniasis, and all sorts of worms, parasites, bacteria, and viruses.  Tropical diseases like Yellow Fever, Zika, Chikungunya, Dengue, and West Nile, etc, etc, etc.

Given all of the illegals and refugees we give medical care to for FREE, more Medicare will be drained away and it will be Americans who die, not the illegals who will get the benefits of Medicaid and Social Security.  In a case like Hillary as President, it is better to don a Burka, Hijab, etc and fly to Mexico then head for the US border and slip in.  As soon as you hit the US, search for the Border Patrol and in a middle eastern accent say 'I am refugee, Social Security!'…and the free ride for the rest of your life will begin.

A frustrated American,


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