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Clintons, Soros Implicated In Norway
Child Porn & Macedonia Fake News - Part 4

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

After a tsunami of coerced self-censorship wiped away the truth from American media, there’s now a news blackout on Pizzagate and the Norway child-porn arrests. Online discussion boards have shown that an AP report on the Norwegian arrests of 54 individuals was removed from the online news sites of The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC News and The Guardian (UK).
The mainstream media’s disgraceful kneeling to White House censorship follows on the removal from 4chan of Comet Ping Pong Pizza’s pedophilia-related Instagram photos and suppression of Pizzagate threads at reddit. The contrived “fake news” narrative from the CIA in nothing more than a pretext for a dictatorial Executive branch to impose blanket censorship on the press and online alternative media in the dying hours of the Obama regime.
In response, bloggers and comments at discussion groups have suggested that the simultaneous events in Norway, a police crackdown on a child porn ring and Norway’s deep cut in funding for the Clinton Foundation, are related. This astute observation spurred me to probe the background of international intrigue that points to a blackmail operation against the Norwegian government by the Clinton State Department, the CIA and George Soros, all detailed in the second half of this report.
The wave of censorship by the Obama White House, and planting of disinformation by the Hillary-Soros cabal, are in blatant violation of First Amendment protections for the freedoms of press, speech and religion. I include religion because the Executive kill orders on Pizzagate and Norway child porn are coming from a White House staff wedded to occultism, as exposed in Wikileaks emails, aimed at toppling America’s founding principle of One Nation Under God. (I am by no stretch a Christian fundamentalist but as an investigative journalist can readily spot this sort of demented criminal mindset after past investigations into Aum Shinrikyo and other anti-democratic demon-worshiping cults.)
Here, Part 4 of this definitive series on C-3PO (the Clintons: Pizzagate, Pedophiles, Podesta and Occultism), delves into:
First off, the CIA fabricated “pro-Trump” fake news at a Soros-USAID social-media center in Macedonia for the purposes of discrediting the child-sex scandal at Cosmic Ping Pong Pizza and imposing press censorship in the United States with attempted passage of Congressional legislation against Russian influence on the media.  
Second, the CIA launched a Dark Web child-porn blackmail operation against the Norwegian government to loot its postal lottery system of between $89 million and $300 million paid to the Clinton Foundation. Nearly all this hush money has gone unreported by the Clintons and was stuffed into secret accounts to finance the European refugee crisis and a proposed Qatar-Saudi pipeline through ISIS territory with oil shipments destined for Ukraine.
Now, after Hillary lost her mind and then the election, the Norwegian payback comes in retaliation for the Clintons’ deception, subversion and political manipulation that led to the meteorite rise of the CIA mole, Jens Stoltenberg, the Maoist ideologue who is the Secretary-General of NATO.
The notion of a Maoist fanatic leading NATO is just one of many bizarre twists in an illicit affair of mutual distrust and daggers-out betrayal. In the end, little Norway turned the tables on its big nasty abuser. This reversal of domination is reminiscent of the lyrics to Norwegian Wood by John Lennon: “I once had a girl or, should I say, she once had me?”
Mac-n-Baloney, a recipe from Soros and USAID

On the day of his electoral triumph, Donald Trump responded to the Macedonian “fake news” fraud with a satiric tweet: “My thanks to the great people of Veles. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
Who’s behind the dirty tricks from Veles, Macedonia? Round up the usual suspects: Soros, USAID, the State Department, the CIA and the Commode in Chief Barry “Suharto” Soetaro. Their “smoking gun” evidence of “Russian agents” fabricating “fake news” for posting at Facebook was based on deliberately spurious reports out of an unlikely propaganda headquarters in Macedonia.
The outbreak of weird Facebook postings in support of Trump’s candidacy came out of the rust-belt city of Veles, smack-dab in the middle of that landlocked Balkans nation, which was part of Yugoslav Federation until President Bill Clinton and his sidekick Tony Blair decided that their NATO war machine needed live-fire training in real-world combat.
The first media report on Veles appeared in September at The Guardian (UK), in a sardonic article written by San Francisco freelancer Dan Tynan, the recent editor of Yahoo Tech. The article featured interviews with teenagers who claimed they earned $5,000 per month from a steady stream of pro-Trump fake news with sensational headlines posted on Facebook. No names are revealed, even though such activity doesn’t seem to be outlawed in the fractured society. BuzzFeed and Esquire followed suit with their versions of this planted tripe, again without naming any sources.
