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Yes, Climate Change Is Real But
It's Not From 'Fossil Fuels' Or CO2

By Dana Durnford

The climate has changed because of nuclear causes.  Nuclear doesn't  stop creating energy...even millions of years after it's released...certainly not in our lifetime.

The atomic atom doesn't have an 'off' will always release energy…every second of every minute...for millions of years.  

When it is in the ocean, the energy pulses every second and is transformed into warmer oceans.  A single gram has a million watts of power and just because you atomized it and dispersed it doesn't change that equation.   it's continues…endlessly.

Fukushima has saturated the atmosphere with radionuclides, and in particular the Pacific Ocean, causing a fast-moving extinction event which is thoroughly documented at my site   Oil, Gas & Coal - when released - do not continue to produce energy...but nuclear energy does. That is why there are terrorist laws, that is why they have nuclear holding sites, etc, etc, etc

All nuclear plants are boiling close to a million gallons of water a minute.  Each glass of water from nature contains over a billion creatures.  In one tenth of a glass of water, about a 100 million creatures exist called phytoplankton.  These phytoplankton are the very basis of the food chain.   The oxygen chain is the biggest part of the carbon sequestering chain, etc.

The amount of radioactivity…nuclear waste...that has been ejected into the ocean JUST from Fukushima in incalculable.   Multiply the meltdowns per building via 10 years of fuel in storage pools located 5 stories high and above the reactors in each reactor building.  It's like a snowstorm of radioactivity that pulses every second into the Pacific Ocean and extends from the surface all the way down to the ocean floor.  

Japan is also burning nuclear waste in municipal trash incinerators in cities throughout the country, each one spewing radiation up the chimneys and into the atmosphere.  This is a crime of sheer insanity which is causing an environmental nightmare on its own.  And the world says nothing.  A terrorist would got to jail for life for doing the same thing to a single gram of the same radiologic material.  We can't even create a dirty bomb that could mimic the releases of these Japanese death incinerators.  It is truly impossible.

Consider every animal in countless studies over the past 70 years that has died of vicious cancers.    Radiation was never used to try to cure was only used to kill them.   Apparently, 'modern medicine' can't figure out that you cannot cure one form of cancer by causing another.  

For the last 4 years in Western Canada, the great Rocky Mountain glaciers have vanished…they are just…gone.   All of that melting glacial water running down to the ocean during the summers would regulate the streams, rivers, the estuaries and the Canadian coastlines and tidal zones.  That crystal clear, clean cold water was essential for the lives of endless species of insects, trout, aquatic and aquatic-dependent life forms.   Now, the glaciers are gone, the summer melt-off is gone and all of those endless species dependent on that cold glacial water to create and regulate their environments are decimated or missing.  It will take 1,000s of years for the glaciers to build themselves back up to their pre-kFukushima levels…but before that can even begin, somehow the massive radiation that Fukushima has poured into the Pacific Ocean for 5 and a half years must disappear first.   How do you cleanse the biggest ocean on the planet of total radioactive death?

The super cell storms and typhoons we have been witnessing are a direct result of the death of the Pacific Ocean.  The massive radiation that has been pouring into the ocean since 3/11 is continually producing an invisible furnace that cannot be extinguished.   Typhoons hitting land masses and cities with winds up to 230 mph...gusting to 270 mph...are now considered common.  Five years ago, these kinds of storms were inconceivable.  Pacific storms since Fukushima grow faster, are often FAR larger and have enormously stronger sustained winds then pre-Fukushima storms…despite attempts to play them down by media hacks .

Two weeks ago, the Philippines, Taiwan and then China were hit with 230 mph sustained winds from Super Typhoon 'Meranti'.   South Korea was hit with 233 mph winds over the last few days.  Hurricane Matthew ripped Haiti apart and left about 1,000 dead with gusts exceeding 200 mph.   The Philippines suffered 230 mph sustained winds during Super Typhoon 'Haiyan'.  The toll...over 6000 dead, 40 provinces stripped of trees. homes and even roads from 240 mph winds that took entire trees and turned them into projectiles of death. Over 15 million were left homeless.  

If we do not stop the radiation pouring into the air and sea from the destroyed Fukushima reactors, we will all find ourselves on a slack tightrope between two sinking ships when the Fukushima winds from Hell come calling.   So far, the technology needed to even begin to solve the problem doesn't exist.





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