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The Chessboard Has Imploded


By Jim Kirwan


There is no longer an “ECONOMY” anywhere in the world today.

The ‘capitals’ of the world today are nothing more than empty facades that house the global criminals that are beginning to tremble because they have finally succeeded in the global murder of what was so ludicrously called ‘The Economy’.

“…even the architects of the crisis-ridden international economic order are starting to see the dangers. It’s not just the maverick hedge-funder George Soros, who likes to describe himself as a class traitor. Paul Polman, Unilever chief executive, frets about the “capitalist threat to capitalism”. Christine Lagarde, the IMF managing director, fears capitalism might indeed carry Marx’s “seeds of its own destruction” and warns that something needs to be done.

The scale of the crisis has been laid out for them by the charity Oxfam. Just 80 individuals now have the same net wealth as 3.5 billion people ­ half the entire global population. Last year, the best-off 1% owned 48% of the world’s wealth, up from 44% five years ago. On current trends, the richest 1% will have pocketed more than the other 99% put together next year. The 0.1% have been doing even better, quadrupling their share of US income since the 1980s.

This is a wealth grab on a grotesque scale. For 30 years, under the rule of what Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor, calls “market fundamentalism”, inequality in income and wealth has ballooned, both between and within the large majority of countries. In Africa, the absolute number living on less than $2 a day has doubled since 1981 as the rollcall of billionaires has swelled.”

The Davos Architects are right to fear the world they’ve made

This foul word “Economy” actually came about, along with the rise of the New World Order after WWII. Before that war. nations were responsible for themselves and their people: Most nations were self-sustaining before the IMF, the World Bank and all the other “global” criminals took over the process of forcing every nation to subscribe to the terms of the “new control”, in which nation after nation was trapped into monetary debt and then structured themselves into ‘nations’ totally dependent upon the criminal-associations of the international banks and the global thieves that sought to own the lawless world that we have all now inherited.

Before all this came to pass people everywhere had an immense amount of freedom to do what they wanted to do, to pursue the kinds of lives they had envisioned for themselves and their loved ones. But once the only thing that mattered became global debt and enslavement to the global-banks: Then the world began to speak constantly of “The Economy” as if that was some kind of global god that had to be obeyed.

When we look back over the history of “the ruling over the planet” primarily by tyrant Kings and criminally twisted religious leaders, it’s easy to figure out how the world was run by people who had supposedly been appointed “by God” to rule over the herds of the rest of us. However no one was ever able to see any literal ‘hard-copy-proof’ of this ‘determination’ that managed to enslave most of the world. No one had a chance to see the telegram, or read the document from any ‘god’ that made anyone into an absolute ruler over all mankind: Or over any portion thereof.

All of that had to be taken on “faith” in the newly-minted paternal world that was created by the overthrow of the Pagan world which ended with the very public burning of The Library of Alexandria. About the only thing anyone can agree on, now, is that whatever happened; it was in 391 AD that “the burning of the library” took place. It’s rather ironic that with all our technology, Google cannot manage to keep anything clear about this event, for the public to investigate today…

In this day and time we have been left with the very public murder of “the economy” and the continued rise of the global-bankers that are overseeing the end of this world as any kind of viable enterprise. So when the filthy-rich succeed in owning that 99% of the world’s wealth, in just a few months—what do you think will happen?

The Economy” used to involve keeping track of any nation’s business and economic endeavours’. Yet for the last fifty years it has basically involved measuring the rate of theft and illicit profits that have been stolen from the public worldwide.

That worked so long as there remained raw materials, resources and products to steal and people to enslave. But as their greed has grown, the availability of goods and resources has continued to shrink while so many billion of the destitute global-populations have been kicked to the curb’s, that are no longer visible, because the dead and dying have covered all the curbs that once kept the filthy rich in check.

Davos has now brought all of this continuing theft of what was the wealth of the global population, into the glare of the global spotlight. “Something must be done” say the filthy rich, yet none of them have stepped forward to change anything about how they continue to steal from all the rest of us, and that will be their unwritten epitaph that no one will ever read because it will not be written as the creatures who are so deserving of that end will have been torn limb from limb by the starving mobs that will not stop until the world is free again!

Now that the Outlaws are running out of products, money or countries to steal or plunder: Even the word “ECONOMY” is about to vanish from the vocabulary of the world while their victims hunt down the outlaws one by one by one, until they’re gone.

And - What the Hell is Israel up to now!

Against this colossal failure of the monetary backdrop; Israel now wants the entire world to protect all Israeli’s from everyone else in the entire world. Apparently a growing number of the global population is fed-up with Israel and Israeli policies worldwide. Of course Israel has not chosen to take this opportunity to look at what they view as policy toward everyone else on the planet: They are simply demanding that they and they alone be allowed to continue doing what they’re doing to the rest of us—while they should be protected by privately owned police-state guns worldwide from the growing number of those that have come to resent Israel and its polices worldwide.

The other really weird thing about this policy is that Israeli’s are NOT Semites, but the Palestinians are. That would be the same people that Israel has been genociding for over fifty years. What does this blatant contradiction do to their demand for global protection, while they continue to genocide the Palestinians?!

Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, issued the following statement:

This U.N. special session on anti-Semitism was long overdue. In many respects, it is sad that it took the loss of Jewish lives and ongoing daily threats to Jews to bring about this meeting. Yet, it is entirely appropriate that the international body, founded in the shadow of the Holocaust, has recognized the urgency of this issue.

Our recent polling shows that more than 
a quarter of the world’s adult population is infected with anti-Semitism, so it is significant and telling that the U.N., which represents all countries, has finally turned a specific focus on anti-Semitism and recognized, in the words of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, that ‘The fight against anti-Semitism is inseparable from our wider quest for peaceful coexistence and human rights for all.’

As Ambassador Power eloquently stated in her remarks, ‘When the human rights of Jews are repressed, the rights of other religious and ethnic groups are often not far behind…Attacks on Jews are attacks on us all.’ We commend the leadership of the United States in helping to bring about this meeting, and welcome the backing of this important event by the 37 cosponsoring countries.”

Jews move to criminalize ‘Anti-Semitism’ at UN

What always before had kept the world from completely self-destructing was the idea that there were solutions and places where people could go to get away from the global nightmare’s that each of the last two world wars brought down on humanity.

What we need to do instead is clear.

We Must Think before we Act if we are to ever change anything that is facing each one of us today: The question is will we be able to think clearly enough to act, in time to prevent oblivion?


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