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"The Chosen Ones"

By Jim Kirwan


Conquest, War, Famine & Death”

These are their gods.

That’s why all our choices are false,

Because no matter which of these you choose, it’s wrong!

We know now that the global-affliction which has cursed this

world for over 2,000 years comes directly from the Judeo-Christian Ethic. This is the “code” that declared WAR upon Nature & Women and these concepts are making WAR upon the world today. They’ve been inflicting these images on us since the beginning and its way past time that we face the facts and ‘out’ the imposters that are hiding in plain-site throughout this nation and the world…

This ideology goes against everything which seven-eighths of the world’s population believed in at the time when this hideously evil-concept was introduced to the planet. That was during the time of the Old-Testament and it’s only grown more terrible since the day it became the unwritten law for all mankind.

The majority of men that live today, according to this code from that ancient time, created the circumstances which Israel stands for today. Every person on the planet came from a woman, how then can it be ‘natural’ or right to “Declare War on Women”?

Nature gave humanity all the wonder and the greatness of the planet: Our food the clean and vibrant health of the earth the water and air ­ which these savages have decided to murder in every way imaginable:

Because “Nature” and Women must be “Conquered”!

Conquest, War, Famine & Death represent their idea of the beginning and the end of all life on the planet—and that’s wrong! This blatant-lie stands against what seven-eighths of the global population believed-in at the time. It’s also why today’s imitation-Jews want to eliminate the bulk of the planet—because they know IF overwhelming numbers in the population today actually understand the truth behind this false imperative—then Israel will be revealed for what it is and that realization will require the absolute abolishment of Israel and their imitation-powers forever.

While the message delivered by the whole image is one of an overwhelming power and darkness that dwarfs the blood red sun, the keys are there within the images to their very real demise and can be clearly seen in the details. That’s why I painted this seven foot circle, so the world could see the lies that are killing us.

CONQUEST - His upper body is armored in gold & silver but in his left armpit the symbol of chaos is born. His right shoulder guard is feminine and in the corrosion of the left guard rests the masculine. The stone glove that carries the flag brings a volcano in mid-eruption. The massive armor seems impressive but it's too heavy and too thick to allow to the figure to exercise its full potential, in fact he cannot bend the arm that holds the bow, and his grip upon symbolic power prevents him from using the bow for anything but show.

On his chest are the Seven Seals of Saint John, the breaking of the first-four of which is what 'Revelations' says; has created these other-worldly visions. On his saddle horn sits Golem, wrapped around the fragile-blue world that it intends to destroy. Further down, his thighs have turned to stone, and on his shin guard the Phoenix has awakened. His hob-nailed boots cannot contain the secret that they tried to hide ­ because his 'feet-of-clay' are beginning to explode.

WAR - His shield is decomposing from the heat of the destruction of the Burning Flag of All Nations. As in life, this invalid shield is being dissolved from the bottom up. At the center of his shield is the all too human-pawn of war, composed of back-to-back humans. The hilt of his weapon is made from the severed head of an Eagle. But the key to his destruction lies in the three clenched fists that forever-blaze atop his helmet and represent the chaos that always fights itself, that War always hurls among all nations.

FAMINE - Sometimes called Pestilence and frequently stands for plagues of all kinds. His success will guarantee his failure, just as soon as we allow him to end the race of human-beings altogether. The staving children cling to him. His scale of balance hangs from the double-ended serpent on which money outweighs food and therein lies the ugliest of truths’ for the world today.

DEATH - This figure has always been a major part of Life. His cloak is held by a golden sundial that indicates the value that his presence lends to Time. A pair of Egyptian Funeral Vultures decorate his breast-plate, and his shin guard carries a totem image of Ancient Egypt's Four-Most-Important things.

On his saddle-horn the red-head tries valiantly to stop the passage of time, to no avail. His upturned boot reveals the hated blade that comes with violent endings.

