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The Time For 'Civility' Has Passed

By Jim Kirwan


The time for 'business as usual' is over when it comes to the 2016 Elections.

This nation has been treating its elections as an insider's special event since I can remember the voting process: The time for quiet conversations of the hush-hush variety is over. There is no longer the “middle-middle in Amerika”, which used to run these national-puppet shows.

Millions of us have watched while everything here has been turned to shit.

We just watched while the Democrats created “super-delegates” in order to steal every election they participate in. In California we watched while the Governor gave away the right to vote in Amerikan Elections to Illegals that flooded the border to get all the free-stuff, including jobs, rent, medical care and preferential treatment courtesy of Obama's Tarnished House.

We've put up with insider-theft of everything imaginable that the rest of us have worked our fingers to the bone for, only to come up short, while the invaders steal our jobs and routinely insult our society ­ and NOTHING is ever done about any of that.

The police treat people like rabid dogs: They routinely beat and torture 'suspects' without ever charging them. Frequently they shoot people for no reason at all, over 100 a month die by police gunfire, and the number of rapes in police custody keeps right on growing ­ without ever charging any of these thugs with anything. The 'police' are now ahead of the thieves when it comes to how much they are taking from the population, without even charging them with anything at all: If you have money in your vehicle or on your person the cops might just take whatever they want, including your vehicle ­ and if you complain they'll beat you down and probably charge you with “resisting arrest”. At the end of the day they end up keeping your property and you get nothing but abuse and maybe a trip to either the hospital or jail ­ and people still aren't ready to rebel against these crimes.

What will happen when the Muslim horde comes alive over here and turns the USA into Europe-West, with rape and assault leading the charge—backed up by Shria Law, courtesy of Soros who built all those Mosques for all those soon to be occupiers of this place. Obama just bought a multi-million dollar mansion in DuBai, (UAE) and today he was offered a job in that Muslim place ­ as a reward after he leaves the Tarnished House, for all that he and his Muslim brothers have done to wreck this place, from the ground up.

You have to be a Muslim to live or work in the UAE

Michel might not enjoy it, but that's part of the price of luxury,

however if she can't prove that she's a she, she might not be allowed in.

In the Muslim world they behead women, that are not women.

Maybe the Obama's won't be troubled by Shria Law?

And now we have Hillary Clinton doing what she always does, only this time she'll have to bribe her way out of this controversy—but that's okay because one of her special friends is now the Attorney General. So again “The Fix Is In” for Hillary to skate and AGAIN the nation won't have a voice in the fact that we can't find an independent prosecutor to honestly investigate America's most famously-criminal bitch.

Loretta Lynch ­ Hillary's Gatekeeper Extraordinaire

The public has put up with this kind of treatment now for over 50 years, so before you jump to complain about the tenor of my tone ­ please think about it...

The list of crimes committed by the Insider's in Amerika seems endless, but if we don't do anything to change any of this: Then there won't be a nation to complain about any longer and we'll deserve whatever we get.

Think about it—the government has invited themselves into public bathroom facilities, nationwide now ­ so What's Next Amerika?

When for instance are people going to stop speaking to these people politely at public gatherings—they aren't respectable. They belong in Jail, waiting to be sentenced for their crimes—most of them are not people who should be running for the highest offices in the land. Think about it!



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