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When Clocks Race Backward

By Jim Kirwan

The Earth is in Upheaval


This is what is happening yet the only ‘media’ that even mentions the truth these days comes from ‘sources’ outside this crumbling wasteland that was once a country. “America is dead” we just refuse to bury her! Listen to just one report from Russian Television.

The first 11 seconds diverts the bots, but then this begins:

We can see the headlines now. Nobel Peace Prize-winning president jump starts World War Three. Now in case you have no idea of what I’m talking about, here’s just a taste of the incessant propaganda that’s being forced down our throats.

NERO: “We believe very strongly, with high confidence that in fact chemical weapons were used… and that a… Mr. Assad was the source.”

Chuck Hagel, U.S. Secretary of Defense: “We cannot afford for Hezbollah or for any terrorist group determined to strike the United States, to have incentives to acquire or use Chemical Weapons. The Syrian Regimes actions risk eroding the nearly century old international norm, against the use of chemical weapons.”

Pelosi, the mummified former Speaker of the House who blocked the impeachment of GW Bush, when he was dictator: “From a ‘national security standpoint’ (k -Her gardener knows more about National Security than Pelosi ever did) “We have to send a very clear message (k - 60 days worth of Tomahawk missiles) to those that have weapons of mass destruction…”

RT: You know I feel like I’m having Déjà-vu because there’s something about this rhetoric that just ‘feels so familiar’ ­ it’s almost ‘like I’ve heard it before.

Bush TWO: “It is up to Iraq to show exactly where it is hiding its banned weapons: Lay those weapons out for the world to see, and destroy them as directed. Nothing like this has happened.”

(k ­ Very tough to do when ‘the weapons’ did not exist)

Colin Powell: “We have first hand descriptions of biological weapons factories, on wheels and on rails. In a matter of months they can produce a quantity of biological poison, equal to the entire amount that Iraq claimed to have produced in the years prior to the Gulf War.” (k ­ When we sold them their chemical weapons, banned gases, DU and virtually all of what we were then demanding that Saddam produce, even though it was all gone)

Cheney: “There is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction. There is no doubt that he is amassing it to use against our friends…” (k the USA has no friends; we only have compromised criminals and captured populations that are routinely blackmailed into doing what the Jewnited States is forcing them to do, around the world)

RT: Yet apparently the establishment thinks that we are so stupid that we’ll just lap up the exact same talking points used for the Iraq war. Hell they could have just replaced the word “Iraq” with “Syria” and called it a day.

However now the stakes are much higher. The Iranian leadership has already said that a U.S. strike on Syria would result in a counter-attack against Israel. And “Israel” ­ well they have a huge stake in toppling Assad as a way to destroy Hezbollah and Hamas,” (k ­ Both of which were originally created by Israel in their long & failed war to crush the entire middle-east) “thus further weakening Iran’s influence on the region.

At first Obama seemed happy to attack without any congressional approval. But now after some ‘outcries’ the administration is putting up the sham of ‘placating people’ by going through the democratic motions: Even though Kerry said ‘Obama has ‘the RIGHT TO Attack’ regardless of how congress votes

So this week was the beginning of the charade-of-deliberation on the Hill… But no one has been beating the war-drums harder than Secretary of State John Kerry, being the best propagandist he can be. Kerry’s given multiple impassioned speeches about Assad’s chemical weapons arsenal.

Kerry: “And I believe as president Obama does, that it is also important to discuss this directly with ‘The American People’. That’s our responsibility. To talk with the citizens who have entrusted all of us ­ in the Administration and the Congress with responsibility for their security.” (k- No such dialogue has ever taken place between any president and the ‘American-people’ since I’ve been in politics over the last 50 years)

RT: “You know Mr. Secretary I agree with what you’re saying but that’s not what you guys are doing at all. You see right now support for intervention in Syria is actually less popular than Congress ­ which says a lot when you consider how unpopular Congress actually is. But Hey ­ I guess having 100% support from the Defense Industry, trumps that measly 9% support from the American people?

And what about the Syrians? Well sadly the bloody civil war has so far claimed over 100,000 lives. (1) But suddenly the time to act is after an arbitrary red-line has been drawn in the sand.”

Kerry: “With our own eyes we have seen the thousands of reports from eleven separate cites in the Damascus suburbs. All of them show and report victims with breathing difficulties. People twitching with spasms, coughing with rapid heartbeats, foaming at the mouth, unconsciousness and death. This is the indiscriminate inconceivable horror of chemical weapons. This is what Assad did.”

