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China Envoy's Death In Israel,
Mink COV, Leeching Clots - Part 24

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

News flash: Once again, you've read it here first, months earlier and miles ahead of the media pack, about COV testing in badgers from the Mustalidae biological family by DHS-NIH funded COVID biowarfare program in Bristol, England. Recent news reports from the Netherlands, just across the English Channel, are disclosing that COV-tests are being done at mink-raising operations after 2 workers were infected with coronavirus from their furry captives, which also happen to belong to the Mustelidae family, which shares 99.8 percent of the gene structure of Beta type coronavirus with humans.

In Parts 18 and 21 of this series, I showed how the 2013 ban on Gain of Function (GOF) research throughout the USA, forced the Obama team to contract with overseas labs for research to increase the toxicity of viruses, the only plausible purposes of which is biological weapons production. Tony Fauci of NIH and Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security, provided funding to foreign labs to conduct their black-ops research directly related to COVID bio-engineering, in badgers at the University of Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.

Within four years of that transferred research, apparently during field-testing on badger families in rural areas, COVID escaped into wildlife and the human population of southwest England and, from the looks of things now, infected captive mink reared for fur stoles and coats with coronavirus.

The bat theory, discredited by this series, is based on a mere 80s-range percentile resemblance with the human infectious SARS-COV strain, too distant to be in the same league. The hue and cry over that Wuhan lab ended with the farcical discovery that USAID was the main funder of bat research in China. The disinfo teams at Falun Gong's Epoch Times and the Bulgarian Umbrella spooks at ZeroHedge should be on the receiving end of a scientific fatwa. Aya-toll-ya so, psshah!

So let's focus the evil eye on how COVID crossed between species and over the Channel from the UK into Dutch mink cages. The logical route began in Gloucestershire with nighttime visits by infected badgers sneaking underneath mink pens to forage for spilled kibble, one of their favorite midnight snacks thanks to English rural folk who give those cute critters treats as good a stray cats receive.

Since the 1980s, Brit animal-rights groups campaigned for a ban on mink rearing, which prompted mink raisers across the UK to quit the fur trade. British mink farms had supplied 60 percent of the European trade (not counting Russia) from 700 ranches during its height in the 1970s. The mink-raising prohibition act of 2000 began the process of closing mink operations, but permitted English growers to wind down operations while disposing of stock. As of 2018, there were still the last seven mink farms in operation, albeit near the end of their supply. Most of the British parent stock has been sold off annually to Dutch mink-raisers, as well as to those in other European countries, but now it appears that COVID-infections came along with the mink transfers.

There are no mink indigenous indigenous to the British Isles; all the local fur trade was in American mink (Neovison vison species). Thousands of minks were freed from cages by animal-rights activists, unfortunately expanding the spread of COVID from the Bristol lab. By winter 2017-18, a flu contagion, supposedly the Japanese Type B influenza (an orthomixovirus), gripped Britain, killing 400,000 people, or three times a normal year's flu toll. The lack of evidence of any lab evidence of this flu type, which superficially resembles coronavirus, probably indicated a cover-up of coronavirus being spread by English badgers (Meles meles) infected during the U. Bristol research.

The British origin of completed COVID augmented with HIV and TB splices is a reason for my insisting that politically motivated elements in Britain, along with allies Japan and Israel, had cooperated on the October bio-warfare attack on the CISM World Military Games held in Wuhan. The exact nature and motive of that joint operations directorate and terrorists or criminal elements on the ground remain a mystery, along with state-level sponsorship for the biowar incident. None of those suspect states has shown any willingness to investigate, which tends to incriminate their intelligence agencies and political elites.

The reluctance to launch a thorough investigation of the DHS-NIH project at Bristol University is itself a war crime, in that biowarfare researchers funded by the Obama administration deliberately infected English badgers, which have since become a reservoir species for COVID, spreading the infection to mink and likely other Mustelidae species, for instance, ferrets used in animal lab research. The animal reservoir provides a means for COVID to survive longer than in the human population, prolonging the contagion. Basically Britain and parts of Europe will suffer depopulation, and all I can say is that let's hope the Rothschild suffer agonizing pain before being brought to justice by a more egalitarian British society, that refuses to be massacred again with lab-created genocidal diseases for the benefit of the globalist upper-class.

So the discovery of COV in Dutch mink is piling on evidence that the bio-engineering of COVID was completed in the UK. With proof in hand, the investigation can be taken over by Inspector Clouseau, who tell us, "Eat ease la mean keys fir sea tolls data hour soothes specks end tease caves knee all salted, Voila! Sergeant, cough damn!"

Translator from intercepts office, GCHQ-Scotland Yard: "It's the, oh my, it's indeterminable, possibly Mini-me or The Monkeys? Milton Keynes? Fierce dolls? First atolls? That are suspects in this case. Strip-tease? Officer … Golf dumb? Perhaps French mispronunciation of American slang but any similar vernacular terms not found in the Oxford Dictionary. Good God, save us from the frogs!"

[Decrypted message from Agent Hercule Poirot, Brussels-Antwerp. "It is the mink fur stoles that are suspects in this case, now solved! Sgt., cuff them! ]

Pharmaco Mafias

My plans for Part 24 were scrambled by a couple of odd news events. These recently surfaced topics include the mysterious death of the new Chinese ambassador in Tel Aviv immediately after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to Israel, which is examined here along with a look at the envoy's ties to a massive blood serum investment in Ukraine, which is emerging as a rival contender against Russia for the leading role in the One Belt and Road project (OBOR) linking China and Europe.

Another intrigue is a questionable federal grant for a Moderna vaccine for COVID, with insider connections with former Eli Lilly executives. Lilly, if you recall from the previous essay, produced LSD for the CIA's MK-ULTRA program.

Here also let's examine a look at the sudden-death phenom troubling doctors, hopeful therapies for the perplexing condition, and a prognosis for a second wave of COV infections in the late autumn flu season.

Ambassador Down in Tel Aviv

GMO Tilapia, the delivery system for the COVID biowar attack on the CISM World Military Games at Wuhan, was gene-edited in Israel, a point to keep in mind here. Israel has reasons for its official silence. The new Chinese ambassador to Tel Aviv died just 3 days after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to pressure the Israelis to drastically reduce their tech and economic cooperation with China, starting with the bilateral agreement to upgrade the port of Haifa.