Question: Who paid for the airfares, hotels and per diem for Tynan and other American writers who arrived in remote Veles for this “scoop”, which more resembles a pooper scooper? Hey, Georgy Schwartz, your credit card? That’s the real name of Soros when he was working for the Nazis fingering fellow Hungarian Jews for deportation aboard the cattle cars. He’s such a dyed-in-wool liar that even his names are fake.
Were the Veles teenagers working for the Russian spy service, as suggested by the CIA stooges in Washington D.C.? It’s patently impossible because there’s not a lot of Russian influence in that epicenter of an ongoing anti-Moscow Color Revolution n Macedonia. Veles is a stronghold of the the Open Society Institute’s Youth Educational Forum (YEF). The program organizes student debate clubs in order to indoctrinate local youth in the importance of media. In April 2016, regional expert Paul Butler wrote:
“Finding the logos of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations Macedonia and that of USAID on the same page should come as no surprise to anyone studying world chaos these days. Both entities work hand in hand offering grants, in order to buy a new legion of ‘like minded’ students and future leaders of Macedonia. The Project for Civil Society Macedonia stands as testament to the system Soros and his colleagues have set in place.
“It is from grassroots societal manipulation that we see youth supporting further Americanization, when decades of EU and western influence have brought Macedonia nothing. The country’s Gross National Income remains intact, as one of the lowest in all Europe and Asian developing countries.”
De-industrialized due to NATO’s assault against Yugoslavia, Veles has recently been pushing to transform itself into an IT center, with support from the USAID, the U.S. Embassy in the capital Skopje and the UN Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC). That pro-immigration UN body is headed by the former UN ambassador of the Emirate of Qatar.
The UNAOC sponsors “development of Internet literacy to combat misperceptions, prejudices and hate speech.” In plain language in Veles, the Qatar-funded program indoctrinates young ethnic Slavs to be passive toward Albanian Kosovar secessionists who’ve waged an armed rebellion. Just across the border in southern Kosovo, the town of Kacanik is a jihadist bastion supporting the secessionists and also a known recruitment center for ISIS, which is funded, trained and armed by Qatar.
With Veles as a no-go zone for Russians, the “fake news” offices shown to the American reporters were obviously a disinformation project to discredit Trump, set up by Soros and Hillary’s CIA stooges. The same old tricks from the same pack of flea-bitten dogs who contrived past fakery, including the big lie of bayoneted Kuwaiti baby that triggered the First Iraq War and Christine Amanpour’s chance bump-in with “Kosovar refugees” who were actually hired crisis actors in Albania, which rallied Western support for the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.
The Macedonian bait-and-switch looms large because it provided justification to press Facebook to pay for so-called fact-checking by the CIA creepy clowns at Snopes, Bezos’s WaPo, and PolitiFact. Stories deemed to be fake or spoofed will be removed or labeled with warnings in the broadest campaign of censorship in postwar U.S. history bar none, even the McCarthy-era black list. By no coincidence, Marissa Meyer, CEO of Yahoo, and Mark Zuckerman at Facebook were major bundlers of donations to Hillary for America.
This Orwellian Ministry of Truth will be run by the ethics program at the Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg, Florida. The censorship is to be organized by the new Craig Newmark Chair in Journalism Ethics, funded with a $1 million donation from the Craigslist founder Craig Newmark. Along with the Political Commissar’s salary and perks, the new five-year “ethics” program is “focused on verification, fact-checking and accountability in journalism”.
Journalism ethics here is doublespeak. I’ve taught ethics at J-school, and what this stinker of a censorship board reminds me of is that old Beatles number: “You don’t know how lucky you are, boy, to be back in the US, back in US, back in the USSR.”
What the goose-stepping journalism professors at Poynter failed to announce is that Craigslist has been the major advertiser of underage prostitution and, apparently with bribery of a judge, succeeded inside the filthy corrupt Cook County court system to get a dismissal of charges filed by girls forced into prostitution by Craig-based pimps. Craig’s revenues from pedophilia is not some Trump conspiracy, no. The list of its pedophiiac crimes is posted at the Hillary-loyal Huffington Post:
Today’s class assignment, Pizzagate journo students: Who are the pedophiles at Poynter? It takes one to be trusted by the others, wink-wink.
