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Child Of Chernobyl Greta Thunberg Is
AREVA-Sandvik's Tool Of Fukushima Denial

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Over the past year climate activist Greta Thunberg was hailed by the UN bureaucracy and its Extinction Rebellion minions and, in the other column, derided by critics of the global warming agenda. Visceral reactions to the Swedish teenager diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome has been canonized with her anointment as TIME magazine's youngest-ever Person of the Year. On that list of luminaries, Little Greta joins Joseph Stalin, Ayatollah Khomeini, Gen. William Westmoreland, Bill Clinton, Jeff Bezos, George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler. That's one more reason to be grateful that 2019's theater of the absurd, which also included the Shifty impeachment farce and the Democrat candidates' ducks-in-a-row shooting gallery, will soon be behind us and hopefully sooner forgotten. 

Greta's guilt-tripping of airplane passengers with her multimillion-dollar carbon-fiber yacht journeys across the Atlantic (arriving in 10 days "without switching on the motor" to New York Harbor in record time against the Gulf Stream and prevailing wind, beating trade-winds assisted Christopher Columbus by three weeks) were annoying to anyone who still had a grip on reality. Even more surreal was how the world's elected politicians and UN representatives listened with rapt adoration during her categorical rejection of adults as liars and cheaters, when everyone already knows that. 

That's how logic dies, with thunderous applause from gullible fools. For those of us who've been left wondering what global warming has to do with autism, the only answer I can come with is that Sweden also gave us the other absurd media fiction called "Survivor", the pioneering reality TV show, which no anchors in reality and incredibly is still continuing into its 41st season for brain-dead masochists. By comparison, celebrity real-estate developer Donald Trump's "The Apprentice" ran for a measly 14 seasons, except for the last special episode "Omarosa, You're Fired!"

The Swedes must be thinking that the rest of us are imbeciles who'd believe anything televised, and face it, folks, they're right. Case in point: classy TV commercials got me to drive a Volvo, to the repair garage all the time, until I dumped it in the alimony settlement with that high-maintenance ex.

I should take back what was just blurted out for being inconsiderate and downright mean-spirited toward that neutral Scandinavian nation and the nonstop nagging on payday. Let's come up with something nice to say instead like "Oh, I can't think of anything more delicious than Swedish meatballs with peppermint schnapps." Now pass the vino, paisano, and a slice of pizza. 

Female Pinocchio

While we're waiting for the ball to drop on Times Square, this is our moment of communion in a New York state of mind with a bottle of Sicilian red. Let's forgive those who sinned against us. OK, since we're not father confessors all you good fellows of sound mind still harbor this sneaking suspicion that Miss Thunberg is a useful idiot for some nefarious special-interest group, a sock puppet paraded on the world stage by her family members, all actors on a payroll, and stooge of secretive power-brokers who manipulate her Pinocchio strings. But doesn't that sound like another paranoid conspiracy theory? Or a nasty slur to demean her good intentions? Admittedly I'm a terrible person, but there's still something fishy about the Greta Factor and we're not talking here about kippered herrings with a beer or salmon sushi straight out of a fjord.

So here's the wasabi: My misgivings about her childrens' crusade go back to the 1997 Kyoto Summit against carbon dioxide emissions where I was involved in public-relations media for the conference's two main sponsors, the electric-car producer Toyota and the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which provided nuclear energy for charging e-cars (14 years before Fukushima blew sky-high). Climate-change "science" aka the global warming scam was started as a propaganda ploy by a nuclear industry intent on hijacking a large share of global energy revenues from gas- and coal-fired power-plant operators. I'm not in favor of smog, but a con game like climate alarmism is grand larceny that should be punishable with life in prison and a steep fine. 

