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Chaos Conspiracies

By Jim Kirwan

There is talk about the coming thirty year war. But there’s very little talk about the previous thirty-year war: When the two are combined they will equal 60 years of uninterrupted war. The reason behind our hesitation to see this unending war in this way is because what the world has now inadvertently created is a Chaos Conspiracy that will exceed all expectations.

RT: “No thanks says Turkey when hinted they should consider sending ground troops to fight ISIS in Syria.

Turkey: “It’s not realistic to expect that Turkey should lead a ground operation on its own.”

RT: “What Ankara did propose is to create a No-Fly-Zone over its border with Syria. In the Syrian town of Kobane the situation is close to ethnic cleansing, Syrian Kurds say. Islamic fighters have seized a third of the town. US air strikes have failed to stop them.”

Jamal Wakim (?): “I believe that Turkey would only ‘go’ if it gets the green light from the United States and from NATO: Which it didn’t get yet because NATO and the United States have other concerns as especially not to irritate Russia and Iran beyond certain limits: And into open warfare. So that’s why I believe the Turks didn’t get the green light yet.

RT: “What’s the point of a no-fly zone over the border if the US led coalition is already bombing ISIS positions in Syria?”

Jamal: “The Turkish government since 2003 have been leaking reports and talking about a buffer zone, a no fly zone or a security zone alongside the Syrian and Iraqi borders. So now with the Syrian insurgency and with the Syrian civil war going on it gives more impetus for Turkey to have this region because Turkey has concerns to have access to Arab markets on one hand and under NATOISM to have its influence spread over the Arab world.

The gateway to the Arab world is Syria and the stepping stone towards achieving this goal is to start with a buffer zone in northern Syria.”

RT: “What about a ground operation?...”

Jamal: “I believe that ISIS is a mere pretext for a return of the US to the region, after the retreat of its troops from Iraq in 2011. So under the pretext of ‘fighting ISIS’ Iraq is one more time under the umbrella of the United States area reports on the one hand and its allies. So ground intervention - It needs other factors. Mainly I believe NATO would have given the green light to Turkey to have this ground offensive had it not been for the steadfast opposition of Russia and Iran to this step…

RT - In the NOW:

While the focus has been on the Middle East and to a lesser degree Ukraine at the moment: This entire plan can be seen darkly, through the hourglass of America’s political and military aggressions from Richard Nixon to the present time.

Active psyops and war operations are taking place today in three distinct areas of the world: The Middle-East, Eastern Europe and the most recent target Western Europe.

Going Beyond all Expectations

Chaos Theory is actually not chaotic, because Chaos has its own functioning structures that operate within its dimensions.

We get to notice it once we detect “unintended consequences”.

To understand this clearly we must go back to the 1990’s breakup of Tito’s Yugoslavia: To Bosnia-Herzegovina under GHW Bush and then Clinton. When Tito died the thirty years of integration and inner-marriages between the various people in Yugoslavia needed to be utterly destroyed: Just as under Saddam, where he had managed to unite the various divisive factions in Iraq to create one of the world’s leading nations in high technology, science, and many other fields which surpassed the US in both expertise and knowledge. That was the case before the 1991 attack by Poppy Bush, which began the degradation of Iraq, from which we have never stopped to this day.

All that blood illegally and savagely spilled in both Eastern Europe and the Middle East was done to prevent peoples in both regions from remaining in viable nation states of their own. These two very specific regions of the world were turned into international free-fire-zones. There was also the additional benefit of ending the influence of both Iraq and all of old Yugoslavia in their own regions of the world. Israel was behind both efforts which were both publicly administered by USI. These were the first two steps toward creating a global-regime change in which none of the current national borders will any longer apply: Once all those former nations have undergone these new scorched-earth policies of USrael.

These efforts were initially done to continue the redrawing of all the Global-Maps which the West had started with at the end of WWI.

The question now is how deep will these destroyed divisions between peoples and religions be allowed to go? At the moment it appears that what is being sought is a return to the Eleventh Century, but that’s just part of the show and does not necessarily indicate what is actually being planned for the planet.

Given that the real-enemies in all of these global-wars has been the “Outside military-interventions” that were created to invent the hostile regimes which serve only the global-Oligarchs and the global bankers along with this global-insanity which is being driven by Israel.

Aside from the two areas mentioned above: There’s a completely unique situation in what this aggressive war-machine did to Libya.

Libya was totally unique in that the people of that nation benefited directly from the profits of its own oil reserves. Between the pristine ice-age water supply that was discovered beneath Libya and the underground river that was created ­ the plan was to turn all of North Africa from the desert wasteland that it is today into a veritable garden, which combined with Gadaffi’s gold backed dinar, would have saved all of Africa from the bone-crushing poverty they’re now living in. Of course the creation of a gold backed currency could not be tolerated, nor could the criminal world allow all of Africa to escape the prison that we’re building for that entire continent. So Gadaffi had to die!