The first stunned reaction among the diplomatic and foreign intel community to the death of envoy Du Wei, was that the CIA, led by Pompeo until June 2018, assassinated the Chinese ambassador. Immediately after the Israeli police investigators visited the official residence, Beijing ordered shipment of the body on a flight to China, while reporting before an autopsy could be done that the Du had died of heart failure due natural causes.

What's not being said on either side indicates a clandestine war is on, with the Israelis caught in the middle, along with Europe and most of the world. First impressions do matter, whether or not Pompeo is guilty of premeditated murder, which I seriously doubt in this phony charade.

As I mentioned in Part 22, a Secretary of State's responsibility is to manage the image of America in international relationships, by exemplifying the values of ethics, fairness, good will, charity and most of all personal integrity. Americans are basically decent and friendly optimists, who complain when not boasting about their latest discovery. Based on this national character, the worst flaw in an American diplomat on the job is to fail at deception. "Don't worry, buddy, we're on your side, it's just a minor hiccup." Never mind that we just dumped fatally bad booze onto their neighborhood market; it's got to go somewhere.

When a smile won't do the trick, a gentlemanly appearance is the key to deceit. "Oh, how terrible, I had no idea things are that bad, but we really want to help, I'll do what I can." That usually works in a crisis. The obsessive mad-woman Hillary Clinton could not get away with her crappy lies, as shown in her reaction to her murderous betrayal of an American ambassador in Benghazi. Pompeo doesn't even bother to try to give a lame excuse for official misconduct, and unfortunately he represents the United States to the rest of the world, like John Bolton used to do at the UN. A lie is like cornflakes, better sugar-coated.

Pompeo's case against Chinese mendacity is hinged on an assertion that the COVID pandemic was caused by negligent research on bats at the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, a claim picked up and repeated by the news media worldwide. Then the horrible truth emerged, that much-vilified Wuhan lab was funded all along and its research directed by USAID and the British-origin NGO EcoHealth Alliance based in New York, making the American news media and Trump loyalists seem like chump-change fools for swallowing a dingbat lie.

Worse, Pompeo's little white lie was for the purpose of distracting the news media away from the DHS-NIH coronavirus research at University of Bristol started during the GOF ban in the USA, the actual state-sponsored source of the COVID contagion. Because his passport is American, he must feel some basic need to protect Jeh Johnson, Hillary, Barack and Tony Fauci. In politics, you feed the other party to the sharks, in revenge for Russiagate is more than enough justification, since one good turn deserves another.

Sure, there's massive liability involved, 350,000 deaths worldwide, 5 million reported infectiions, and shutdown of most of the world's economy. The stash in the Swiss bank from the Clinton Foundation should be able to cover that sum. This otherwise is a massive self-defeat for the U.S. empire, not to mention the beginiing of the end of national prosperity. Pompeo is the navigator of a sinking ship, so my critique is actually supportative of his next mission: Start bailing.

Wearing two hats

Pompeo told a knowing lie, which is pathetic more than reprehensible. Here in one sentence from a joint State Department and USAID annual budget request dated March 11, 2019 is the harsh truth. "This restructuring (of budget) builds on the State Department's and USAID's comparative strengths, under new senior, dual-hatted State Department and USAID leadership structure under the authority of the Secretary of State."

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, therefore, knew all along about the $3.7 million in USAID funding for and research control over the Institute of Virology in Wuhan, while making wild accusations about COV releases from that "Chinese lab" way over there being operated in secrecy by the dratted communists. What a farce from a circus clown who protested too loudly.

The Chinese female director of the lab, accused of releasing COV, is now under discreet watch to prevent defection to her American paymasters. Mr. Pompeo hung her out to dry on top of a Chinese flagpole. So with a curled lip of disgust, the Chinese are whispering, look at how the Americans dump the blame on their assets. Which is why they won't imprison her or say anything, but instead leave her alone out there as the woman with the Scarlet Letter on her breast.

The disaster is not for just about one man's character since this catastrophe is not his fault, but fell like an avalanche on him. So I actually pity Mike Pompeo for assuming that he has to cover for his undeserving predecessors who remain rather nasty political opponents of President Trump. The connivery, backstabbing and chicanery were supposed to end with the rogues of the Obama administration and their ISIS fraud, Pizzagate, Russiagate, Uranium One and the rest of the bald-faced lies. Team Obama deserves punishment.

The verdicts at Nuremburg and Tokyo war-crimes trials should apply to the American creators as well as their foreign allies who unleashed the virus against the 100-nation CISM World Military Games, making this a grand crime against all of humanity. Yes, I know, big deal, who cares? Anyone seen Eric Holder or Jerry Brown lately? Let's phone Loretta Lynch about ordering a shipment of face masks from Wuhan to get their GPS locations for fast and furious payback. That's another uniquely American quirk of character, the desire for justice.

Who done it?

The mysterious death of a Chinese ambassador to Israel, whose previous post was in Ukraine, is complicated by the very mention of those two locations. So let's delve. Du had been months infected with coronavirus earlier, right after arrival to Tel Aviv in mid-February and self-isolated for two weeks before taking up his official duties. His hometown is Harbin in Heilongjiang Province, recent center of a large COVID contagion, which could explain his exposure. Perhaps his sudden death was due to increasingly common heart failure caused by clotting during a cytokine storm, and possibly not

My assumption, call it an informed hunch given the high-stakes game he was playing, is that Du's death was set-up by a fourth party, neither American nor Israeli, and not Chinese. The post-globalism disorder is now a multi-player game, a free-for-all strategic struggle between shadowy forces aiming to expand their financial fiefdoms or create unprincipled alliances at the expense of the declining postwar powers. Even the Borgias would be rank amateurs in this contest.

Devil in the details

If Du Wei was, indeed, murdered in his living quarters, it was by someone with special access to his residence for private talks apart from the embassy. Chinese VIPs abroad have at the least one and usually two security men in eye-sight range 24x7, so either there were two or three homicides in a gangland-style hit job or a diversionary distraction was set up, in either case it could not have been a simple home invasion. So my presumption is that he was poisoned outside at some rendevous point.

Since his wife and child had not yet arrived to Tel Aviv, there is the possibility of a discreet liaison with an attractive female, which would have led to a frantic cover-up of scandal by removal of the body from a hotel back to the official residence while his staffers were ordered to remain silent during national morning at a most sensitive moment of the big annual political gathering in Beijing. The one thing big bureaucrats fear more than the party discipline committee is their power wives. What were you doing running around with that playboy ambassador? No great power can afford the cost of truth anymore.