Oh, before moving into the Arctic Circle, let me enthusiastically express my support for a trial run of George Soros’s project called Death in America, which advocates euthanasia and assisted suicide for the depressed, infirm and aged. Georgy, your act is getting to be as tired and old as you are. After losing Russia, Eastern Europe and now the USA, it’s time for you to go beddy-bye with an handful of sedatives and a glass of warm milk. If you lack the guts to face your Maker, you whiny wizened bag of methane and manure, just call on your boys at Langley-McLean to give a hand, since they’ll be more than relieved to be rid of the evidence. Next patient, is there a Hussein Obomber in the waiting room?
Little Red Riding Hood in the Norwegian Wood
On the heels of Pizzagate, there’s been a media blackout on Norway’s crackdown of a massive child-porn ring, involving cops and at least one high-ranking politician. Why is this news from across the Atlantic so threatening to the political establishment in Washington D.C.? Just say pedophilia.
The short story is: The Norwegian pedophile bust is directly connected to the Clinton Foundation and the CIA running an blackmail operation planting child porn onto Dark Web pedophile sites. The blackmail forced Conservative politicians to approve the appointment of longtime CIA asset Jens Stoltenberg as Secretary-General of NATO. The revelations clearly show the Clinton Foundation lied about the funds received, meaning this is a major fraud with between $60 million and possibly quintuple that amount missing from the organization’s books and the Clintons’ income tax records.
That summary in a nutshell is more than you’ll ever get from Facebook or Twitter. Journalism, the traditional sense of being the first draft of history, is the long version because it takes a lot of explanation to cover the Five W’s of the scribe’s craft: who, what, when, where and why. Of that quintet of queries, why is the most difficult to arrive at and most important for the individual, a nation and the world.
The Clinton Slush Fund from Oslo
The Oslo investigation is focused on secretive donations of approximately $10 million to the Clinton Foundation by the Conservative Party government in 2015. The funds were subdivided into batches, so that the transfers to appear in smaller amounts. The funds were misappropriated from the Postal Lottery fund and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD).
The funds were detected when the Norwegian aid agency allocated the money to the Clinton Foundation’s renewable-energy project related to predicted climate change effects on tropical island countries, a geographic region outside of Norway’s aid agenda. The internal investigation therefore focused on two Conservative Party leaders: Prime Minister Erna Solberg and Foreign Minister Borge Brende.
Brende met with Chelsea Clinton, an executive with the Foundation, in November 2014, which was followed up with a meeting with Hillary and Bill Clinton, on the latter’s visit to Norway in late June to early July 2015. At the tete-a-tete with Hillary, Brende discussed financing a wood-stove swap (for less smoke-producing stoves for the underdeveloped nations). Bill Clinton paid visits to the prime minister’s office and to the foreign ministry, where Solberg and Brende promise the secret fund flow. In May 2016 Brende visited the Clinton Foundation office in New York apparently to ensure that the illicit arrangement was proceeding as planned.
Why did the Conservatives, who are aligned with the U.S. Republican Party, take such risks for the Clinton Foundation? The Conservatives were under pressure to continue the Clinton connection established by former Labour prime minister Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO. Stoltenberg is a puppet for Bill Clinton’s secret diplomacy, along with other sock-puppet politicians and generals, with the aim of combating Russian influence in Europe and the Middle East.
Whenever Clinton Foundation bribery, much of it from the diversion of Norwegian, Australian and Saudi funds, failed to influence foreign politicians, then the extra boost came from blackmailing politicians involved in pedophile cases or child-porn rings on the Dark Net. Therefore the Norwegian government has just “turned off the taps” of secret flows of cash to the Clintons and shut down a huge child-porn ring at the same time in mid-November.
First, a look at the geopolitics behind the twin crackdowns and then some insights into the Norwegian police-FBI operation against the child-porn racket (and its relation to Pizzagate).
The pressure on Brende to fund the Clintons was assigned to Labour Party bigwig Espen Barth Eide, former minister of Defense and Foreign Affairs in the second government (2005-2013) of then Prime Minister Stoltenberg. Eide is the managing director of the Davos World Economic Forum and the UN Special Adviser to Cyprus. At the time, during Europe’s “summer of migration”, a massive refugee flow orchestrated by George Soros, Bill Clinton recruited Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to join the Clinton Global Initiative.
Clinton and Tsipras cooperated on a megaproject toextend two pipelines to Cyprus and Greece from: the Qatar-Saudi Trans-Syria route through their ISIS puppet state and another from the Israeli Leviathan offshore oilfield. Norway Statoil (national oil company) is a major producer in the North Sea, and presumably was being recruited as an investor and tech provider for these planned energy routes.
