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There Have Always Been Choices


By Jim Kirwan


The Question is how have each of us chosen to deal with them?

What’s left of this country was determined by two major decisions that were both taken by creatures outside this government. Roosevelt decided to give away the lives of about 3,000 casualties during the contrived Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That bit of treachery allowed the USA to join in the Second World War, by design.

The second major act of political and military treason was done on 911 by Israel and the unofficial committee for a New American Century who killed almost 3,000 people on 9-11-2001. That attack was supposed to have started WWIII, fifteen years ago—but the traitors have failed throughout the entire fifteen years, despite the hundreds of thousands of provocations which these foreign-forces have continuously used to try to force the public into an open and blatant resistance against a fake government.

Some of these ‘actions’ have included setting up the TSA, and the phony DHS in order to allow government thugs and perverts to fondle the genitals of children and loved-ones, just to board an aircraft from publicly maintained airports: Or to stop and search people without warrants or reason anywhere in Amerika, at gunpoint. All of this despite the fact that for the last fifteen years there has never been a single attempt to hijack another American aircraft, since 911: Except of course for the fake instances created and paid for by the FBI, CIA and others to try and convince the public that “the Threat of Fake-Terrorism is Real which has always been nothing but more government lies.

The same response goes for the fact that American has not been attacked at any time since 911 by any foreign forces.

Despite the damning lack of evidence this illegal practice has continued to this day, having given Michael Chertoff millions upon millions for the backscatter scanners he created when he was in charge of the “screening of passengers” at TSA. That’s the same Michael Chertoff who was responsible for releasing 200 Israeli spies who participated in the 911 attacks. Chertoff had them sent back to Israel without any charges against them ever being filed.

Overwhelming Evidence that 9/11 was an Inside Job, Who did it and Why - Ken O'Keefe

And what has the Amerikan public chosen to do about any of that?

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing!

Beyond these blatant acts the government has been trying to create pandemic diseases of sufficient scale to cause worldwide havoc. In this they have failed over and over and over again. Which is why these same outlaws have decided to make vaccinations mandatory for the entire nation.

Their thinking is that since they can’t kill enough people the way they’ve been going about it ­ but if they throw enough different killer diseases into a fake medical cocktail, then maybe their deadly-result will succeed where they have only failed to this point. They began this crime with newborn infants and children, from the hospitals and into the schoolrooms across the nation and now they have decided to vaccinate everyone in order to do what they couldn’t do with their fake medical-programs to date.

And what has the Amerikan public chosen to do about any of this?

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing!

Since at least 2005 the government has been blatantly torturing, raping and murdering Americans, by cop, turning 911 into a mechanism to murder those who dare to call police for help; in order to force demonstrators to go further into the violence that this fake government seeks - so that we can be slaughtered like animals waiting for the slaughterhouse ­ but this has not worked either: Hence the introduction of Jade-Helms to “Master the Human Domain”.

And what have Amerikans decided to do about this semi-invisible threat?

To Date: Nothing, Absolutely Nothing…

The public may not like the choices they’ve been “given” but regardless of this ‘problem’ we must individually chose to act if we want to continue to live. The “police” have never been responsible for “protecting” anyone. And as if to compound that problem police departments across the nation have outlawed the phase: “To Protect & Serve”, just as they have quietly stopped issuing the Miranda Warning to those they have supposedly arrested ­ most of those ‘instances’ have been nothing but blatant physical assaults by the illegal police against unarmed and innocent Americans.

In a few of those cases enough evidence was collected to mount lawsuits against the police and the places where these crimes took place ­ but the on-the-ground resistance has yet to develop: To physically challenge and put down the police actions, before these bogus arrests can take place.

This resistance must come about immediately because what is at issue now is not just your property rights, your bank accounts, or free speech ­ it’s your life and the lives of those you live that is now threatened.

Some people are determined to resist to the death over the illegal seizures of their land or property, some will defend their children’s lives, others will choose to fight to the death for their religious or spiritual beliefs ­ but the one thing that remains crystal clear: Is that if you are not willing to defend your freedoms then they will vanish from your life.

This is what the real choices have always been about ­ and whether you like this or not, the only way you can retain your life or your values, is to defend them whenever and wherever they are threatened…

This means that we have to start now, because we are out of time!


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