I am reminded of the former Israeli foreign minister, Ms. Tzipi Livni, who had served the Zionist cause by posing as a prostitute and madam of a Paris brothel, to where she lured respectable Arab intelligence agents and while enjoying sex, murdered them. For a Mossad agent at a young age, she was a good-looker and more statuesque than Wonder-woman Gal Gadot, ooh-la-la! So I envy her victims who should have suspected a honey trap and drove her fast and furious to a motel instead. She was a professional in more ways than one. Never sip a drink in a brothel, boys and nowadays girls, or the price could be two kidneys and liver or your codebook.

For once, not the Mossad

It's unlikely, however, for the Mossad to murder a foreign ambassador on home turf, especially when a fragile coalition government was still selecting Cabinet postings. Israel has served as an intermediary for the Pentagon in weapons transfers to China, which not a deep secret. The top generals get their kickbacks, the U.S. defense contractors get their sales, and the Chinese have fun reverse-engineering American weapons systems, which they can never quite imitate due to the engineering challenges. So if a woman was involved, she was not part of the Israeli secret service since there's too much to lose.

Israeli scientists designed the GMO Tilapia fish used to spread COVID at lakes used for the World Military Games swimming contests for the triathlon and pentathlon. While there is a cover-up about the origins of the fish used at Wuhan, it is not a major cause of falling out between China and Israel, which are eager to keep up their trade in advanced technology. Much of that piscine research was later done outside of Israel, in the USA and China. I'm not the type to let the Israelis off the hook but in this case a suspect does not defile his own living space. So strike the Mossad off the list of suspects. Things aren't what they used to be in the bad old days.

Home sweet Odessa

There is another Jewish angle to peruse and trawl for suspects, a short or long distance from Israel depending on one's business, and that's in Odessa, Ukraine. In early modern history the three greatest Jewish cities in the world, the centers of Yiddish cultural life, were New York, Shanghai and Odessa. (Los Angeles aka Hollywood is a Jewish-dominated entertainment industry not an urban culture.) Due to tsarist pogroms, Zionist emigration and the WWII labor camp policy, there's only a fraction of the historical population of Odessa Jews, yet the city still retains a cultural legacy as a vital settlement of the Khazarian Jews, a former place of sanctuary as center of historical resistance to tsarist pogroms, and consequently as the birthplace of Zionism.

At this point far along the historical curve, there are still connections from Odessa's Jewish heritage, in Brighton Beach (the immigrants often called "Russian Jews" from their pre-Odessa past) and even more so among Israel's longest-settled Jewish immigrants since the British Palestine mandate and even earlier during the Ottoman era. This latter remember the cosmopolitanism of Odessa, developed by the exiled French Count of Richelieu as the Riviera on the Black Sea, with Moldovan, Greek, Crimean Tatar, Polish and Turkish communities, along with Ashkenazim Jews and, of course, Slavic Russians and Ukrainians. Odessa retains the urban plan and architecture of the 19th century Italianate style and preserves the Potemkin stairs of Sergei Eisenstein's film, which remain intact despite Soviet-era port development and industrialization.

There have been two recent challenges to Odessa's traditional urban identity, the first from the former President Petro Poroshenko-appointed governor Mikheil Saaskashvili, former president of Georgia whose Georgian military snipers were responsible for the false-flag shootings at Maidan Square in Kiev, which precipitated Ukraine's turn toward EU membership and violent rupture from its Russian alliance. Saakashvili tried to impose a redevelopment policy to modernize Odessa's port, commercial transport hub and energy import facilities, but was vociferously opposed by local property owners and businessmen, whom he accused of being mafia. They turned the evil eye on the Georgian dictator who lost a gubernatorial election and left in disgrace.

The second attempt at a foreign-developer hijacking of Odessa real estate started in 2017 when Ukraine joined the One Belt One Road (OBOR) program. The project was seen in Poroshenko's circle as a strategic step to prevent a Russo-Chinese juggernaut emerging in nearby military-occupied Crimea, and instead reduce that threat by coaxing the Chinese to transform Odessa into a shipping terminus for rail and truck cargo from China to Europe and vice versa for exports. Due to the naval base near Odessa, the large-scale project entailed security cooperation, which was initiated by Chinese purchases of Ukrainian military-equipment, presumably in exchange for Chinese high-tech electronics systems and advanced weapon systems. Sure, it could be taken as a snub to Putin, who nevertheless could benefit from a foreign middleman in Ukraine keeping the NATO pack at bay.

Foes of Ukraine-OBOR

Kiev's adoption of OBOR status posed a new threat to four interest groups, Russia, to some degree, EU-NATO, the Rothchild-MI6 nexus, Japan which has a prior bilateral security and intelligence alliance with Ukraine, and the CIA-linked global pharmaco network. The latter three are elements of the globalist elite.

Du Wei, as can be discerned from his online statements, was a bold and pragmatic visionary and not an ideologue, whose enthusiasm for partnership with Ukraine ran counter to the pro-Russian alliance supporters in the Beijing leadership, who had little to show in terms of railway right-of-way concessions from the Kremlin, which insisted on keeping control over transport and security inside Russian borders.

Kremlin obstinance ran contrary to Chinese demands for total control over the specs of the intercontinental track and train system, based on technical and engineering standards that are lost in translation with local politics. OBOR in that regard is based on a globalist assumption of centrally controlled megaprojects that require concessions of national sovereignty. For Kiev, in a perpetual underdog position in terms of having to compromises that are bound to offend one of its neighbors, decided to go along with a far-away power, which makes perfect sense to maintain an appearance of neutrality.

Repeated delays in Russian transit approval, followed by regulatory demands related to transport control, finally provoked alternative planning by the Chinese for a round-about route via Iran, Turkey, across the Bosphorus to Bulgaria, Romania and on to Slovakia, Czech Republic and Germany, with Ukraine (east of Romania) as an agricultural source and shipping hub, so it was done deal.

PRC-Israel consortium

From this grand transcontinental perspective, Ambassador Du Wei's transfer to Tel Aviv was to establish a Chinese-Israeli consortium for Ukraine-based OBOR development to allay qualms among NATO and Russia, with Odessa as a beach-head in cooperation with Jewish tycoons and local community leaders, turning the coastal city into something like a Shanghai in the old days. That was indeed a brilliant move to allay the fears of various claimants and potential opponents: Set up a casino and all the players will sit at the gaming table. Du Wei was no doubt on top of the game.

