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Trump To Allow Christian Refugees In?

By Patricia Doyle PhD

I am a bit skeptical about Trump allowing Christian refugees to still come in from these countries like Somalia, Sudan and Syria, etc. How are we going to PROVE these refugees are Christian?  Will they have baptismal papers?  The refugee can always say that his papers were lost and taken by Muslims.  It is incredibly asy to forge and fake them as well.  How do we know that ISIS terrorists won't be able to fool the good-hearted interrogator and claim to be Christian?  We DON'T.   Some Muslims may even have been Christians who converted to Islam.  Same for Sudan and Somalia or Syria for that matter.  Once they get inside the US they can easily go underground and disappear.

Mum is also the word on muslim diseases.  I want to hear that anyone with a communicable disease like AIDS, all types of TB, Leprosy, Leishmaniasis, Cholera, HAV, HCV, HEV and other diseases will be banned from entry.  Those with treatable diseases must return home or stay in home country and get cured there before applying to come to the US.

Germany now has an outbreak of HAV due to refugees.  France has HEV due to refugees.  England has Scarlet Fever due to refugees and so on.   Trump needs to have more transparency regarding the flights of the Ebola plane and other CDC planes.  WE need to know where the plane goes, and who is in it and what diseases are being brought into the US.  Mum's the word on the CDC BSL 4 Ebola plane.

Americans should not have to pay for the medical treatment of refugees and immigrants.  I would have liked to hear that Trump would reopen Ellis Island.   Ellis Island was good enough for our parents, grand parents and aunts and uncles, so why not open it again and have medical personnel ready to test the new immigrants?   For those who hide papers and refuse to give origin making it impossible for us to deport them, then open up Guantanamo and incarcerate them until they are willing to give their information and go home.

Anyone seeking asylum or immigration must be honest with their adoptive country or they must be deported.  If an immigrant refuses to give their place of origin, then the new host country has a right, a legal right and obligation to keep the immigrant separated from the population.  We are within our rights.   Ellis Island and Guantanamo are two places that we should be able to use for immigrants.




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