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Why Are Our Children
Voting For Socialist Sanders?

By Charlotte Iserbyt

(1)  Because they have been, over the past two-plus generations, subjected to a Marxist education, emanating from the U.S. Department of Education.

(2)  Because Bernie is "up front" about his socialist philosophy; while the other candidates, from both parties, with possible exception of Donald Trump, hide (lie about their globalist/socialist views and philosophy behind red, white, and blue words).  The young people appreciate Bernie's honesty?

 (3)  Because President Ronald Reagan, who wanted to meet with Charlotte Iserbyt in 1982, was kept from doing so by his White House Chief of Staff,  "conservative" Republican, Edwin Meese III.  Had this meeting taken place it is quite possible the Department of Education, which has been funding and spewing out Marxist curriculum and teacher training for  34 years,  would have been abolished.

Had the Department been abolished and communist T.H. Bell, Secretary of Education, fired, the United States might have retained its basically academic education system which educated our children for upward mobility, not to be pawns in the hands of the international/corporate education system, as serfs, lifelong, to spin off profits for the global elite.

No presidential election will change what I have just outlined in the paragraph above unless each presidential candidate is required to publicly, in a major  televised speech, promise  the American people that he/she will participate in an immediate "tear down" of the communist education system/agenda being implemented at the state and local level as I write.

That means that each candidate must publicly call for repeal of the recently passed, with a huge Republican majority,  reauthorization of  the No Child Left Behind Act: The Every Student Succeeds Act, a communist piece of legislation if ever there was one.


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