This general picture can be seen from the Heritage Foundation's The Daily Signal. "Ukraine is in the midst of a top-to-bottom political, economic, and cultural divorce from Moscow due to Russia's 2014 invasions of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula and Donbas region. Consequently, Kyiv has been looking for new markets in which to sell its goods, as well as foreign investors to jump-start its economy.

"Enter China. Over the past five years, Beijing has ramped up its investments in Ukraine to prepare the nation's transportation infrastructure for its role as a portal into Europe for China's proposed One Belt, One Road overland trade route across Asia. Beijing ultimately wants Ukraine to become a stable, reliable partner through which Chinese goods can flow into Europe. Last year, that effort bore fruit when China overtook Russia as Ukraine's top trading partner. Ukraine has replaced the U.S. as China's top supplier of corn. And China is now the top purchaser of Ukrainian military arms, according to data from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute."

The Joker in the deck is the risk of dealing too closely with the Israelis, as proven by the fact that economic miracle-worker Du Wei is dead and Softbank's Masayoshi Son barely managed to survived WeWork.

Black Sea is the New Orange

This neutral "third region" concept strategically located between EU-NATO and Russia, however, depended on local cooperation with powerful Russo-Ukrainian mafia-linked tycoons. Envoy Du's closest ally on the ground in Ukraine, indeed business partner, was Vasyl Khmelnytsky, an ethnic Russian born in the Kazakh SSR, who came to Ukraine for college education and became politically active in Yulia Tymoshenko's faction of the Orange Revolution.

Lauded to the skies by the Western media, the self-righteous Yulia is more the shrewd businesswoman amassing a fortune at the expense of rival monopolists through plunder of state assets that should more fairly be divided by the Ukrainian citizen-stakeholders, now left penniless in these mafia dealings. As with the rest of the Davos crowd, Timoshenko expects NATO to protect her ill-gotten wealth. By contrast, the ordinary mafia boss is at least half-honest about his dishonest trade and organizes his own security team.

The Blood Farm

Highly secretive about his two dozen murky business partners, Khmelnytsky is a property developer who has built several mixed-use business, commercial and residential centers. The investment tycoon developed a close relationship with ambassador Du Wei on a new blood-products producer called Biopharma, which extracts immuno-globulin (antibodies), Bioven (proteins extracted from blood) and albumin (a complex protein used to boost blood pressure in patients). The blood business uses human or farm animal blood for different serum products, and Ukraine has no shortage of either. The equipment infrastructure at the huge plant, which opened in July 2018, was installed by Linde AG, based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

By that time, the casualties in the military conflict with Russia over control of the Donetsk region had reportedly led to a thriving trade in human organs, along with extraction from the poorer element in Ukraine society. Meanwhile, Kiev and Odessa became major "medical tourism" destinations for patients seeking stem-cell treatment for rejuvenation therapy based on aborted embryo tissue, along with those seeking organ transplants. Odessa is by now a center of medical care of all types for Israelis, including dentistry. Like flies on fresh corpses, wherever medical tourism pops up, there are international organ traffickers and blood traders.

China was until a couple of decades ago a major center for organ transplants, which has declined in popularity among wealthy foreigners due to the increasing difficulty of finding donors due to a decline in capital punishment verdicts in the nation's judicial system and prison colonies. The no-refund policy for deposit on organ purchase was also objectionable for foreign patients, whose insurance plans increasingly refused to cover the cost of surgery in China.

The Chinese medical-supplies role in the European coronavirus contagion, therefore, is a door-opener for investment in the lucrative medical-tourism sector, under joint Israeli-PRC projecta in planning. Through history's looking, glass, darkly, this is something like the return of the Horde to Rus-land, the 13th century of Khazar tribal bandits and Mongols charging back today with the plague mopping up the battlefields. That's also the Pompeo vision of current events based on the teachings of headmaster Zbiegniew Brezesinsky.

The Godfather's family

To square the circle, the Chinese diplomatic offensive in Ukraine also required keeping Eastern European politicians inside its stable while wooing reluctant NATO members with the advantages of a Chinese presence in the Black Sea region and consequent creation of a economic buffer zone between the EU-NATO and Russia.

The Chinese presence in Mittel-Europe is a tough sell, especially to confontation-minded players, here meaning the Rothschild-Soros interests, still fuming about Putin's role in the Yukos-Khordokovsky affair and the controversy over the Skripal poisoning caper. The Japanese are also alarmed at China's interference upsetting the Tokyo-Kiev containment strategy against Russia.

Ddd to this bubbling brew the region's most powerful mafia don Semion Mogilavitch, rated by the FBI as the world's most dangerous gangster, involved in contract murders, drug trafficking, gun running, money-laundering and export of prostitutes aka "models" from Romania, Hungary and Kiev, the latter commodity being a key to understanding the Jeffrey Epstein who didn't die in prison. The godfather is why anti-corruption reformer Saakashvili was rudely kicked out of the neighborhood, Mogilavitch being an old-school Odessa Jew with loyalties intact. Who are you going to trust? The Feds, the reds, the hot-heads or the word of Uncle Semion?

The mafia boss clearly understood a naval conflict with Russia would harm his business relations with the Solntsevskaya Bratva (Brotherhood), the Moscow-centered gangland alliance connected to Ukraine by highway and airport. Keeping things the way they are by not letting opportunities be taken away by strangers and newcomers is the foundation of local-interest politics. This ancient code of showing respect to where it is least deserved is understood by the yakuza boss in charge of driving Japan down to empty.

Tokyo calling

Shinzo Abe's intelligence alliance with Kiev also depends on a slow-growth Ukraine, focused on restraining Russia while upgrading its armed forces with advanced armaments as Japan is famed for designing and engineering for sneak attacks. Even less is public-known about Japanese support for Zionism since the late 1920s, including training and arming Irgun fighters in the war to liberate Israel from British colonial occupation. This IOU to Tokyo was starting to figure in as a factor for restoration of Odessa as a Jewish-Zionist linchpin in Euro-Asia for the Japanese rather than becoming a port for Chinese wares.

In contrast to Beijing's flimflam deal-making, the Japanese strategy is based on industrial investment such as the Lvov factory complex of Fujikura, the Japanese electronics, telecom and golf equipment manufacturer, for sales to the EU market. The Japanese hard attitude toward Russia is the opposite of Chinese appeasement. Russians admire toughness, and nobody's ever beat them of late as back in the battles at Tsushima and high-casualty Port Arthur, meaning there is mutual respect between old warriors. The Germans and Napoleon tried but fell way short of the stamina it takes to beat Russia.

