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Civilization Is Burning!

By JIm Kirwan

Obamanation’s surrender to Evil Incarnate

Was the barbaric reason for his ascension to the office of the CEO

Of United States Incorporated.

The arrogance of the scope of the current plans for the planet, that are unfolding over the next eight days, were designed to conclude with global-wars in the Middle East and Europe—these wars when combined, will end what we called ‘civilization’ worldwide: But this does not need to happen.

The pieces of this ancient puzzle are finally coming together. Just take a careful look at the actors and their “chessboard” that’s going viral with their ugliest revelations to date.

The Middle East & the new dimensions of the Greater State of Israel

Within the last week the world was greeted with the promise of US airstrikes that would be used to bomb both Syria and Iraq, again, but this time with the goal of wiping out all resistance to USI’s hegemony: Not by attacking individual nation states, but by slaughtering whole swaths of land and erasing all the borders between states. This morning comes more news from the same outlaws that created this policy.

Feinstein: Lebanon and Hezbollah are both being targeted along with Syria and Iraq, because as Feinstein says: “ISIS presents a threat to the United States”. The implication being that ISIS must be exterminated wherever they are found, which means adding Lebanon to the list of the currently targeted nations to be preemptively bombed by USI, NATO and the UN along with their mercenaries on the ground that are required to protect American Interests (Israeli Zionistas, wherever they ‘feel’ threatened).

Kerry in Jordan: ‘ISIS is just 70 miles from Jordan and poses a threat to American Interests’. “No country is safe from that kind of spread of terror, and none of us can afford to leave that entity with a safe haven which would become a base for terror against anyone and all, not only in the region but outside of the region as well,” he added. He spoke after a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi.”

With Lebanon, Hezbollah, Jordan and Hamas: There are now six targets: The originals being Syria and Iraq, complimented by Palestine and Iran who are all in need of preemptive continuing air strikes: Airstrikes that will make the bombing of Cambodia look childish by comparison.

That’s why the CEO is waiting for all the players to become clearly identified before he launches, without congressional approval, this new bloodbath upon the world that would turn the entire region into a dead-zone. Once the current international map of the region is demolished, then Israel will triumph!

The actual scope of the targets described above just happens to consist of the entire wish list for Israel’s plans for Full Spectrum Dominance. Isn’t it fascinating that America’s longest running war has been for the ownership of the entire Middle East and that the coming region wide-war will be undertaken to hand Israel all the lands she has been determined to get, by any means necessary. Israel is today just an army without a state.

The IDF raid on RT’s offices inside Jerusalem two days ago was done to silence any outside coverage, of the coming war; as it might be seen from inside Israel. That’s crystal clear now.


While the above plans may be what the owners want to implement throughout the Middle East there are some positive elements that can still throw boulders into that path—if Americans act here and force circumstances to become reality inside ‘the old United States’.

The German citizens have launched a rebellion against the Federal Reserve. They are demanding an End to the FED in order to save the planet from total annihilation. Meanwhile the cowardly Amerikans have done absolutely nothing!

FED rallies explode throughout Germany:

Without the FED - USI would automatically become the bankrupt paper-tiger that she is, overnight. But these actions must be taken now: If Americans are to have any say, or any financial base at all when it comes to managing the reset that’s coming on July first, 2014.

The thirty some nations in the EU are also about to have to face some real facts, because the other side of the war in the Middle East has a European connection as well. If this isn’t stopped then a replay of Kosovo and Sarajevo would become the norm instead of the exception to civilized behavior. ‘Sarajevo Returns to Europe’:

Ukraine has become a second flash point to deflect the full horror of the final act in the Middle East. If USI, UN, NATO and their extravagantly paid mercenaries along with the Neo-NAZI’s can get away with their constructed and continuing aggressions against the people of Ukraine and Europe—then the brutality in the Middle East can be expanded by the long feared global-war.

The ‘Cold War’ ended when USI announced that they will now use first-strike nuclear weapons to protect their “global interests”. That principle is about to be tested by the standoff surrounding the Russian borders with NATO countries, accentuated by the theft of Ukraine and the fighting that shows no signs of adhering to Russia’s call for a negotiated settlement of the continuing war over Ukraine.

NATO and USI are pushing the limits of sanity in their deliberately threatening war games, along the Russian frontier, at a time when tensions have never been higher than they are now for a new War in Europe, led by the West against the emerging powers in the East.

The Flip-Side of the Coin is the War in Europe

Russia, China, Brazil, India, along with Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas appear to be willing to stand against the worn-out Western forces that are facing colossal bankruptcies both militarily and financial from the inside out: And it appears as if that unspoken-deadline might have more to do with July 1, 2014 than anyone here wants to admit. That’s why the actual timing of every act now in play, has become crucial, to exactly what could be about to take place.

What the American public must remember is that all the so-called “THREATS” to the interests of the U.S. are not being made against the continental United States—they are being made against Israel which has owned the United States since 1933.


We need to end these threats by ending the FED now!


If the people of the world allow these nightmarish fires to explode into regional or global wars; then nothing much will matter to the 95% of the planet that will die somewhere, in all those flames…


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