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The Civilized State

By Jim Kirwan

Of Russian Affairs

Putin to West: Stop turning world into 'global barracks,' dictating rules to others
24min 27sec VIDEO

On this subject Putin said this: “Putin is saying to American people keep your guns! He knows Obama’s master plan, Our own soldiers will not fight our own people so Obama is bringing in illegal immigrants to do the job. Putin also knows of Obama selling American land to China, Saudi Arabia and others…

3 min video Published on Jun 17, 2014

The United States has not had an intelligent leader who could speak to the global public about the affairs of this state, since JFK.

The video at the top presents a world leader who is speaking directly to the public and the world, without threats, condescension or the need to constantly fall back on everything related to ‘national security.’

The differences between the so-called leaders around the world today, and Putin, are glaringly clear. Anyone with a basic education can easily understand what Vladimir Putin is saying as well as what needs to be done to improve the global as well as the various national situations in the world today.

Contrast Putin’s “diplomacy”, in his comments on The State of Russian Affairs in the world today, with our shoot from the hip thugs like Kerry, Cheney, and Obama: Not to mention all of our second and third tier idiots whose language is skewed and whose intent is clearly pregnant with duplicity, lies and innuendo. All of this is on the public record for the entire world to clearly see. Think about what Putin says about so many different circumstances and the needs that each circumstance requires; so that Russia and those nations who are seeking solutions can move forward toward a better and more peaceful world.


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