Three versus 3

This multi-player contest for geopolitical economic positioning in Ukraine therefore involves the same Anglo-Japanese-Israeli alliance that was behind the COVID biowarfare attack at the CISM World Military Games at Wuhan. These initiatives are based on a convergence of interests between Tokyo, Tel Aviv and Rothschild's London. The all-too clever Ambassador Du Wei, therefore became the odd man out, being too well-versed in local mafia affairs and intelligence matters in Ukraine. So a message was sent to Beijing in a coffin.

As I have oft-stated in this COV biowarfare series, the great powers of the postwar era, the USA, Russia and China, are mass societies run on brute force without much finesse. Their global dominance is being steadily undermined, eroded and sabotaged by the older, more complex and shrewder imperial centers of Britain, Japan and Israel, which are assuming a more assertive role with non-conventional methods, including financial lending, bribery, economic development and now first use of biological weapons.

The rising trend of commercial imperialism, basically neo-mercantilism, is a different game than a Cold War rerun or the recent globalism's "feel good" delusions of free trade and international governance. With the USA, China and Russia hopelessly at loggerheads flailing away at the ghosts of their own imaginings, the gentlemanly trio of realists, Britain, Japan and Israel, is winning the contest of empires, with a little help from coronavirus.

Masters of the Universe play an ace

Then came the denouement in Ukraine. Mitt Romney's Bain Capital, which launched a hostile takeover of German pharma Stada AG in 2017. Stada, based in Dresde, had earlier gone on a asset-buying spree, scooping up under-valued small pharmaceutical companies across Eastern Europe.

With Bain's financial backing, Stada continued the pharma consolitation campaign, targeting the newly listed Biopharma, of Vasyl and Du Wei fame. Quietly amassing about 60 percent of the shares by winter 2019, Bain-Stada fell a couple of points short of 64 percent mark for legal takeover. So they hired on the corporate law firm Baker Mackenzie to wheedle a deal with a minority shareholder.

BakerM negotiated with a holdout with a 2 percent minority shareholding, that being Sandoz of Basel, Switzerland, the CIA proprietary that had supplied LSD to Allen Dulle's CIA for the MK-ULTRA mind control program. Baker Mackenzie has background in this very same field of psychological manipulation, representing Eli Lilly when it began to mass produce LSD for the CIA's MK-ULTRA assassin-training program.

The final round of negotiations between Bain-Stada and the partners of Biopharma in late January was missing a board member named Vasil, Du Wei's buddy, noticeably absent from the takeover talks. In an Orwellian universe, some mafiosi are more equal than others on the Animal Pharm.

BakerM is the go-to law firm for corporate tax cheats. Its most prominent senior partner is Christine Lagarde, who served as chair of its executive committee before her appointed as the head of the IMF.

BM is the legal firm for Bill Gates's Microsoft. As per the COVID-19 lockdown, BakerM issued guidelines for big corporate owners to cite force majeure (formerly known as an Act of God clause to evade legal responsibility) against their employees, who can be released without pay or benefits, or the right to sue. Yes, what's now happening is a corporatist state avalanche, like the ones in the Swiss Alps.

So, is Baker Mackenzie under the thumb of the CIA? Absolutely not. As I used to tell my journalism students, the globalist elitie give the orders to the CIA. Mike Pompeo can't tell them what to do, it's to the contrary, he takes their marching orders.

The big boys and girls stole Ambassador Du Wei's Ukrainian toy, a maneuver that meant loss of face for him in Beijing, triggering the chain of events that ended with his death in Tel Aviv, just after Mike Pompeo's visit, implicating by timing and inference the Secretary of State. This was not a conspiracy, it's called a business plan, and the trains are running on schedule, although not from China. The failure of the drive to create a global economy proves that human nature remains the biggest obstacle to achieving perfect efficiency, which means it's back to divide and rule.

So the message icoming down from the Davos globalists is "We are way bigger than the USA or China or Russia, and your pathetic dreams of an independent future as you now notice from the collapse of your economies by our little bug, so wipe your noses before putting on your face masks and promise to be good boys and girls from now on and do what you're told."

You see from this small example the contest of Little Triad versus the Big Three is just one of their games to keep all the would-be big shots in their proper place. Thank you for the lesson, Christine, you are a master of the art, the wizardress of Oz. Yes, maam, I know what IMF stands for, since I say those three words at the start of every combative article, knowing that as a useless action it's totally futile.

A guiding rule of power in geopolitical conflicts and wars of contagion, the how-to for running the world, was writ in The Book of Five Rings by swordsman Miyamoto Musashi: "The important point in strategy is to suppress the enemy's useful moves while encouraging his useless actions to continue."

Blood Clot victims

There's been a rising trend of asymptomatic patients dropping like flies in winter from blood clots. Reports have emerged of patients who test positive without visible symptoms leaving hospital or their doctor's office only to suddenly collapse from heart stoppage or a brain clot.

The cause of death, which I've mentioned before, goes like this: The bio-engineered HIV-expedited virus replication process inside a human host cell was designed at University of Wisconsin by Yoshihiro Kawaoka to aggressively strip-mine human RNA for the COV transcription process. During replication, the positive-sense RNA of the attacking virus works in pairs to complete transcription and also to reorganize protein structures. The new replicants called virions are then exfiltrated by secretion out of the cell, where the final details are added on to complete a new generation of viruses that go on to target other human cells.

However, this HIV-expedited replication process is extremely aggressive, indeed reckless, leaving behind a vast amount of damaged genetic material, ripped proteins and traumatized DNA strands rolled up in entangled bundles. To comprehend this cellular catastrophe of debris overload that blocks the blood vessels, one must get a glimpse at apoptosis, also known as pre-programmed cell death.

Elegance of Pre-programmed Death

Inside an adult, between 50 and 70 billion cells die every day, a reason for needing sleep, down-time for the body to remove debris for recycling or expulsion in urine. Apoptosis is the timed death of a cell, which is programmed to disassemble itself and dispose of its parts. The first phase is autophagy, by which specially created membrane capsules collect proteins for disintegration into their reusable components, with amino acids to be reassigned to other cells or flushed outside.

The most dramatic aspect of programmed cell death is the disbanding of the nucleus, a process called zeosis with the weakening of internal bonds resulting in the formation of "blebs" (blobs of nuclear material, genes and protein) on an expanding scaffolding, which eventually explodes from water-pressure and is released out of the cell membrane, to be retrieved by phagocytes for recycling as raw material for new cells. The recycling process is much like demolition of a skyscraper, but way more efficient, faster and less wasteful. The term biotech is nonsense when biology is a million times more sophisticated than technology.

