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Hillary Clinton In Her Own Words!

By Jim Kirwan


Very early this morning after Assange committed public suicide, I fell into a fitful dream in which physic-warfare brought me face to face with Hillary Rodham Clinton'. After I was able to clearly see exactly who she is, she began to speak...

"You deplorables are so damned predictable, you disgust me."

You thought you had a deal with the Devil
to finally kill my chances for survival,
when you signed on with Assange, and of course he trolled you all.
And none of you ever saw that coming.


Do you think I would “ever-trust-you” with anything so primitive as a national selection process that would not be totally fixed in my favor ­ long before this farce ever began?

I have known what I'm doing since I was a child-bride to a perverted sexaholic back in Arkansas. I shaped him into the 'lovable' but totally twisted governor, and we went on to do great things, for us and only us; with the importation of the entire drug world to be run through Mena, Arkansas: And that was only the barest of beginnings. We went on to create our very own empire within the criminal shell that Israel had created to kill the nation ­ that was called the Clinton Foundation ­ and you couldn't get enough of us. You swallowed every lie, toasted every criminal act with vintage-champagne as if it was a plate of irresistible lobsters on the half-shell, just dripping with promise—and you never asked any questions, which is why it's lasted so very, very long.

Clinton Cash

Hang the Clintons!

I conned you into questioning 'Trump' about his taxes and he failed to even question why the Clinton Foundation paid no taxes at all ­ while we raked in billions.

I've even told you, indirectly, that my kill list will keep you from winning anything: “We're gonna Seth Rich you” - yet did any of you or Trump even bring that up ­ of course not because you're all gutless to the core ­ which is why you put so much “faith” in Assange and his faux promises to kill my campaign; which is why I'm still laughing at your response this morning, to his failure to deliver in the wee small hours of today—how could that have ever been any different.

Here's a news flash for the downtrodden and disillusioned that dared to think that you could ever drag me, Hillary Clinton, to the bottom of the pig-trough that you still call Washington.

You won't ever dare to dirty your precious hands, which is why I know that I will win ­ overwhelmingly, because you are still so afraid to fight me when and where it counts.

My policies have brought down 27 nations but you can't be bothered to even read about it ­ so “What Does It Matter?” You want to elect your way out of this when the truth is that only you, the inhuman-creatures that you are, are the ones that must do the hard things that will bring real change to this ruin that within months - I will finish killing outright!

The List: 27 Countries Destroyed By Hillary Clinton's Neocon 'Hubris'

You have been so totally asleep that you have not seen what “we” have been doing to you for the last thirty plus years to create the total desecration of the entire nation ­ and here's the proof of that:

Ann Corcoran on Refugee Resettlement


My useless addicted 'husband' who beat the Impeachment proceedings against him, and got rid of Glass-Steigal, that paved the way for the return of the Robber-barons, and the stock market crashes which they first engineered ­ and he followed that by fast-tracking NAFTA, and all the other 'free-trade-deals” that murdered the nation by killing all your jobs you silly useless cowards ­ yet none of you said a word, because you were too busy getting in on the windfall profits that were available to the very few that paid to play in every disaster that we've created for over thirty-five years.

Of course Bill oversaw the disaster that was the precursor for Katrina: It was called Hurricane Andrew and it killed more than double the number of those that died on 911. And there was also something I personally did, when I pushed Janet Reno out of the way and ordered in the ATF and the National Guard to murder 28 people in Waco, Texas ­ and no one to date has ever dared to question me about any of that ­ just as we all knew they would not DARE to challenge me ­ no matter how illegal anything I've done has always been.

Just look at how I shamed the Director of the FBI ­ over all that silliness about a bunch of emails: So what if some of those 33,000 e-mails were classified - “At this point what does that matter” - I have not been successfully prosecuted for any of the things I've done ­ ever. Okay so I may have been fired a few times in the beginning, I may have wasted billions upon billions but I was never blamed ­ and no consequences were ever handed down ­ even the idea that any of you would ever dream of challenging my word is obscene ­ just look at the record: You have never won against me, ever: So why should this time be any different?

My associates and I have literally raped the planet, in Yugoslavia, Haiti, and many other places and because the Clintons' were associated with all those crimes ­ none of you ever dared to question anything we ever did.





Then the spell was shattered. I woke up and

I REMEBERED, yet again, that the nightmare can only come true

If we all fail to come together and legally 'Hang the Clintons'?




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