If I had not awakened to Al Gore's fakery at the Kyoto Summit and instead signed aboard with a PR agency under contract with TEPCO, for one thing I'd be a lot richer today since I couldn't get much poorer after going up against the nuclear mafia. For argument's sake, let's say I'm not a starving journalist but instead a smug copywriter doing paid-for editorials and  promos to remove the onus from a proven lousy product, my writing output would be worded like this:

"Do you know that your granola contains only one-tenth of the vitamin and mineral nutrition of our General Mills Oat flakes? Look for the GMO label to protect your children's health." You get the drift. Tell a better lie by putting the picture of a girl with pigtails on the box instead of Bruce Jenner. All you've got to do is hire the right actress with a sob-sister sympathy edge. No, Kris, someone cuter than Caitlyn.

OK, so by now you're probably muttering: "Your baseless accusations sound like the prattle from the pro-coal lobby. And you're probably planning hate crimes against gun control advocates. Show me the hard evidence or shut the puck up!" Fair enough, Antifa fans, if you want smoke, I'll show you the fire in the barbecue pit.  

The Thunberg-Ernman Actors School

Greta's got talent. That's because her father Svante Thunberg and her paternal grandfather Olaf are stage and film actors and her mother Ann Magdalena "Malena" Ernman stars in opera productions. Malena? Wasn't that the title of a movie about a Sicilian va-va-boom with those large jugs of premier cru Montepulciano? Yes and no, that's not the one we're ogling at this moment. I've got to admit Malena Ernman is as voluptuous as Ingrid Bergman and Anita Ekberg in their heydays and can also belt out ABBA tunes at the Eurovision pop music contest like the Greta theme song "Dancing Queen" and the Swedish national anthem "Money, Money, Money". Sadly, things go downhill from there.

What the mainstream media has not reported about Greta's family is that her maternal grandfather, Malena's dad Lars Ernman, is retired chief financial officer (CFO) of Sandvik, a world-leading tool-maker that manufactures saws and drills for home carpentry, and also steel pipes for nuclear power plants. In partnership with the French atomic energy giant AREVA, the Swedish manufacturer also produces drilling, tunneling and rock-crushing equipment for the global uranium-mining industry. Poof! There just went the theory, leaving behind only a conspiracy of the corporate kind. Antifa, you can start kissing it now. 

AREVA is a major nuclear-technology supplier for TEPCO, including the melted pipes at the self-destructed Fukushima No.1 facility, which exploded and went up in flames in March 2011, and has been dumping radioactive water into the Pacific ever since, following repeated failures by that same French supplier to install an effective water-filtration system. AREVA also subcontracts hundreds of steel components for the global nuclear industry from the Nippon Steel's division called Japan Casting & Forging, whose defective crack-riddled parts were largely responsible for explosions and fires that forced shut-downs of atomic power plants in France and other countries. Those Japanese quality-assurance failures have opened a lucrative opportunity for Sandvik to exploit as a components supplier to nuclear plants worldwide.

Founded in 1860 by the eponymous family that owned papermills and a brewery, Sandvik was once a major equipment supplier to the coal-mining industry, which has since gone belly up due to tougher air-pollution laws as well as declining demand from steelmills for coking coal. The Swedish company, therefore, switched its global strategy to providing remote-controlled drills, diggers, crushers and hoppers for uranium-mining operations. 

Therefore, in the post-Fukushima anti-nuclear climate, Sandvik has quietly teamed up with AREVA and Rio Tinto to push the climate-change agenda to convince governments worldwide to license more nuclear power plants, a marketing challenge abetted by a global public-relations campaign by the pseudo-scientific UN climate change conference and its corps of grant-crazed climate "scientists". As detailed in my series of articles, the Fukushima-caused northern ozone hole and other radioactivity impacts on the environment are destroying the atmosphere and poisoning the oceans, whereas global warming is a cynical hoax to promote a "renaissance" for nuclear energy.  

