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The Citadel

By Jim Kirwan


Of Broken Dreams

Humanity is trapped between the volcanic fires

Of our own mistakes

And the criminal-dominance of those that rule us.

In this equation

Most Americans find that they have literally

Been turned to stone

While the fire of rebellion beckons us,

To rise and throw-off the dead-weight of Empire

That we’ve allowed to crush us so completely in 2013.

There are two great powers that have been fighting since time began. Every advance in human life, every scrap of knowledge and wisdom and decency we have, has been torn by one side from the teeth of the other. Every little increase in human freedom has been fought over furiously between those who want us to know and those who want us to obey and to be humble and to submit.”

Taken from The Golden Compass Pg. 283, by Philip Pullman ­ from the first book of his trilogy: Dark Materials

Many years ago I began working on a sixty-foot mural-project that could take people further into this quagmire and relieve some of the quicksand we’ve become so-enchanted with, since we were captured in 1913. The project was called “the BARE-BONES universe” and was intended to target these words, to be more fully explored in depth.

"The almost invisible roots of everyday things.

That intertwine with mystery:

To create the living walls that separate us ­ from ourselves."


I thought maybe some of the research done over the last thirty years might help us to figure out some new ways to look at where we are.

Yesterday I had an exchange with a reader who brought up some of the entanglements that have now become all too visible for far too many people now. The research papers from January of 2008 will be intercut with parts of yesterday’s exchange.

Reader: “They have all the finest of everything, While we have nothing but debts, massive bills, failing health, kids all whacked out, bad everything, rent, pawn shops, payday cash, a few water bottles.”

k: Of course they have those 'things" because that was the point. What they don't have, they still have no clue about at all. But that is what keeps humanity alive. If people don't have a life or any goals that go beyond the toys, of course they're DEAD, but then they have been for a very long time now.

2008: “You watch yourself more than is healthy. You live too much in the self watching you, and in the third watching the second and so on. All intelligent animals are self-observing, but if you live too much in the reflections - the substance disappears.” Fritz Lieber.

A cynic knows “the answers” before having penetrated deeply enough to even know the questions”.

Since all of us are only shadows, for the light our living casts: Why not leave the world of children and learn to live a little while, before you die from wanting to?” k

Reader: “Most have no food stored up, thrift store clothes

and now those have closed up along with a lot of other

small biz. Jobs?? Forget-about-it, food stamps? some

church handouts.? a bus ticket? Almost everyone I ask

is seriously into the above. None have stocks or means

of production, jobs are just catering to the whims of

the remaining rich which enjoy the weather and golf but leave.”

k: ‘There never was a practical way to be a prepper. For one thing no one ever knows where they might be when hell strikes home - and since many preppers have bragged about being prepared the gangs are now robbing them BEFORE the disaster they were preparing for even strikes - for the easy pickings and the profits!

Stocks, Bonds and Bullshit is only for the filthy-rich. Anyone else was always going to be considered as an interloper and would be

shut-out - that's going on now. As for "jobs" that has to be relegated to catch-as-catch-can. There never was a store where anyone could go to just pick-up a job - that requires ingenuity

brains and coincidental help along the way, and if they're honest people KNOW that and will find ways to deal with it if they care.’

2008: “You protect what is ­ while I (try-to) envision what can be. For ‘Wisdom’ is truly the mirrored shield.

Riches without spirit are worthless

Spirit is mankind’s only wealth’

Whoever would be free

Must speak the truth

For to condescend to lying

Is to become a slave.

A strong person will impose limits

Upon desires.

But Vision must never be shackled to practicality.

Listen to the muse of logic, listen well. But counsel only with the soul. Believe in Vision for therein lie the miracles that shall come to pass. Expand the thunderbolts of mind. Hurl the fire of thought into the void. Set the spark to light the fire and thunder into the darkening sky with your imagination burning like a bullet thru the night. Leave no idle thought unfleshed. Choose carefully and well ­ for we must not waste the gifts of life.’

Each of us is Free; some just don’t know it yet!

