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The Citadel of Broken Dreams


By Jim Kirwan


The Citadel © Kirwan,1978

The natural & universal Laws that built

the long dead castles of the mind, are themselves now dead.

Humanity itself has been turned to stone by the weight of all the lies that continue to emanate from the empty castles of our wasted lives:

See the human underneath the castle.

While the dragon of rebellion still tries to wake the sleeping giant:

Can the passion for courage ever be awakened again.

Everything that humanity, creativity and vision built, over the last 5,000 years is being obliterated now: Bombed back into the Stone Age of global nightmares, that are being driven by criminality, greed and savage-brutality on every front.

Even the will-to-survive has been raped and tortured into near-total submission, to the carnage that's spreading like the plague, from so many places that were once nations: Before REGIME-CHANGE became the only policy behind everything we do, this world was a very different kind of place. But there's no longer any law to protect most people from the Barbarians that have taken over the 'institutions' and “the nations” of most of this mortally wounded earth.

All the laws that once pretended to control our vices and our treason's

are mostly being banished from the earth: They've

been replaced by public-rapes, persecutions, perversions,be-headings, torture and destitution without surcease.

The petrified human above was once part of the human foundations upon which hundreds of civilizations were built. Now everything speaks to empty citadel's that have been deserted even by the Global-Outlaws, who long ago abandoned all reason or sanity which they might have had; before they surrendered to their gluttonous rage, to own and consume humanity and the universe ­ forever.

People have lost the right to physically defend themselves from those that come to kill us every day and night. The EU and U.S. Inc have both decided to forswear ownership of any real weapons, while at the same time the governments of both the EU and America are still trying to sell their respective 'public's on the idea that they must first disarm, and then the rape, pillage and plundering that's just getting started will magically disappear because these self-appointed-criminals seek to pass a lot of paper laws, that have never yet stopped even one bullet: But in every place that Americans have created “Gun-Free-Zones” the public has been treated to FREE-FIRE-ZONES, because the outlaws know they won't have to worry about being resisted in any meaningful way.

But the politicians still retain their massive body-guards that are armed to the teeth, while the public they preach to, will remain defenseless if the Dictator in the Oval Office can get what he wants to do to America completed.

Once upon a time America had real men and real women living here. Today that's mostly all changed, because America has almost surrendered to Political-Correctness. We have feminized the 'men' and twisted the women into lesbians: Hell the whole country thinks that we've somehow all become card-carrying members of the LGBTQ club.

We have a fake-president who cries like a baby over “murders” that he claims happened because guns' were out-of-control - when the facts are clearly otherwise. If you haven't seen it already you need to see exactly how criminal Obama truly is: Before the public organizes a lynching party for him, after he's been given a very public trial for treason.

This is what's wrong with America and it's definitely NOT the Second Amendment to the US Constitution.

Please watch both videos.


The Truth is Rising

In one of the links above Obama's use of NGO's to trick his way into Harvard Law, is revealed. This was the same deception that he's been using for the last five years to introduce 680,000 Green Cards. “Over the next five years America can expect to issue more Green Cards to immigrants from Muslim-majority nations than the population of Washington D.C.” And because of his illegal use of NGO's no one will ever be able to find these immigrants, until they find and kill us for Jihad.

Beginning at 2min into the video

Still Report #462: US now taking 100,000 refugees per year

Dreams From My Real Father

And as far as Trump has been able to go in his 'conversations with the American people', the topics he's bringing up, like the right to carry weapons are linked back to everything that Obama did in Obama's Communist-Socialist takeover here, which necessitates the total disarmament of the American public. In this video with Trump Jr.

My father is saying things that need to be said:


The real problems that we all must face now stems directly from “Denying Reality” on virtually every problem that everyone is facing now. And when the subject of 'guns' comes up the public seems to forget that the cops in the US now have killed more than a hundred people a month with their weapons, that's over 1200 dead Americans, in 2015, because the cops are armed and the people are not.

What this means is that basically there is 'no plan' to protect the public from rogue governments: Yet now, despite the bloodbath that is still occurring in every gun-free-zone in the US, Obama is still crying crocodile tears for the supposedly innocent people killed 'by guns' ­ in events where there were no deaths, because the whole story was just another false flag event to serve the White House version of events about “mass shootings' in the US.

If people knew and understood just how evil Obama and his communist CZAR's have been for the entire time he's been in office—none of this could still be happening!

In case anyone might be wondering

about what we have to look forward to:

If we don't begin to follow the awakening-dragon in the image above,

Then you'll be thrilled to discover that this planet will soon be going

back to that time before we started to record 'the time'

that we have recorded history for.

Of course there might be a few that will survive

to see any of these surreal events,

But if you've been following what we now know about these human failures,

Then you already know this kind of destruction has already happened

to this planet several times before, because most people usually fail

to pay attention to the global-events that can end

not just their lives but the entire human race.

Think about it!



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