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The Citizen-Response to Government Criminality

By Jim Kiran

Back in the day when San Francisco was the Capital of California, the governmental corruption was so huge, that the public took matters into their own hands: Thus was born the citizen-justice that was called The Committee of Vigilance.

Executions in San Francisco 1851-1890

Apparently we have reached the same conditions that were so prevalent in San Francisco then ­ which was outlawed because it was 'outside the law'. However the fact that the public was more than willing to punish public-corruption must be remembered. This public corruption question has to be answered yet again—because the entire nation has now chosen to ignore the public's demands for PUNISHMENT, especially for all those inside and outside the government in 2017.

In the current cases, there are a number of major criminals in San Francisco,and beyond, protected by LGBTQ, that should find themselves hanging by the neck for their outrageously-criminal behavior.

Senator Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi both live here, just a few miles from my apartment; but Harry Reid, Henry Waxman and Governor Brown are also more than qualified to be included at the end of the hangman's noose. These corrupt creatures and others come to mind as well as those that have been so instrumental in the crimes at Bundy Ranch in Nevada, which is directly tied to the illegal crimes of the BLM and in the “Occupation of the Malhuer Wildlife standoff”.

A reader reminded me of the need for some of this article:

I agree completely Jim, however, I see a road-block to accomplishing this prosecution issue. I'm not being a defeatist, just a realist. There isn't one fucking court in America that isn't corrupt and under the thumb of THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION. Sure, there is a defiant judge here and there, but as I see it, most judges are bought-and-paid for as well as personally compromised. You know, like congressmen/women and senators. And, unless there is something to gain by prosecuting it's own minions, it will never come to pass.

We must remember, that once THE UNITED STATES CORPORATION charter went into effect, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, and the Constitution went out the fucking window and landed in a cesspool. What did junior bush say ? " It's just a goddamn piece of paper”. Fuck that luciferian criminal pervert drug addict. THAT is the stance of the CORPORATION

Unfortunately, I can't see " bullets & the blood of patriots and tyrants " working this time given the level of technology the CORPORATION is in possession of, unless America is served up an EMP attack. No matter, if the motherfuckers come to my door, I will stand my ground with my M4 and other firearms . . .

Keep on keeping on Brother,”

In Harry Reid's case he was massively instrumental in the sale of 20% of the U.S. Uranium Supply to Russia, along with the Clinton's, that have long ago passed the threshold for public execution, along with Chelsea. The Clinton foundation has also stolen billions from us all, not to mention another 7 billion which the Clinton Foundation stole from the Haitian people.

And of course, there was also the “Who Cares” murder of the US Ambassador in Libya, that was planned and executed by Hillary, and the list of crimes continues to this moment.

My point is that the American people need to insure that the crimes these lawless savages have continued to commit must be stopped ­ and if neither the congress nor the government will act—then clearly that task falls to the people that have become the most damaged by these blatantly illegal actions.

This has been going on ­ uninterrupted ­ since long before any of us came into this so-called “New Millennium”!


The quotation above is from Solon: who lived from 635 to 558 B.C.


If the LGBTQ continues to protect these criminals from prosecution, they are aiding and abetting them. Consequently there will always be room for them on the same gallows as well. Yet this is the movement that is responsible for destroying American security and way of life, by advocating for the take-over of the constitution and the nation.

The threatened adoption of Shariah Law, demands conversion to the imaginary power of the Koran over the U.S. Constitution. Their prescribed punishment for our failure to convert, to Islam, is death or beheading.

Of course if we stopped paying these savages to come here they would leave immediately because they can't or won't ever work to stay here. This is not rocket-science, it's simple basic human behavior which throwing money at these savages completely defeats our needs, as people or Americans.