The motivation for NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg, who has a livid dislike of Putin, was to create an alternative oil-and-gas supply route from Cyprus into Ukraine, thereby ending Western Europe’s dependence on Russian energy. The Clinton-Soros-Qatar geopolitical project collapsed when the Russian military launched strikes against ISIS, and then with the failure of the CIA coup in Turkey.
The major setbacks on the Mediterranean front left Stoltenberg vulnerable to criticism and counterattack, and therefore after he was deprived of his political rationale, the Arctic Pizzagate bust came down hard. The recent child-porn arrests of 51 persons included an unnamed politician and lawyers, according to the Norwegian police. This indicated a high-level linkage of an influential Conservative politician to the Clinton-Stoltenberg blackmail operation. According to Norwegian media reports, a parliamentary task force led by the prime minister tried to stop the investigation with a surprise visit to the Norwegian intelligence service and its documents archive.
The Norwegian child-porn bust, following on the heels of Pizzagate (which was aided and directed by an FBI agent named FBIanon) shows that the FBI has had enough of the Clinton shenanigans, thievery and sponsorship of pedophilia. Once the geopolitical battle against Putin was lost, there was no more justification for tolerating the Clinton-Soros dirty tricks in league with petty criminals like James Alefantis of Comet Ping Pong Pizza and that old fool Soros.
The FBI role in Arctic Pizzagate is discussed at the Motherboard blog of VICE TV:
“The operation originated with the FBI’s crackdown of dark web site Playpen, Bergens Tidende (newspaper) reported, although it is not clear how many of those 51 arrests were directly related to the FBI’s tip-offs.
“In 2015, the FBI took over Playpen, and ran it for 13 days from a government server. During this time, the agency deployed a piece of malware it calls a network investigative technique, or NIT, in order to grab site users’ real IP addresses. The FBI then provided these IP addresses and other technical information to law enforcement agencies internationally. Judging by a report on Norwegian site, that includes authorities in Norway.”
The proliferation of Playpen users on the Dark Web happens to coincide with regions targeted for CIA blackmail operations. We now understand Hillary Clinton’s complaint against the FBI for wrecking her family’s Playpen of child pornography, political blackmail and influence-peddling scam. The failure of the Clinton geopolitical scam explains why the CIA has been desperately crying wolf against “Russian influence”.
The Clinton Foundation should be shut down for investigation and all its personnel debriefed by the FBI and police. With exposure of this sordid affair that has permanently damaged U.S. prestige, Congress must rip up the 2017 Intelligence Authorization Bill for its assault on press freedom. Meanwhile, America’s entire intelligence apparatus needs fundamental re-prioratization and restructuring. Dealing with Russia can wait.
The CIA Mole in NATO
The Norwegian news reports on the Clinton Foundation embezzlement avoid the mention of the chief Clinton ally and CIA asset Jen Stoltenberg. A vocal war-mongering foe of Russian President Putin, current NATO chief Stoltenberg is a product of the clandestine “stay-behind” guerrilla-warfare force in Norway and Sweden under Operation Gladio, organized in Scandinavia by CIA director William “Bill” Colby.
This covert operation exploited Scandinavia as an apocalyptic battlefield between NATO and the Soviet/Russian military forces based on the Kola Peninsula (the Murmansk region). Gladio North, known as ROC, has been the secret lynch pin of American-Norwegian relations since World War II.
Stoltenberg, who twice served as Norwegian prime minister, is an unusual case as compared with other Gladio veterans, starting out as member of the Norwegian Workers Party (AKP), a branch of the anti-Soviet CIA-sponsored Maoist cult movement organized by Shaul Eisenberg. Ardently anti-Russian in the era of the Sino-Soviet split, the dual Mossad-CIA agent Eisenberg, who served as a fascist minion of the Japanese military intelligence during World War II, later was the chief arms supplier to the Pol Pot regime in Democratic Kampuchea (Cambodia) in its war against the pro-Moscow Vietnamese occupation forces.
Colby, Norway ROC-Gladio, and the Maoist AKP are discussed further below. For now it is important to keep in the mind the weird career beginnings of these two “leftist” CIA spies inserted into politics, Bill Clinton and Jens Stoltenberg.
The Clinton-Stoltenberg relationship
The long relationship between the Clintons and Stoltenberg is obscured by their secretive CIA roles. President Bill Clinton visited Oslo in early November 1999 for a memorial meeting for the assassinated Yitzak Rabin, an architect of the Oslo peace process, hosted by Labour Prime Minister Kjell Magde Bondevik. At the time, former Treasury minister Stoltenberg was Bondevik’s deputy prime minister, and therefore met wth Clinton, although probably not for the first time since both have attended the Bilderberger meetings and Davos World Economic Forum programs as CIA agents in place.