Spent DNA leftovers, which were not harvested for recycling, are then self-fragmented into bits small enough to be ejected through the kidneys and urinary tract. Natural death of any organism teaches us that ecycling is essential for new growth and efficient clearance of harmful molecules, so why are you tossing everything out in the dumpster without sorting the reusables? In many ways, the body is far superior to the human mind.

Unnatural necrosis

Which brings up the alternative of necrosis, traumatic death by injury or infection, both self-inflicted. HIV-expedited COV replication is much like a binge Walmart shopper grabbing everything he or she wants without the least concern for the pile of trash left in the dumpster. COV is much like a consumer, greedily grabbing what it wants and leaving the mess behind, a pile of waste and wreckage that kills its generous host aka the environmental economy. Humans are arguably sloppier toward our environment than any virus, so COV is a comeuppance, holding up a mirror to our own bad behavior.

The bloodstreams of "recovered" and "asymptomatic" patients, and unknowingly infected individuals, now contain vast amounts of free-floating broken segments of DNA, which end up in logjams inside the bloodstream. The end result is a serious crisis for patients as internal blockage of the circulatory system worsens. Clotting is especially severe in the narrowing tips of small blood vessel networks where the arteries meet the veins. Meanwhile dysfunctional proteins, most of them damaged, are on the attack like berserkers in crazy havoc harming the internal organs. Medical intervention is difficult, so there's a need for new or revived strategics to clear the clots.

Potential treatments

The massive waste buildup in the bloodstream and internal organs defy standard treatment, with doctors reluctant to dispens a blood thinner like heparin due to the risk in an infected patient. So here, down the list of traditional and novel strategies are trial therapeutic techniques, which of course require the patient's informed consent and acceptance of possible therapeutic failure.

First, a DNA bond-cutter such as helicase or a similar enzyme can be prescribed as a potential dismantler of the damaged nucleic acid into smaller sections for disposal through the kidneys. The chances for success are dependent on a lot of "ifs". The key word here is enzyme, since these are the standard DNA cutter.

Second, vacuum-suction of clots from the arteries can be done at build-up points like the toes and finger tips with piercing. The catheter-insertion procedure for inserting stents near heart valves is done by inserting a hose into and up the major thigh arteries leading to the aorta. A variant on the procedure aimed at suction removal of the larger clots should be attempted, whatever the risks to the test patients who are otherwise doomed. The catheter would have to fitted with an ultrasonic head to loosen the clot and a tube for a suction pump, along with a video lens with mini-lamp. While doing medical reporting, I've seen one of these invasive surgeries and was astonished by the speed of the coordination among the catheter team. Removing a clot should take about the same amount of time.

Third, dialysis can also be attempted to filter out semi-solid particles from the blood stream to reduce build-up in the brain and the heart regions. This could be followed with thrombolytic drugs with names ending in -ase chemically loosen the bonds in clots, which could assist in reducing the number of clots for filtering out with dialysis.

Instead of doing nothing while patients topple, medical experts should be encouraged to hold online discussions to assess the potential efficacy and the risks of applying these potential remedial procedures, and then prepare emergency-basis protocols at major hospitals for test cases with patient consent. Waiting for a vaccine is futile, but the situation is not hopeless.

Traditional Medicine methods

Let me offer some alternative strategies for treating clots based on herbalism and older medical practices. Asymptomatic patients should try herbal blood thinners, in moderation, that could facilitate debris removal via the kidneys and colon. The proven thinning agent is ginko biloba tea. While repeated excessive dosages are not advisable, the known effect of ginko tea to cause nose bleed might provide an exit channel for clots, a radical method of disposal but perhaps alleviating potential organ damage to some degree.

Another long-practiced therapy for removing clots is phlebotomy or hirudo-therapy, which is the use of bloodletting leeches of the "Hirudo medicinalis" type to suck out clots from inflamed toes and fingertips, as well as clot-caused blotches bulging in the skin.

The medicinal leech also secretes anti-clot enzymes including hyaluronidase, fibrinase, proteinase inhibitors, and the hirudin peptide anti-coagulant. This is a time-proven remedy for inflammation of wounds or infected tissue, fevers and clotting, which was mostly out of modern medicine due to the greed of the pharmaceutical industry and squeamishness of med-school professors.

Preventative action can include attaching leeches to the vena cava veins in the arms feeding blood to the heart, thereby filtering out potential build-up of a fatal clot. These amazing leeches can suck out 20 times its weight in a single bloodletting and are available from leech farms.

A Second Wave?

There's been some confusion over the terms "second wave" and "second infection", the latter refering to the experience of some patients thought to have recovered from COVID. The double condition, first a postive test without symptons followed by a surprise flare-up of symptoms, is basically an overdue surge in the infection and not really a relapse, different from natural flu-type diseases.

The asymptomatic condition is based on an uneasy standoff between the attacking tuberculosis strand in COVID and the phagophage of the human immune system. In relatively healthy patients, the outnumbered TB protein has difficulty in "taming" antibodies prior to converting them into antigens to attack the human immune system, specifically the phagophage and its white blood corpuscles. Eventually through persistence the TB gets the upper hand and degrades the host immune system. Due to defects in repeated replication, the TB strand by now has partly lost it's predecessor's virulence and can no longer rapidly subdue the immune system, slowing down its battle against the phagophages. This means many patients are not really cured, as the infectious process is merely proceeding at a much slower pace.

The flare-up of symptoms eventually occurs when the TB strand overcomes the phagophages, which lose increasing numbers of antibodies, which are transformed with TB's ability to attach an protein into its opposite, as an attacker against the immune system. After repeated attacks by its own traitorous antibodies, the phage goes into panic mode of hitting the alarm bell with a cytokine storm, destroying its own antibodies and causing a high fever (possibly in a last hope of quelling the infection), which can result in toxic shock and death of the patient.

An unpredictable Tsunami

A second wave, however, means new COVID infections infect people who have so far been clear. A general trend is for flu-like infections to break out in optimal outdoors condition, whenever temperatures undergo a 10-degree Celsius rise or fall within a 2-week period. Therefore we must on the alert for a rapid fall in temperatures this coming autumn of around the 70s F down to the low 50s. If new outbreaks occur in northern U.S. regions between late October and mid-November, that will indicate a Second Wave, gradually emerging ever-southward. If that does not happen, the coronavirus is probably quelled, like SARS disappeared from Hong Kong by autumn 2003.

