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The Citadel Of Broken Dreams

By Jim Kirwan


The results of where we are today began with the cold-blooded murder of JFK in 1963 ­ that launched my entry into this war. Nine years on, America's work force had their wages frozen, and their dreams denied for the first time in US history, by the Committee of 300 in 1972. By the late 1970's with the rise of Reagan the people of the United States lost control of all their publicly owned institutions that Reagan privatized ­ which quietly ended any say by the public over the components of their lives; from energy, to security, to electoral power all of which was publicly removed from the people and given directly to the Deep State as evidenced by the end of Political Parties and the quiet celebration of the end of the U.S. Constitution. Reagan's mantra at the time was to celebrate his version of “Amerika” as The Shining City on the Hill”, that's the Citadel, shown above in 1979 ­ 16 years into the war that tens of thousands of us had been fighting since the number of public assassinations, that began with Kennedy.

Reagan's City on the Hill was actually the empty castle above with no benefits to anyone that had to work. But the lies that were overlooked came in the form of the global-human-population that had been turned-to-stone by the weight of the illicit and gargantuan profits being amassed worldwide at the expense of the siege being waged ­ against the world.

Meanwhile American workers have now endured 45 years

without a pay raise!

Those of us who saw what was happening then; are still represented by the iconoclastic fire-breathing dragon that's trying to awaken the comatose giants' that we once were: Before we stopped Questioning-Everything that the Deep State was continuing to use against everyone, that was about to be slaughtered. Reagan's privatized and tyrannical presidency was responsible for all that flowed from everything that his 'so-called presidency' inaugurated into what became Amerikan-life.

Reagan-Bush brought us Arms for Hostages and 444 days of captivity for Americans captured in Iran, to insure the election of two of the worst criminals in US history who went on to bring us Death-Squads, and international drug smuggling - embedded in political corruption that saw the rise of the training of terrorist military officers, at “The School of the America's” ­ inside the USA ­ to prosecute our illegal-wars against central and South America. All of that then went on to end up creating privatized military contractors for the wars in the Middle-East and beyond ­ and all of that came directly from Ronnie-Bush that began in their crime-spree in the 1980's.

The other monstrous crime that's still with us: Are the totally illegal policies which the Reagan-Administration began - when Ronnie decided to eliminate the southern US border to favor his friends with cheap, and illegal labor, that continues to this day. This has been going on since Reagan spit on US Immigration laws that's given the US well over 80 million illegals since he decided to grant his friends the “favor” of eliminating US immigration laws. Something Trump never mentions, whenever he talks about “his wall.”

In the thirty-seven years that followed from Reagan's Treason's and his Lies ­ the world has still only watched while the USA has been turned inside-out into the embodiment of global criminality that now sees a siege-obsessed entitlement-based broken-place with tens of thousands of US troops, and heavy armaments stationed all over the world: NO QUESTIONS ASKED - on over a thousand bases since the end of WWII.

Yesterday Trump made a perfect ass, out of himself, by issuing this clearly insane demand for Russia to give Crimea back to Ukraine...

Trump expects Russia to ‘return Crimea' ­ White House

Trump also reversed himself on NATO, by sending more US troops and tanks and heavy equipment to the borders of Russia ­ instead of getting rid of NATO as the totally useless and obsolete non-organization, that it's always been.

What happened to “pulling out of the UN” as promised?

Trump's administration is only 27 days old, and already he's torched way too many promises and reversed himself on so many other “promises” that he's becoming a global joke ­ instead of the man who was going to bring America back from the edge of global-insanity ­ he's becoming the gold-plated president that can't figure out what the hell he should do about anything he supposedly promised so clearly?

His administration has made much about the 600 creatures that he “must appoint” to keep this government functioning ­ when the truth is most of those 600 creatures are totally useless to a viable nation—what they are, are the lackeys of the Deep State that were never needed in the first place.

DHS” the single largest US “AGENCY” is unconstitutional and should have been immediately dissolved, if Trump was serious about the Swamp: Since the facts behind 911 are now known world wide. All of that is nothing more than the continuance of events that began with Ruby-Ridge, then Waco, followed by Oklahoma City and the first attack on 911: Which was eventually followed by the Israeli-Saudi Attack on 9,11, 2001 ­ which sealed the Deep State Treason. Then in 2013 all pretenses to the Constitution or a lawful government were dropped.

Pelosi Backs Obama on Secret Execution of Americans without trial

We are now living amid many contrasting lies as seen between the very different worlds' in this 'Dream of Euripides”. In the surrounding rings around and through the circle are shown 365 creatures dressed in rags, one person for every day in every year. And since Euripides the survival of the human race has only gotten worse.

The larger circle is about the obscenities of the physical life:

While the smaller circle shows the opposite future's that wait for most.

We must come together to reawaken the somnambulent giants that we once were ­
and again become those determined individuals that will

take back our futures and out lives, while ending the lawless

nightmare that we've allowed to take everything from us.