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Check Or Checkmate?

By Jim Kirwan

I cannot give you this article directly; all I can do is give you the link to it which is here below. This is fair use of information that is part of a potentially breaking news story… kirwan

It seems that three-way talks are being held in Ukraine between Kiev and Russian Energy chiefs.

The German Government has launched a probe into the assets of an Oil and Gas company, RWE, to a Russian Oligarch named Mikhail Fridman. The buyer in this sale is Letter One Group a unit of Mikhail Fridman’s Alpha Group. The German investigation into the sale will take two months…’

The thrust of this that I think might be afoot is simple: Russia has responsibilities concerning the supply of gas to the EU. If those responsibilities are interrupted or skewed by what the Oligarch’s in Kiev are probably trying to do: By either stealing Russian Gas and then selling it themselves or by preventing the EU from getting supplied from the Russian pipe lines. If this is perhaps what this arrangement is designed to allow Russia to do; then Russia can honor the contractual obligations they’ve already signed, without needing to depend on Kiev to do anything except surrender to Russia and get out of their part-time-fascist business of running a country that was never theirs!

While the world is being distracted by the paid for USI owned ISIS, in their renewed attacks on Iraq: The goal inside Ukraine seems to be to destroy current Russian control over oil and gas supplies for Europe. This is of course just another USI-Israeli adventure.

This potential solution by Russia might be something that could succeed in cutting Kiev out of the about to be created crisis throughout Europe.

This would frustrate both the Zionista’s and USI. A major defeat of Russia in Ukraine, which is the goal of Kiev, would turn the world away from Russian leadership and back to the twisted global-control of the death-bound West. If Russia succeeds now: Then that would definitely mean CHECKMATE for the western Oligarchs.

The above is only a surmise, but given what seems to be going on including today’s explosion on the brotherhood pipeline, it seems like something that needs to be considered.

BACKGROUND: Ukraine set to buy gas from European firms


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