There is no way to accurately predict whether or not this will happen. The rise in COVID infections since October has peaked in most parts of the world, with numbers expected to decline with the onset of summer. Once the autumnal chill sweeps the northern states, the question will be settled. The oft-stated claim that COVID will become a normalized pattern of annual infection did not happen in the case of SARS in Hong Kong, so that sort of risk-aversion statement has to be taken with a grain of salt.

Preventing and suppressing COVID infection

Based on early reports, an apparently breakthrough herbal therapy is the leading candidate for blocking COVID infection. The herb is called Withania somnifera, extracted from the roots and leaves of the winter cherry or Ashwaganda in the Ayuvardic tradition of India and in Chinese nanfei-zuija. Belonging to the family Solanaceia, it is better known as Chinese lantern fruit or in Japanese hozuki, having a round orange fruit with a paper-like covering.

A joint research project by the Patanjali Ayurvedic lab run by the herbal vendor of same name and Daiichi Sankyo, a Japanese pharma, has isolated withanolides, the active ingredient.

The carbon-ring structure of Withanolides docks on the host cell ACE receptor, effectively blocking the COV spike protein's abililty to attach to the receptor binding domain (RBD) of the host cell. No connection, no replication, end of infection.

The dock-blocking has been confirmed in joint research by the Indian Institute of Technology (which spottted the HIV proteins in COVID) and the prestigious Japan National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). The study was based on the combined effects of Ashwagandha and propolis (a bee-derived protective agent against infections). I eagerly await publication of the paper and hope it is not blocked by the pharmaceutical lobbyists.

Researchers in India are doing courageous research on potential therapies against coronavirus with active ingredients from herbs, including a study of an anti-tuberculosis drug's impact on COVID. Indian scientists have indeed identified the TB splice in COVID, denied by the entire cowardly Western medical establish fearful of offending the biowarriors.

Conducting molecular research on active biochemicals in traditional medicine is a far better approach rather than synthesizing one-shot wonders that prove overly simplistic and therefore ineffective in the complex interaction of pathogens and the immune system. Pus herbalism is far more cost-effective than pharmaecutical approaches.

Ashawagandha has been used across India for Ayurvedic health-care for thousands of years, and more recently as a cancer-fighting herbal therapy. Every person has free choice of whether to rely on cost-effective time-proven herbals or lose the farm to pay for super-expensive "promising" as in "promises-promises" pharmaceuticals. So go with the herbals first since they probably won't fail your needs, even if the MDs and Snopes tell you these cures are just from the placebo effect. All the better if patients can self-therapy through psychological suggestion, as in mind over matter.

The End of COVID

My opinion is that novel COVID contagion will soon decline precipitously due to the increasing number of gene-sequencing errors in the replication of its over-complex bio-engineered structure and the accelerated HIV-enabled copy-printing process. In addition to the difficulties of transcribing its basic RNA structure, there's the cumbersome process of protein assembly of its HIV and TB segments, making these also prone to error. The increasing number of flaws with each new generation is dooming the future of COVID, sooner than later. COVID-19 is not simply "mutating away", it is deconstructing itself and therefore within a few more generations will suddenly stop functioning.

The flip-side of Gain of Function is loss of function, and by now nearing 8 months, or more than a dozen generations on, COVID has lost many of its original structural features, somewhat like a car dropping bolts along a highway before the wheels fall off, bringing it screeching to a crashing halt. So my prognosis is an end to the epidemic shortly, and any minor second wave arriving from late-blooming countries will easily be handled by hospitals.

The larger-picture problem, however, is that COVID, for all its artifice in making, can establish a long-term niche is a wildlife reservoir, which could then spin off variants for another outbreak in humans. This possibility is due to the fact that coronavirus is known to survive long-term without replication inside lesions in ferrets, a condition well-known to veterinarians.

A permanent host in the Mustelid family of badgers and ferrets reduces the need for rapid replication, enabling the virus to repair itself and survive its crisis inside a dangerous host like humans on medication. Indeed, the origin of SARS-COV is probably from parent stock extracted from a laboratory ferret. It's not some coincidence that the renegade flu research Yoshihiro Kawaoka's favorite lab animal is the ferret.

Britain, will probably remain a well-spring of new COVID variants arising out of its wildlife, especially the Mustelidae family of badgers, escapee mink and probably weasels, posing a threat for decades and even centuries to come. An investigation of University of Bristol, Pirbright Institute and Porton Down needs to be launched by a parliamentary-appointed committee, which includes the strongest critics of biological warfare. Retraints must be placed against interference from the intelligence services and the Crown. This high-level investigation will require removal of intelligence-linked agents inside the National Health Service and the science establishment, especially obstructionist executives in those labs within the DSTL (Porton Down) funding archipelago. The remaining vestiges of the old class system, which has provided cover for Operation Matchbox legacy programs have to be dismanted, if only because of the elitists' casual attitude toward killing countless commoners.

A neo-liberal right

The year of COVID is unfortunately encouraging groupthink to influence the populist movement, which used to be robustly open-minded, diverse, critical and anti-authoritarian during the Pizzagate and Russiagate controversies. My strong suspicion is that an emergent cabal in the tech sector, Wall Street and manipulative cult-like religious groups like Opus Dei and Falun Gong are colluding to impose a lock-step command structure on a once-egalitarian populism, marking the emergence of a new branch of the Deep State.

For instance, the heavily publicized concept of "herd immunity" is nonsense, in a set-up to discredit conservatives as anti-scientific buffoons. Humans who are guided by free will are not herbivores in a herd. Evolved as carnivores and even as insect-eaters, humans group in packs or tribes and nations only reluctantly and are basically individualists and nuclear family types like our cousins of the Mustalidae, the badgers and other survivalists of that biological group.

Sweden, which did not restrict physical contact, has the highest infection rate per capita among Scandinavian countries and the greatest death rate per infection in the world. Notably, the right erroneously considers Sweden a white-dominant society, ignoring its welfare state ideology that produced a national heroine named Greta Thunberg, who spouts a cult-like ideology alienated from genuine science, economics and real-world ecology, she being a leader of an unthinking herd wannabees, young parasites in a system of absurdly high taxation.

In evolutionary biology, herd immunity takes many generations of exposure to any given pathogen, often emerging only after a near-total species wipeout, when only a few survivors constitute a small immune herd, usually to be limited to a small eco-niche by competing species. In either case, the death toll being steep, there's a risk for any infected species to simply die out and go extinct. Herd immunity is a Bill Gates type folly, a falsehood from the neo-lib right.

