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San Francisco An Occupied City

By Jim Kirwan


If Americans were to open their eyes, especially here in San Francisco, what would they see?

First of all they would have to notice that all the publications printed here are fake-news organs filled with nothing but lies. The next thing that becomes immediately evident is the unlimited building boom that is adding thousands of postage stamp “luxury”apartments 12 to 15 stories high to what used to be a city of flourishing small-businesses that have been murdered, to accommodate the commercial-corporate parasites that now own the airwaves and the government in the communist USSA.

The current leaders in “business” in the city are the mandated LBGTQ population that's employed by Twitter, Google and Facebook ­ most of whom are trying to live here, as they split their time between Silly-con Valley and the City of San Francisco. Currently they commute (free on publicly owned buses) so that the precious little ones aren't subjected to any of the hellish traffic snarls between San Jose and the city ­ so that they can arrive at work refreshed by the public's forced-contributions that adds up to thousands of dollars in private transportation each and every day. Communism at its finest!

The evidence of these tasteless, mindless children in the hordes of their numbers can easily be seen as they drift from place to place in the city, in packs. Regardless of their racial or sexual make-up which can be subdivided into as many as over twenty different sexual-preferences, complicated even further by the new requirements of ageism, sexism, and their new demand to crush any culture that recognizes people as having any real rights of their own ­ anywhere on this earth, not just in San Francisco.



All the politicians here are criminals, just as all the once “civic” committees and functions are now owned by the LGBTQ crowd ­ anyone not paying attention to their every whim will be ostracized or punished for the simple-crime of being.

A sub-text beneath the new Communist-California, can be seen in the City and the State attempt to defend the illegal-population from all U.S. Laws, against murder, rape, immigration laws or indeed any of the other laws that the City considers to be biased against the illegal-trash that have invaded the city & the state, while stealing our jobs, our benefits, our homes and our rights as American Citizens ­ just to make possible the totally illegal status claim of “Sanctuary Cities”.

BTW: Most of this was begun here by another Black politician ­ one Willie Brown, our own version of Obama: Back in the 1990's, when he was in-charge managed to evict over 70% of the black population in the city ­ along with the entire black business district which he leveled and that included fantastic jazz clubs of renown. But because Willie was black and deeply connected to the Clinton Machine behind the scenes, nothing was done to stop that.

After Willie became Mayor he engineered the theft of the Free Public Library, which he gave to the Chinese ­ while he oversaw the creation of a total fiasco that became the new Public Library of San Francisco ­ except that this time he ran into RESISTANCE for at least four years, that cost AT&T , Willy and the City millions to defend against. Eventually we of course ran out of money and the public tired of the never-ending battles ­ so the San Francisco Public had their new $36 million dollar library stolen but not without a fight!

The Plunder of the San Francisco Public Library

Willy Brown, Feinstein and Pelosi murdered San Francisco,

the city that was once known as

The Barbary Coast”

Those freedoms have put an end,

to one of the freest and most lovable cities in the world.

And it's been replaced by one of the most paranoid

and censored hell-holes in captured-amerika.

This was the price this city paid for failing to pay any attention to the lies

and the corruption on every side of life in this city.

And this is coming to every other city

that fails to reject the Muslim Invasions, or any continuance of the crimes that have been running this place now for over fifty years.

Here they are, naked and blatant, for all the world to see and fear

Left to Right: Conquest, WAR, Pestilence & Death

It's interesting that with the new-censorship no American

is allowed to even mention, much less discuss, what's killing every part of the world of today.

But the BACKLASH that's coming will not-so-quietly, but soon begin to tear the heads off these traitors, before they can finish their crimes

against the world along with you and I.


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