The latest order for Sandvik rock-crushers are from a massive new open-pit uranium mine at the Trepkkopjie site near Orongo mountain, the richest wildlife area in Namibia. The former colony of the Kaiser's German Empire is otherwise mostly wind-swept desert and therefore an open-pit uranium mine, blowing off toxic dust, will be another weapon of genocide-ecocide against Africa running parallel with Merck's vaccine campaign that has been spreading GMO ebola in the Congo region. Question: So where are all the environmentalists protesting Sandvik's anti-global warming project in Namibia? Answer: Running tourism in Chernobyl to show how "the deer are back" (being imported from other places, obviously).

Sandvik has also been strip-mining uranium ore in Kayalekera, Malawi. The mine owner-operator Lotus-Hylea, based in Australia, includes among its major shareholders Rio Tinto, controlled by the Rothschild banks in London, Paris and Melbourne. Happy Hanukkah!

One of Sandvik's more intriguing nuclear projects is as supplier of high-pressure steam tubes for Iran's nuclear power plants. Yes, Greta, your Swedes are certainly helping the Ayatollahs and their Revolutionary Guards reduce the pall of carbon dioxide across Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and the Persian Gulf. On the other side of the Gulf, the "neutral" Swedish weapons industry is maintaining the "balance of peace" in the Middle East by supplying the Erieye early warning systems and Bill 2 anti-tank rockets to Saudi Arabia. Therefore, young Greta is no more hypocritical than her peace-loving and environmentally conscious government. Now let's raise one of those Nils Oscar beers for world peace and clean air through more fission, Skol!

Victims Deployed as Perpetrators

Although nobody's bothered to inform them about cause and effect, Greta Thunberg and her younger sister are the children of Chernobyl, whose mother Ann Magdelena "Malena" Ornman along with her classmates went to school in the most radioactivity-contaminated region in Europe outside of Ukraine during the Chernobyl fallout crisis. How was it that Gavleborg county in eastern Sweden and nearby Finland experienced much greater amounts of fallout than the Eastern European nations adjoining Ukraine, other than Belarus? That's a distance of 1,270 kilometers from the meltdown. 

On the early morning of April 25, 1986, when the control rods jammed inside Reactor 4 during the emergency response at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the prevailing wind direction was northwesterly. The intense heat column rose to a high altitude, but when the plume reached the Baltic Sea, colder air temperatures caused the particles to descend closer to the water surface. Continuing to move northward, the radioactive air-stream entered the Gulf of Bothnia, an arm of the Baltic that separates Sweden's east coast and Finland, and so the brunt of the Chernobyl fallout settled on the shores, before the plume slammed into the backbone ridge of Norway, the source of many of Sweden's rivers and streams. 

On that Friday late afternoon, Chernobyl fallout descended like invisible snowflakes on the students playing in the schoolyard at Sandviken, the site of a Sandvik steelmill (the town was named after the family who owned the mill, the first-ever to use the Bessemer continuous casting process). The fallout was dense enough to trigger alarms at the emergency monitoring station located inside Vattenfall's Foremark nuclear plant in Gavleborg county, a few kilometers up the road from the school. Indeed, Gavleborg was the first monitoring station to signal an alarm, due to the official cover-up at the Soviet-run Chernobyl nuclear plant. 

In all statistical probability schoolgirl Ann Margarite Ernman, the 15-year-old daughter of the Sandvik CFO, suffered subsequent gene-damage to her ovaries immediately following the most intense phase of the Chernobyl fallout, as indicated by the autism suffered by both her daughters, the elder sister Greta being born 16 years after that nuclear catastrophe. By the late 1990s, local physicians pinpointed Chernobyl fallout as the direct cause of more than 250 cancer deaths in Gavleborg county, a patient-case confirmen low estimate, with a high probability of many more fatalities linked to fallout. More than one-third of the Swedish population has suffered cancer. (The capital Stockholm, which is south of Gavleborg, was probably hit much harder by Chernobyl than reported during the official cover-up.)