In terms of COVID, which is an artificially bio-engineered weapon of mass destruction, herd immunity becomes something like those millions of bison on the open prairies of the American West that were decimated by Sharps rifles and Winchesters down to a few hundred survivors that fled into the forests or were held captive in zoos. Buffalo herds will never be immune to a buffalo gun, and the same goes for COVID.

Another bogus theory is the lack of risk associated with hydrochloroquine (HCQ), which has killed 2 million people who suffer malaria infections by worsening liver and kidney disorders. The major HCQ manufacturer is Novartis, which owns Sandoz with spook connections that go back to Allen Dulles and MK-ULTRA. So if you want a panacea against COVID, drop a blue barrel of Sandoz 25 LSD while surfing with sharks.

The BARDA Heist

A contentious federal BARDA grant of $483 million to the Moderna pharmaceutical corporation for clinical trials and mass production of the monoclonal antibody mRNA-1273, has triggered a spike in the biotech's share values. Its sudden rise in its stock-market value was followed with share selling by Slaoui Moncef, the "vaccine tsar" for the HHS who has a stunning resemblance to Benito Mussolini, reducing former Il Duce Tony Fauci to a Mini-me.

My prognosis is that the clinical trials on mRNA-1273 in COV patients will be faked to cover up any problems associated with host reaction to the antibody. This prediction is based on the basic premise of the tuberculosis graft in COVID, which is to hijack antibodies and transform them into antigens attacking the host immune system. This turncoat strategy causes a panic in the phagophage, which then triggers a cytokine storm to wipe out all antibodies, resulting in toxic shock bringing on the patient's death. COVID-19 was designed precisely to subvert antibodies, making no exception of monoclones produced by reverse transcription in a lab.

I warned about Moderna way back in Part 7 of the series, ancient history now that we're into Part 24. Here's a para from that initial look at those pharmaco hustlers.

"In the pole position is CEPI, which has been funding development of an anti-flu vaccine by Moderna, led by Stephane Bancel, former Europe director of Eli Lilly. Just the mention of that MK-ULTRA lab (Eli Lilly) raises suspicions. What's CEPI? The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness and Innovations, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Family Foundation, the Wellcome Trust (aka the Opium War) and the dodgy World Economic Forum at Davos (Switzerland of Allen Dulles). On that welcome news, Moderna's share value actually fell. Wall Street traders must be whispering ‘This is like a takeover of Ben & Jerry's by Carnation canned milk.'"

Bancel, with his mousy clumps of hair, oddly looks like Bozo the Clown, and so maybe the laughs are on brokers pushing the stock. More seriously, I've warned this all smells like a scam in collusion with HHS secretary Alex Azar, ex-president of Eli Lilly USA.

The stench of fraud was confirmed by the recently removed Rick Bright, the director of BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority), the grant issuer under the secretary of Health and Human Services. On his coerced departure, the microbiologist-trained Dr. Bright said that he was ousted because he had insisted that "the billions of dollars allocated by Congress to address the COVID-19 pandemic" be invested "into safe and scientifically vetted solutions, and not in drugs, vaccines and other technologies that lack scientific merit." Bingo! That's fact not some conspiracy theory.

My distrust of everything Lilly arose during my own troubled college experience, involving the never-solved shooting death of my organic chemistry dean who was a top consulting scientist for Eli Lilly when it was producing LSD for the CIA,. The murder, which was covered up without an obit or explanation, caused many of his students to drop out of the program despite promises of high salaries upon graduation. Since then Lilly developed the gentler psychotropic drug Prozac and then in 2009 lost an $800 million class-action lawsuit for its "anti-psychotic" drug Zyprexa, and more recently is facing a court case for tripling the price of insulin. Prozac and Zyprexa are the two drugs most associated with lone gunman massacres, which explains why former CIA director George H.W. Bush served on the board of directors of Eli Lilly.

Azar's appointment was one of the worst personnel decisions made by the Trump admin, which says a lot about that changing cast of characters. Azar's claimed he opposed opium-derived opioids, even while he was signing deals to make an artificial substitute. As for the other characters in the BARDA scam, there's Stephane Bancel, the CEO of Moderna, is not a scientist or physician, and instead earned an MBA on his way to heading Eli Lilly Europe, in other words he's a drug pusher.

Moncef Slaoui, the new vaccine tsar who awarded the fat grant after the removal of Dr. Bright, was a board member of Moderna (conflict of interest writ large) until the week prior to the HHS grant announcement. Slaoui is a former director of global vaccines for GlaxoSmithKline (the Brit outfit founded by powdered milk tycoon Joseph Nathan); advisory board member for the Qatar Foundation (better health-care for Hillary's ISIS jihadists); got his immunology degree at the Free University in Belgium (educationally under-qualified); before moving onto Harvard and Tufts (globalist vaccine agenda).

HHS secretary Alex Azar, a lawyer not a scientist, was a lobbyist for Eli Lilly and later while serving as its U.S. president, the pharm was sued for tripling the price of insulin, which was in essence a death sentence for diabetics. These three amigos are toxic in every category, linked to the Gates Foundation and with roots in MK-Lilly and now they've resurfaced as the BARDA fraud brothers. BARDA earlier awarded Moderna a vaccine-research grant for bio-engineeered Zika. Its same antibody replication method was used for its chikungunya vaccine (mRNA-1388), developed with funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The founder of Moderna, Noubar Abeyan is a Canadian of Armenian origin who was raised in Lebanon, which all sounds like a Sykes-Picot legacy, so I suppose the Turks should be watchful about what comes out of his biowarfare lab, which produces the one thing necessary to launch a biological attack, which is the antidote for the attackers.

Excuse me for this laundry list of topics, and blame instead the proliferation of bad guys under past administrations. President Donald Trump obviously had difficulty recruiting competent players with strong ethical standards. As I have tried to stress, the decline of mainstream Protestantism and charity-focused Catholicism across the USA has resulted in massive corruption and selfishness unbecoming of and harm to a healthy society. Traditional values of compassion and public service need to restored, if not by the derelict superficial educational system then starting with this society's faith-based communities. The demons we serve must be ousted for the greater spirit of goodness in which we trust.

So for the Tony "Faust" Fauci gang, here's the kiss-off from Elvis.
"You fooled me with your kisses
You cheated and you schemed
Heaven knows how you lied to me
You're not the way you seemed.
"You look like an angel
Walk like an angel
Talk like an angel
But I got wise
You're the devil in disguise."