The Bondevik government dispatched Norwegian Army Jegerkommandos (hunter-commandos) and Forsvarets Spesialkommandos (forward special commandos) in support of Clinton-Blair invasion plan to split Kosovo from the dismembered Yugoslav republic. The Norwegian special forces worked in close cooperation with the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), a force bolstered by jihadists from Osama bin Laden’s Al Qaeda, funded by Qatar. The combined force, inserted into the mountains along the Macedonia border, were the first NATO military unit to cross into Kosovo.
A no-confidence vote triggered the resignation of Bondevik, and Stoltenberg became prime minister in March 2000, in time to share the glory of the NATO victory over Serbia with his fellow CIA puppets Bill Clinton and Tony Blair. Then in 2001, after Clinton left office, the 911 attacks put a damper on the Norwegian love affair with the jihadists and Labour was defeated at the polls in Norway.
Cold War paranoia
This background the Cold War indoctrination of both Clinton and Stoltenberg, who later viewed the stated charitable mission of the Clinton Foundation as a Clausewitz-type extension of warfare, along with espionage as an arm of political warfare. This Manichean black-and-white view of politics tended to vilify members of the rival Conservative Party as being dominated by greedy business interests, who need to “controlled” by necessary means, including sexual blackmail through data breaches of computer networks.
The militaristic Stoltenberg was returned to the premiership in 2005 and dominated government until 2013, a term marked by a massive increase in defense spending and saber rattliing against Moscow. Under his second stint in office, the huge Norwegian payments to the Clinton Foundation began in 2007. During Stoltenberg’s term as prime minister, Norway “donated” $50 million to the Clinton Foundation, most of that disappearing into the CIA black-ops budget and into the Clintons personal accounts. It is obvious that Stoltenberg had to pay back for the political capital that the U.S. Embassy had invested in him.
The Icemen Cometh
Stoltenberg’s rise to high office is a gift of the CIA and legacy of the legendary William “Bill” Colby. Immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack, he dropped out of the freshman class at Columbia University to join the U.S. Army and the new Office of Strategic Services (OSS). He was recruited into Operation Jedburgh, a joint Allied commando team to support the maquis resistance in France. (Ever hear of the Jedi knights, kids?)
After fighting behind enemy lines in France, Colby went on to lead the NORSO team that parachuted into German-occupied Norway in April 1945. The combined British-American-Norwegian exile team joined up with local insurgents to attack rail lines. After a series of successful attacks on train station, Colby’s team was outnumbered by pursuing teams of German pursuers above on a ridge and behind. Colby dash and last-minute crossing over border into neutral Sweden has since been the storyline for a couple of movies.
After the war, Colby earned a law degree and went to work for Bill Donovan’s law firm in New York, but when the CIA was created, jumped at the opportunity to get back was best at: sabotage and killing. Colby was assigned to the CIA desk in Stockholm over a period of seven years at the start of the Cold War, where he organized a “stay-behind” clandestine force that would fight behind enemy lines in event of a Soviet pincers invasion from the Baltic Sea and the Arctic Murmansk region on the Kola Peninsula.
In Austria, Operation Gladio unit used the cover of a hiking club, so Colby devised his Scandinavian commandos as a Nordic ski and rock-climbing clubs. Field training was conducted at the Allied Forces North (AFNORTH) base in central Norway near Mount Kolsas, which has since evolved into a premier rock-climbing center. At the time, the chief of the Norwegian Intelligence Service Vilhelm Evang complained to the British commander at Kolsas AFNORTH Base: “NIS is extremely worried at work conducted by officers at Kolsas. This concerned SB (sabotage), Psywar and Counter Intelligence.”
Despite its massive armor and firepower in the northern front, the NATO force in Norway was meant only to delay the Soviet 6th Army to allow the evacuation of submarine chasers out of the fjords. The Barents Sea is the route for the Soviet/Russian navy to cross from Murmansk into the North Sea for attacks on Western Europe and the United States, which have higher priority than defending Norway.
The standing estimate was for NATO ground forces to hold out for six days maximum against a Soviet assault before surrender. Colby, therefore, needed the sort of tough individuals who could meld into the occupied population, fight on skis in the subzero weather and stand up under capture and torture. The hardened men of the Norway ROC and Swedish Arla gryning were tough as nails. After Colby departed to commit atrocities in Vietnam and the decades past, however, the decadent influence of the CIA-sponsored Frankfurt School reached Scandinavia, which became a center for drugs, sex and rock’n’roll.