RT: “Appeal to emotion much? You know for a second there I thought Kerry was describing the horrors of a night raid in Afghanistan and our drone bombing in Yemen, because really what’s the difference in how your innocent child dies? So according to Kerry there are thousands of reports “proving” Assad used chemical weapons. Ah - the reports that we can’t see! But what about what I have seen—that say the complete opposite. Like: How the UN says that the rebels were previously using chemical weapons or that the Saudi Intelligence community sold the rebels chemical weapons! So forgive me if I don’t believe your good-word at face value Mr. Secretary, but I think it’s more than fair that

you present the hard-evidence you claim you have to the American public; afterall we’re the ones paying for the Cruise-missiles which you plan to drop on Damascus.

Oh but that’s right, all this evidence you have is CLASSIFIED—I mean ‘Really?” The Bush administration at least cared enough about us to present ‘falsified-evidence’ to the UN. Hum ­ So what else did Kerry have to say?”

KERRY: “So the primary question is really no longer, ‘what do we know’. The question is what do we ­ We collectively ­ what are we in the world going to do about it?”

kirwan: The world has already begun. The world is saying, and has formally said, “NO” to intervention in Syria by a huge majority. At the moment that’s true inside the US Congress as well, but the fact of that DENIAL is not mentioned to the American public. Nero has failed as dictator if he can’t force us to surrender to his dictates

Think about that!


Kerry: “It matters that nearly a hundred years ago in response to the utter horror and inhumanity of WWI ­ that the civilized world agreed that chemical weapons should never be used again.: And it matters deeply to the credibility of the future interests of the United States of American and our Allies.” (2)

RT: “You know ­ Kerry you just don’t seem to get it. The U.S. uses chemical weapons routinely in modern warfare. Whether it be white phosphorus or Depleted Uranium in Fallujah. So what gives this country the moral authority to be the world’s policeman, on the matter

You’re asking what the world community is gonna do about it. Let’s do a quick roll-call shall we? The UK, America’s partner-in-crime which together doctored ‘intelligence’ to invade Iraq—and doesn’t even want anything to do with this war. The UN, who said “yes” to the Libya debacle, has said it would be illegal to strike without approval by the Security Council. And wouldn’t you know it—France seems to be the only country backing unilateral action. So I’m confused. If “Freedom-Fries are French-Fries again—when are we gonna start boycotting Fish & Chips?

But seriously we’re waiting for people that don’t represent us, to “vote” to kill Syrians, to show the Syrian Regime that “Killing Syrians is Wrong”! (1)

Look guys one thing is clear; this war is not about terrorism. If it were this country wouldn’t be financially backing al Qaeda, to topple Assad. It’s certainly NOT about chemical weapons or humanitarianism. (Looking at her map of the middle-east) Is it really a coincidence that there always seems to be a humanitarian crisis only in the countries that the US military and its corporate-oligarchs have yet to conquer? You tell me.” (3)

Ask yourself why the US media is incapable of asking any real or hard questions of anyone? Why are we being tortured by The Gangster State, as if we are all very small children—children that are never allowed to question anything or to ever think for ourselves any longer?

Why is the ONLY real coverage of world events being reported on by foreign news organizations?

This country has been taken over entirely by Israel. That is crystal-clear. What is even more amazing is that the US is only about 6.5% of the entire global population, a tiny population when you consider that the world has 8 billion people.

Then take a look at what is controlling the US - a much smaller cadre of psycho’s and mentally defective perverts that have been calling the shots now—for nearly the last one hundred years—that’s why the earth is in upheaval, and time itself seems like it’s running backwards…

We can fix this by saying “NO” and meaning it: By withholding our labor, by shutting off the televised mass-media disinformation at its core—because government knows how many sets are not turned-on in this country—and that fact alone could force so many commercial changes that it would scare the shit out of the corporate oligarchs just because they could see that we finally mean what we say. And of course we have to DEMAND that the US shut down this 6 year war against Syria, and do it BEFORE 9-11-13!

1) US planned Syrian catastrophe since 2007 ­ Press TV

2) Guest Post: Is the US going to War with Syria over a Natural Gas Pipeline?

3) Syria War Propagandists Debunked: Weapons of Mass Distraction

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