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Chinese Protest Xi Jinping Extending Rule To 2023

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Here is a statement from many of China's leading human rights leaders about abolishing the limits on the Chinese President's terms...

An Emergency Statement on the CCP's Abolishment of the Chairman's Term Limit

The Chinese Communist Party Central Committee is about to submit a constitution revision proposal to the National People's Congress, in which it proposed to abolish the term limit for China's head of state, the chairman. In our opinion, this proposal set the foundation of restoring lifelong service of the leadership. In China's future, there will be an emperor without the emperor's title, there will be monarchy without monarchical institution. This is the reverse of history. This is serious trample on China's democracy and rule of law, and it is a statement of no to the reforms China had achieved in the past forty years. As concerned Chinese citizens, we have to stand up to express our opinion of objection to the revision proposal.

The history of humanity, especially China's political disaster of the past thousands of years, has proven that the dictatorship, no matter what the motive is, would eventually fallen into tyranny which brings only disasters to the people. In the way of finding solution to such disaster, the human society gradually developed the thoughts of constitutionalism and democratic governance, and such thoughts had proven to be working in numerous countries. The Chinese nation had struggled for the same thing over the past one hundred years. However, Xi Jinping's action of crowning himself as the lifetime head of state, will bring all the work the people had done into banishment.

Basing on above reasons, we strongly oppose Xi Jinping's attempt. We also call for all the Chinese people who oppose the restoration of the CCP's dictating power to stand up in this critical historical juncture by signing joint statement or other practical means to express the strongest voice of opposition. Even if we cannot stop the CCP's reverse course, at least, we shall not stay silent. After all, this country is our country, and we cannot let a few people's ambition to bring our country into a dark abyss.

We call for the overseas Chinese people to use various means to oppose Xi's attempt. This could be an opportunity to establish constitutionalism and the democratic form of governance. This calling is only for China's democracy and peace, the Chinese people's happiness and freedom, and the Chinese society's justice.

It's time for the conscience Chinese people to express their opinion.

Wang dan
Yan Jiaqi
Wang Juntao
Wuer Kaixi
Hu Ping
Su Xiaokang
Wang Chaohua
Chen Kuide
Xiang Xiaoji
Li Hengqing
Zhang Weiguo