Following the Soviet rollback of the Prague Spring in 1968, the CIA suddenly found itself armed with rock bands and LSD but light on battle-hardened guerrillas. What was needed were anti-Soviet fighters with ideological indoctrination and nothing to lose in their lives of deprivation and poverty. By then the Trotskyites had degenerated into a mob of squabbling Jewish pseudo-intellectuals, utterly useless for field combat.
Then the brighter analysts at RAND and Langley came up with the solution: Create an purist Marxist movement of working people to combat the Soviet revisionists, and the model is right there in front of us in the Sino-Soviet split. Mao Tse-tung hated the Stalinists, and so why not create a holier-than-thou Maoist force to attack the Russkies?
The CIA went to their go-to guy in China, Shaul Eisenberg, founder of the Israel Corporation arms-trading empire. A German-Polish Jew, Eisenberg left Europe under the Japanese military intelligence operation, organized by diplomat-agent Chiune Sugihara. The underground passage from Lithuania sent Lubavitcher leaders through the Soviet Union to Manchuli, Manchuria, where the evacuated Jews were met and hailed as members of the Greater East Asia Prosperity Sphere. The younger Jews were recruited into Betar paramilitary units in preparation for the attack on British Palestine, which began in June 1941, six months before Pearl Harbor. Eisenberg, who married a Japanese woman, was assigned the plush job as a trusted messenger boy between the Japanese military and elite citizens of European allies Germany, Italy and South Africa.
Eisenberg arranged for a puzzled and amused Beijing to recognize of the new global Maoist movement, which operated like a personality cult or secular religion absolutely dedicated to the people’s struggle. As with other cults, the Maoist federation was packed with megalomaniacs, control freaks and simple nutcases. The Norwegian Workers Party (AKP) was by far the most-disciplined and best-financed of all Maoist groups worldwide. Headed by a secretive central committee, most of them agents of the military intelligence service, Etterretningstjenesten (E-tjenesten).
The rank and file were mainly drawn from northern Norway, which would bear the brunt of a Soviet assault. These strong hardy types would take weeks-long cross-country ski “vacations” with rifles slung on their shoulders into the deep interior to prepare for the coming confrontation with the Red Army. Back home, these friendly souls drank beer, sang folk songs and swapped wives on overnight parties like normal Norwegians, which they were when not shaking Mao’s little red book. In hindsight, the thought of it, Maoism inside the Arctic Circle, is bizarre.
As with many youths of his generation, Stoltenberg was horrified by the Vietnam
War and then dazed by the Soviet crushing of the Prague Spring. His older sister, a member of the Red Youth wing of AKP, recruited him into the Maoist movement. The Stoltenbergs are a wealthy upper-class family, and so military intelligence had to handle them with delicate care and not club them to the ground at protests. In response to Henry Kissinger’s order to bomb Haiphong harbor, Stoltenberg took part in the heated protests in front of the U.S. Embassy.
Following the merger of the AKP into the socialist Labour Party, Stoltenberg worked as a journalist for the party press and became a prominent leader inside the Workers Youth League. As a reporter he had met a Soviet agent, who assigned him the codename Steklov, but he was later warned off by Norwegian counterintelligence. At that point, Stoltenberg was probably recruited as a police informer. From that point on, Stoltenberg was a rising star in the European political scene, with a little help from his old controllers at the CIA, especially that other mole on the other side of the Sino-Soviet split who attended youth rallies in Moscow, by the name of Bill Clinton.
Now does anyone wonder why Donald Trump is avoiding intelligence briefings by the CIA. If the poison-squirting pen doesn’t function, the plutonium pellet inside the seat cushion will.
It’s time for pest control at the entire rat-infested sewer that brought on defeats at the Bay of Pigs, the rooftop in Saigon, the series of debacles from Chechnya to Afghanistan, and now Pizzagate. The lifespan of the CIA should have ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. America needs to get back to democracy, openness and constitutional protections of its citizens, so they can back unimpeded to making America great again. This Pizzagate like a old Ford from the age of real automobiles still has some mileage to go, so catch us later, drag-racing against the occultist freaks down Route 666.
Yoichi Shimatsu is a science journalist specializing on the Fukushima nuclear crisis who is being temporarily diverted by the Gonzo journey through Pizzagate.