The mortality estimate and national cancer rate from Chernobyl were obscured by two subsequent nuclear accidents at the Vattenfall Foremark plant, repeated leakage from the Soviet-Russian Lenin nuclear facility outside Leningrad-Saint Petersburg, natural background radioactivity from local granite hills, and fallout from the 2011 Fukushima meltdowns. Radioactivity has a cumulative effect on internal organs and DNA over an individual's lifetime, and there Thunberg girls are thus affected by all of the above radioactivity releases, compounded by nuclear contamination of the fresh water and Baltic Sea-Bothnia Gulf.

Propaganda for Dummies

Sweden has a grand total of two (2) fuel-oil thermal power plants and one of those is idled in reserve. Even though the rest of the nation's electricity supply comes nuclear, hydro and wind turbines, "global warming due to carbon dioxide emissions" is the single-issue popular cause. For the Swedish population, "global warming" is therefore a bogeyman as dangerous as a troll from Scandinavian folklore. This is a classic case of propaganda as a diversionary exercise.

After graduation, Malena Ernman attended the Royal Music Academy in Stockholm, south of Gavleborg country. As a professional singer without much science education, and being married to an actor (a profession for not especially bright thinkers), she probably failed to conduct the necessary inquiry into the most-probable root cause of her daughters' brain disorders. Since her father Lars Ernman, the retired CFO from the nuclear-linked Sandvik corporation, has been the main breadwinner and treasurer of his brood, it should not be surprising if nuclear-whitewashing Sandvik executives have influenced and provoked the Thunberg-Ernman family to launch the highly theatrical Greta the Sailor hoax. The elements for ethical compromise are all there, in a small community, a culprit corporation and a clan of actors and performers, who are readily directed to follow a script in exchange for payment.

Reindeer Slaughter for Species Survival

These puny humans in their pride have thus fooled themselves into believing that ill-gotten wealth can help them evade mass destruction. Within a decade of the Chernobyl meltdowns, I was doing field research in Sweden, Finland and northern Norway to assess the recovery effort by Saami herders, who told me about the need to kill all of their beloved domesticated reindeer and incinerate the bodies to prevent irreversible genetic damage to the gene pool. An entirely new herd was raised from frozen eggs, reserved for just such a crisis (actually for an anticipated nuclear war). It was amazing how the herding families and the newly generated reindeer revived their ancient cultural practices so rapidly. It was an example of hope against all odds in defense of the biosphere.

Human DNA is another matter. The "underground" field of eugenics is still operating in top gear, although under various guises like the Bill and Melinda Gates Family Foundation and in Sweden under the cover of the National Genomics Infrastructure. Presumably, Chernobyl and the other fallout events have left deep fingerprints on molecular research on Swedish DNA, which is predominatly the H1, H2 and H6 haplotypes.

The fear of a "Reindeer Solution" is the probable motivating factor behind the Swedish, Norwegian and German open-door migration policy for Arab "refugees". The DNA of the majority of Syrian Arabs (and higher ratio among the screened migrants permitted residency in Scandinavia) is the J haplotype (or Jasmine, due to its commonality with Asians) originating in the Caucasus region (think here "Caucasian"). Therefore, interbreeding between individuals with the J gene sequence with the H haplotype majority population is a strategy for drastic reduction of Parkinson's disease, which is prevalent among the H type.

So here's the upshot. Parkinson's disease became far more widespread following the atmospheric atomic-bomb tests in the 1960s, indicating radioactivity as the trigger and probable cause of nerve disorders and psychological symptoms associated with Parkinson's. Thus, the recurrent radioactivity-exposed Swedish population requires cross-breeding with Jasmine haplotype of Syrian Arabs to prevent reindeer-type depopulation through abortions and terminating newborns. Therefore social-welfare-state has order the Swedish police to turn a blind eye to the rape epidemic against Swedish girls by male Arab "refugees". As many Swedish females of child-bearing age need to be inseminated with the Jasmine gene as rapidly as possible to prevent a population collapse. The "humanitarian" societal, political and medical dishonesty about eugenics policy in Scandinavia makes the Nazis seem like Girl Scouts.

