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Changing Homeland Security

By Jim Kirwan


While Obama wrestles with trying to make “New Rules” for the National Security Agency, a whole new set of RULES has been discovered in ‘the other agency’ called: Homeland Security. Please note the FBI is now part of DHS.

Many wondered what happened to the popular leader of DHS, Janet Napolitano who stepped down last summer, supposedly to begin running the University of California. Many did not ‘buy-into’ the statements made by Ms. Napolitano. I began to dig into what might be afoot and here are some of “the suggestions” that are apparently “in the works” now.

In her efforts to bring America into conformity with the New World Order, the former boss of DHS has come up with some eye-popping new rules for everyone in the Fascist-Police State, who is planning to survive. Some of her suggestions might infuriate what’s left of the public, but to those thinking about becoming outraged ­ “Big Sis” says:

Get used to it ­ You’re Next!”

All males in America, in the subservient class, will be neutered. This will be done to every male infant at birth, in the national-interest of reducing hostility among the slave classes, in general.

As a further precaution all differences between the “sexes” will be eliminated. Instead of males and females, America will have only one sex under the N.W.O. which is of course Unisex. All members of what was formerly called ‘men or women’ will all be treated equally in every respect, in order to eliminate anything that might cause personal-discomfort in any of the slaves which are demanding these new rules.

The category of “children” will be eliminated so that every ‘worker’ can be treated equally and all members of the working class will be available at all times for sex, with anyone that finds they have a desire to do so—regardless of what the objects of their desire might not want to do.

This might cause some consternation but ‘Big Sis’ assures us that this is really the only way to eliminate discrimination throughout the homosexual-society which, by the fall of this year, will have finished outlawing heterosexuality in all its forms. We’ve seen how destructive it is to allow there to be any differences between “individuals” ­ this ought to fix that permanently.

Napolitano is assuming that “the family” will have gone the way of the doe-doe bird, because it’s now obvious that the STATE is the only proper agency to properly-control the raising of children, especially in this Fascist-controlled environment where no degree of resistance can ever be tolerated.

Just neutering all men and women was not really enough. As with any hybrid, in any species, some “examples will be kept by the state to show the public just how ridiculous it was to have ever considered the need for this estrangement from the new laws of the new world order. Many of the timid public have wondered: “Why wasn’t this done years ago!” Of course that age group will be thunder-struck when they begin to realize that they too will be neutered, both male and female so that no “pleasure” can ever be devised from sex by any human in any future situation.

Just think of the savings that can be made” ­ with no difference at all between the problems once presented between the organs of the two sexes, all underwear will now be the same. And as women will no longer need to breast feed their children; the state will offer much more sanitary methods for their slaves-in-training: Female breasts can be eliminated as well. As all restroom facilities will be open to everyone, there can be no reason to protect nudity for anyone, in any situation, any longer.

With physical and mental privacy already gone: Napolitano is now insisting on total nudity wherever possible—thus making it much harder for all the millions of terrorists, that don’t exist, to hide anything on their nude bodies. And of course this will make it much easier for the terrorist-government to insure compliance with the new spaying-rules for all males.


It should be mentioned here that the controlling Super-Fascist-Minority will not be deprived of their sexual organs, because it will be they who will be using the entire herd as the objects of their fantasies and perversions.

Big-Sis has also identified all religions as being terrorist organizations which means that they too must all be outlawed—so that the public-peace and harmony will not be disturbed.

One wonders, with the above suggestions in mind, just how “human” the New World Order will really be—after all human resistance to this global-tyranny has been totally crushed?

George Carlin was correct: ‘This is called The American Dream because you have to be asleep to believe it!’

Here are some of the clowns that buy into the above, 100%


Of course this is sarcasm 101, but it’s not far from the truth when you finally pull your head out of sand and think about this for a minute!

1) Send Out the Clowns



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