Reader: You know it’s bad when Mexicans are leaving! They get a look at this and leave! The War on the West continues to crush rural producers, and more moves in the pipeline to crush it once and for all. East Coast? Forget-about-it. Midwest rent-a-trailer in twister alley and take your chances maybe get a service job in the gas fields...@ -20F ???

k: ‘There are no formal jobs anymore - but if you look there are a lot of things that can be done for cash, if you've got a diversified skill set. What you mention is all true because it was designed that way ­ formal study-for real jobs, with proper compensation etc. Of course that's DEAD - those were always their jobs,

not ours in the first place...’

Reader: “No Jim, most are hunkering down at parents or relatives, fixing up a little traditional dinner and Xmas gifts for the kids just to pretend there is still something.”

k: ‘Still lying to themselves just as they always have! They just won't face the truth, even after it’s totally obvious that they were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG - on each and every front - and now they're fucked and for them there is no where to turn.

Reader: “50 years since Kennedy, ya got to ask yourself? Did anything ever get better or go right”?

k: ‘No - HELL NO - because nothing ever "gets better" unless people sweat a little for that improvement - and after Kennedy we embraced "It's over". We quit doing anything, cause "I don't want to know, we've lost and it's over because Jack's dead!"

Of course things went down hill - FAST - because it was free-lunch-time in the global-corporate board rooms where they laid their plans and began digging the foundations: THEY weren't waiting for someone else to do anything - Hell NO they insisted on doing everything themselves and WE LET THEM DO WHATEVER THEY WANTED TO DO then, which is why things are total-shit today!’ And today’s the 50th anniversary of JFK’s murder- not a coincidence I’m certain!

Reader: “Well under the Protocols, never a tiny inch is ever given back, a constant ratcheting tighter and tighter, like the West Bank.”

k: ‘All we have to do is start going after every prominent Jew out there and amazingly the tide would turn the other way - in a New-York second! But Amerikans are totally GUTLESS, which they insist on proving each and every day...’

2008: This is from C.S. Lewis and is the perfect answer to

For Your Eyes Only” in which Regina Dugan of DARPA ‘sells us’ on the perfect union between humans and machines. (1)

Press a switch and turn nature on and off ­ consider the improvements. No feathers dropped about, no eggs, no leaves ­ no dirt. …like abolishing most or all of organic life?

And why not? It’s simple hygiene. If you pick some rotten fruit and find all this organic life crawling all over it ­ do you not say ­ that’s disgusting, no you cast it aside.

Are you not especially hostile to any organic life except your own? Rather than permit it, you have already invented the daily bath. And what do you call dirty-dirt? Is it not precisely that which is organic? Minerals are clean dirt ­ the real dirt is what comes from organisms ­ sweat, spit and excrement. Is not your whole idea of purity one huge example? The impure and the organic are interchangeable conceptions. But are we not afterall ­ organism’s ourselves?

Granted in us organic life has produced Mind. It has done its work, we want no more of it. We no longer want a world furred over with organic life ­ what you call the blue-world.

All that sprouting and budding and breeding and decaying ­ we must get rid of it. Little by little of course. (Except in the case of Regina’s tattooed super-power that allows us all to be forever tracked monitored and authenticated everywhere we go (1) Teach the brain to live with less and less body: Learn to build our bodies directly with chemicals ­ no longer do we need to stuff our bodies with dead-animals and weeds ­ we shall learn how to reproduce without copulation.

That wouldn’t be much fun, but fun has already been separated from fertility. How many of us are now frigid or sterile? You see even nature begins to throw away anachronisms.

When nature has finally thrown it all away ­ then real civilization can begin. You would understand if you were a peasant. What peasant wants to work with stallions and bulls—we much prefer geldings and oxen. (Just like the New World Order prefers herd animals to humans). There will never be peace and order and discipline ­ so long as there is sex. When we (they) have finally thrown even that away ­ then we will finally become governable.” (k - And not-before!)

Something we were withholding made us weak

Until we found out it was ourselves”

Robert Frost

If we don’t fix these problems now - this is what will happen

To the Citadel that began this article.

La Mer

1) For Your Eyes Only



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