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Are They Coming to American Cities?

By Jim Kirwan


The Clinton's of Clintonville U.S.A.

Will American's Ultimately Revert To an Unconstitutional Monarchy?

Could Clintonvilles' soon be on display, outside the National Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia, as a reflection of “The Official Democratic Future”?

The Dust Bowl followed closely on the heels of the Great Depression of 1929, and Hooverville's sprang up outside major city's, where the depressed and the homeless gathered, to survive.

In frustration the survivors called their shanty-towns “Hooverville's” in a failed effort to embarrass the wasted failure, Herbert Hoover, who was famous for the pathetically limited phrase “The Business of America is Business”.

The First World War got us out of that one, just like the Second World War got us out of the next impending collapse ­ and of course now thanks to both Bush Jr. & Obamanation, America once more finds itself looking at a global-collapse that Hillary want to use more and more WAR as her only answer to everything that's wrong with this country. But of course this is not just about the economy or the war-machine, in Hillary's world White people must be exterminated so that the other races can take over what has for too long been about a Whites Only Privilege: A “Privilege” that is what's responsible for everything that the PC world wants to eliminate:

The Dustbowl that followed the Depression

Hooverville just outside of Seattle during the depression:

Clintonville's could be positioned right beside city-dumps, nationwide, so as not to interfere in the daily lives of those still working

for the government or the private corporations.

The government tried to short-circuit this by creating 'FEMA-CAMPS' that supposedly will be stocked with food and water, (once the financial or political crisis happens), on the condition that to get the needed necessities; people must go these 'work-camps' where they will be locked-in, in order to survive.

This will be”the nation” that Hillary is seeking to become the Queen of, ably assisted by her sexual-predator husband who will supposedly manage the national-budget, among other things. In order to keep order it will be necessary to make some provision for all those that her selection will permanently bankrupt, so it would be a really GREAT IDEA to give the American public a preview, outside the National Democratic Party Convention in Philadelphia that begins July 25, 2016.

In four days it should be possible to create the tents, soup-kitchens and out-houses, from the Hoovervilles' of days gone by ­ admittedly this display might be a bit better than the reality, especially the smell ­ but people need to have a chance “to Experience” what real poverty “looks like” - especially as real poverty will be coming to Amerika if Hillary were to win...

Hell such a nationally visible display might even cause some inside “the Convention” to question why such things are being displayed right on their political-doorsteps? Of course demonstrators will have hand-outs ready to distribute, for the convenience of the crowds in attendance...

This could be improved by offering free bottled water with labels that mention “Clintonville where everyone pays their fair share, and where no one is ever discriminated against”

Neither Defeat nor Victory has ever had a singular face

It's one thing to deal with; but it's quite another to embrace DEFEAT.

The Democrats may lack the traditional “families” in the Clintons' and the Obama “Families” that will no doubt be central to their “Convention”, but these are the same people who have never known what real poverty and deprivation actually looks like ­ so why not give everyone an up-close and personal idea of what their “fake-victory” will be bringing to the rest of this country?

This “Supposedly Democratic Convention” will present some very different ideas about what it means to be American's in politics today - with members of genuine heterosexual families, with children from marriage's between a man and a woman: Which is a far cry from either the Obamanation disaster, two men and two paid for adopted children that travel the world weekly - or the Clinton Foundation, which bears no relationship to how the rest of America, tends to live their political experience inside “the myth of the Great American Dream”...

All in All the “Democratic Political Convention” ought to go down in history as the greatest failure in American political life ever ­ be sure to watch and feel free to ask about the installations of the Clintonville's that will soon begin to make their hideous appearance across the nation...especially if the lawless-traitors win!

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