The face-plate for his horse is made directly from the skull of his trans- parent mount, but Death's presence is constant in all that everyone must undergo so there will always be a physical end to everything that humans undertake, including all of Cheney's WARS!

This literal image from the Christian Bible ends up telling us far more than many want to see. But in the end humanity will have to deal with 'Conquest' 'War' & 'Famine' before 'Death' comes to take everyone to another realm.” (1)

Above is another form of Death that speaks of other truths.

What Americans fail to understand is that Ashkenazi Jews and the global-outlaws of the world have hidden themselves well, in order to insert themselves throughout this society - to end the United States and feed us all to their particular lusts which the Four Horsemen still represent today.

This is NOT about religion: This is about an ideology so evil that it had to conceal itself in cloaks of many colors in many nations to escape discovery, until they could be as falsely-powerful as they have become today.

See the link below the following article for 6 ways to end it!

The Jews Cry ‘They are Endangered’

And they are because we’re about to see them for who they are!

WHILE JEWS ARE TRAMPLING America under their feet, they’re actually crying ‘victim’ while our country bleeds.

Like the old Slavic proverb which crops up every so often, the Jew screams for mercy as he is beating you to a pulp.

With the nerve that only Jews can muster, Jeffrey Goldberg (Washington Post), David Remnick (New Yorker), and Ari Shavit, (Haaretz), told Charlie Rose that Jews are “endangered” here in America.

Shavit vomited out the ‘victim cry’ while his synagogue buddies concurred:

Jews are endangered in America. Their future is not guaranteed. But if we look that challenge in the eye and work together, we will not only survive but thrive.” View Entire Story Here & Here.

On the contrary, Jews today are not only surviving…they’re thriving…while the Goyim are out of work or living off paychecks that buy less and less each day.

Somehow, Jews don’t suffer during an economic downturn. They put their money in foreign assets while the US economy hits the skids.

Do Jews care about the host countries they prosper in?

Jews only care about “what’s good for the Jews” and to hell with everybody else.

This is shown by Netanyahu’s censure of the Iran-US nuclear deal just concluded in Geneva. While welcomed in capitals throughout the world, Bibzy decried the agreement as an “historic mistake” not binding on Israel.

In Talmudic parlance it means: ‘To hell with peace, only war is good for the Jews!’


THE ‘ENDANGERED’ JEW scam relies on the 120-year-old premise of Zionism.

Jews, so the argument goes, are never secure living among ‘anti-Semitic’ Gentiles who can at any moment turn against them (of course, without cause!) and thus they need a “safe haven” in Israel.

Why then aren’t Jews rushing to live in Israel if they’re so “endangered” in America?

Is it because they have their lox and bagels here in Jewmerica and eating them too while the Gentiles are living off food stamps?”

Is it because of their monolithic political and cultural power via money and media that only by crying ‘victim’ can they keep their crimes hidden from the gullible Goys?

And why do Jews continually fear an ‘anti-Semitic’ backlash?

Is it because they know that once their destructive influence—such as the Jewish-led and funded ACLU litigating against Christmas; Goldman Sachs’ offshoring of US jobs; and the ADL’s promotion of homosexuality in our public schools—is found out, then the Gentiles will justifiably turn against them?

And how are we to sympathize with the plight of “endangered” Jews when names like Bloomberg, Adelson, Soros, Feinstein, ad nauseum, are raking in the dough?

To be sure, a whopping 48 percent of US billionaires are Jews.

Jews are certainly NOT “endangered” in America. It’s the Gentiles who are the true victims due to Jewish encroachment, degradation, power, and control.

Once the cat’s out of the bag then the rats will run to Israel.

But until then, the rats are eating away at our country’s heart, liver, and lungs.

They MUST be put out of power NOW! See my PLAN below…

For More See: 6 Point Plan To Stop Jewish Rule Click Here(2)

1) Addendum to Again & Again 2008

The Image can be enlarged by clicking on it.

2) The Jews Cry “We’re Endangered”



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