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Clinton's Criminality
Qualifies Them Both for the Gallows

By Jim Kirwan


After the mugging that last night's performance, presented by Chris Wallace wherein Hillary failed to answer for so much of the truth behind her “career” - it's apparent that the rest of us need to speak
clearly about the truth behind what she calls
her “experience”.

When it comes to “helping the world” and saving lives, she refuses to talk about what happened in 2010, in Haiti. Bill & GWH Bush went on television and begged for money to be sent ­ over 95% of which ended up in the pockets of the Clinton Foundation. And then again in the most recent Hurricane, one more time the money raised has not gone to those most in need of everything ­ hundreds of thousands people have been affected by both of these tragedies, which both represented massive amounts of stolen donations that went not to the endangered populations, but to Clinton Cash ­ which was distributed to those who paid the Clinton's to play ­ and those “bribes” paid off like the rigged slot-machines they've always been.

Clinton Cash

And Then There's This:

Shocking Footage:: Media Caught Covering Up Clinton's Ongoing looting of Haiti

Hang the Clintons!

It was not enough that Hillary covered up the fact that she was using 15 separate devices to communicate with people while she was Secretary of State, or that she intimidated Comey, to ruin his career and his life by saying that he would not only not charge her ­ but that he didn't see any reason to block her access to 'CLASSIFIED MATERIALS', which everyone running for president must have.

Hillary's whole life is nothing but one huge and uninterrupted LIE ­ not to mention that she used Bill to blackmail or coerce Loretta Lynch to keep Hillary from being found guilty of any wrong doing, in the back of Loretta's own government plane just before Hillary was scheduled to testify before Comey as the head of the FBI. Blackmail and coercion have always been part of Hillary's black-box for all political functions and she's never spared anyone from her wrath.

Then there's this stunt:

The Truth about Benghazi, Ambassador Stevens, and the Clinton-Obama Team as revealed by Wikileaks

Hillary & Bill have made BILLIONS from their totally illegal “foundation”.

How else to explain how these two grifters from Arkansas could possibly become multiple-billionaires just by being lowly government employees ­ who by the way don't pay any TAXES on all the illegalities within the Clinton Foundation ­ and she worries about Trump's businesses?

Once she became 'Secretary of State' an entirely new level of corporate and private greed opened up to the Clinton's to create the illegal Kings' Ransom that's still growing ­ even as both she and Bill are in their last days of life upon this earth.

Last night's charade was beyond obscene: but eventually the Clinton Crimes will catch up with both of them and they will either commit suicide or get the gallows for everything they've been doing for the past 35 years...

SR#1271 NBC Crew - Crooked Hillary’s
MASSIVE MELTDOWN at Commander-in-Chief Forum




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