The hard lesson is clear: We must never allow the threat of nuclear-caused extinction to dominate again, and in that we have repeatedly failed with the Fukushima crisis and the present revival of the demonic nuclear industry. Life is more important than their profits. One or the other must die, our human population or the nuclear murderers. This is a civil war for human survival.

The Stockholm Syndrome

As put by Kylo Ren: "You're nothing. But not to me." As stressed in the Star Wars series, the most thrilling challenge for Evil Inc. is to turn resistant victims into its willing agents through flattery and harping on personal shame. Whatever goodness may be left in the targeted individual serves to more easily convert and corrupt others caught in the same predicament.

How does a caring family in the service of a mega-corporate entity deceive a brain-addled girl who is denied any of the ordinary paths to success and happiness in a competitive society? That question is its own answer: Deception of the indiviual is the only means for the group to achieve a semblance of normality and dignity. God save us from good impressions.

In all probability her family members have convinced themselves into believing that they are protecting and helping little Greta by making her an icon of the climate change movement. They view their sneaky campaign as patriotism toward their nation at risk. Yet in blunt terms, her worst enemies are the nuclear power industry, Sandvik, her corporate lackey grandfather Lars and her dishonest parents. The Thunberg-Ernman family are the cruelest type of self-serving monsters, "doing everything for the good of the children" by exploiting this innocent child and renting her out to the nuclear demon that deprived her of a childhood and now relegates her to a confused infamy as the Patty Hearst of the Climate Change movement.

Sure, I am uncomfortable for having to disclose all this, as to what's really been happening. Although it hurts, the truth will set you free, Greta. Be yourself, that's all that really matters. As for your familial exploiters, their hearts will be broken after their illusions are shattered, but it's their own fault and none of yours. Stop being their complicit captive. Truth is the most painful experience you will ever have to endure, but only that will able freedom.

The correct diagnosis for your psychological issues, girl, is called the Stockholm Syndrome, when you as their captive start to adopt the mindset of your captors and defend their self interest. No, you do not belong to them or with them. Your only responsibility is to reject subjugation and denial by striving for the freedom to think for yourself and to be yourself, because you owe it to yourself and to the world to become who you really are meant to be, even if that means being a nobody, at least in their eyes. As for Parkinson's aka toxic radioactivity, the chances are that you'll sooner die in a car crash or boat capsizing. Death is nothing to be afraid, because your worst fear is a comfortable life of delusion. Escape.

To See is to Be

Before signing off, Greta, you might be wondering how is it that I can understand your predicament and can see though the veils of all the lies. It's because, like you, I was a victim of radioactivity at my very inception as the embryo that would become a child in formation. My mother was aboard the last train out of Hiroshima, joining the passengers who saw the brilliant flash of light that destroyed that city and irradiated the people aboard, including the girl who'd become my parent.

Remember always, catastrophe robs you of a normal life but that it also grants special powers to see things as they are, which few others can do. Your eyes can perceive the tiny stars dancing in the air, but it's not the type of gas you assume these to be, because like me you can see, feel and taste that invisible yet most powerful force in our Universe, the cosmic energy that condenses into atoms. Those flickering sparks have edited the genes of the thousands of biological strains that eventually resulted in the creation of ours. And yet this energy has also annihilated countless species without mercy, just as it's now eliminating millions of humans and billions of other life-forms. That's what has been bothering you, the evasive thoughts and selfish urges that have abetted this panorama of annihilation.

By a quirk of fate, you were spared the demise of other Chernobyl babies to stand witness and warn the others who cannot see or feel what you are able to perceive. I will be gone sooner than later, but you will still be here to watch over and warn against self-destructive manias and foolish pride. So drop those fetters from your wrists and the blindfold from your eyes so that you can be truly free to awaken humanity and all living creatures on this rarest garden planet tumbling through a vast Universe that would otherwise never know the meaning of love.