The not-so-subtle way that American’s lost their Freedoms

First we failed to impeach Richard Millhouse Nixon. We could have easily impeached LBJ, if we had known just half of what that traitor did to this country, but not nearly enough people knew about it at the time.

When it was decided to impeach Tricky Dick, he simply called the leaders of the Congress to the White House and explained to them that if they decided to go ahead with the Impeachment ­ then he would take the entire congress down with him. Consequently Nixon was allowed to “resign” without penalties. That marked the end of “Impeachment” as a viable solution, because the entire government had gone rogue by that point in time.

To be clear every “president” from LBJ forward should have been impeached. But since the public did not demand IMPEACHMENT, each and every presidency has just gotten worse right up until today.

Incidentally we lost the Freedoms mention in this brilliant speech, when we lost the right to demonstrate or speak out against any politician or the government during the Chicago convention of 1968. Under LBJ reporters were publicly beaten at the convention and the public was summarily arrested for “demonstrating” at the Democratic national convention of 1968.

Here’s the Speech. Watch this 13 minute video that comes 46 years too late!


The Overlooked Price that will end America

One of the most important aspects, that’s totally integrated into everything that’s going on today, is the international BACKLASH that’s just beginning to get started.

The oligarch’s, bankers and outlaws that are running this obscenity may be filthy rich, but most of them are not businessmen. Maybe that’s how they managed to overlook the obvious.

USI is in love with “sanctions” ­ next to “the torture and slaughter of unending wars”; sanctions have become their next most favorite thing to do. They were warned about it in the case of both Iran and Russia, but they were personally too arrogant to notice what some of the resistance is starting to explore.

The United States has always been “protected in theory” by the oceans that have isolated us from most of our blood enemies down through time. But with our declaration of total and unending war upon the entire world: All of that is about to be forcefully changed.

Sanctions have clearly shown the world who their real enemies are and that clearly begins with “Amerika”. We have tortured, imprisoned, slaughtered whole villages, wiped out entire generations of whole families not to mention entire states like Libya: Yet we have not learned to fear the wrath of those who will never forget us, down to at least the fifth or even to the tenth generation.

Amerikans are the creatures that have upended their lives, their cities and their nations, as if their lives were nothing but garbage to be dumped and burned all the way down to the last possible survivor. And thanks to “SANCTIONS” the world has a way to punish Amerika in ways that we cannot ever mistake. We “love” business, especially big (And Very Profitable) business. For those “corporations” to profit they must have customers: Because without customers they will totally collapse.

Considering the inability of those who hate us, to come here: The next best thing is to attack us through every business with any American connections that have gone into their countries, to rob their people of their hard earned money. “Amerika” just lost her title of the most productive nation on earth to China. Most people have yet to notice that most of the heavy-hitter businesses that were American-owned, on paper: Are now owned by foreign interests such as China. How much of that lead was led by the tax-dodging former American corporations is unknown, but the overall contribution to China’s rise in income and wealth cannot be mistaken. The actual loss of those businesses from American shores and the American work force that no longer exists cannot be overlooked any longer. This is a given!

Now add in what happens when all those “American icons of heavy-weight business are punished overseas for being American (and changing names won’t help). Everything from McDonalds to cars, clothing, Nike, business goods and services, manufacturing and on and on can be easily reached and punished in all those places where they fled America to avoid the taxes and the insurance costs of real laborers. Instead they pay spit to replaceable slaves, and Americans are starved out by the lack of any real opportunity here: Between the hundreds of millions of aliens being imported illegally, which are added to all those very special corporations that screwed this country in every way they could, saying “Hey it’s just business!”: The USA is becoming a fourth world nation all on its own.

What happens when those nations that are approaching over 50% unemployment decide to start taking out their anger against every American? When will that spread to every business, every shop and every employee that has anything to do with being American? What will happen to the Airlines that will no longer fly to Amerika, or to the tourist businesses that will no longer cater to Americans anywhere? How will American business people be able to interact with their overseas accounts? Of course everything can still be done by computer, but what about the safety of any cargo coming from America, not to mention anything being sent to America? All of that is supposed to be “absolutely secure” internationally! What happens if that begins to drastically change?


It is today ILLEGAL to label anything as “Made in the USA”!

Time was when America made everything that was needed here, from all our own food and water to everything commercial that any American might want to purchase.

In fact the Constitution actually requires the nation to produce all that the public requires, but then the Constitution also mandates that we print and coin all our own money—but that contract went to Israeli Bankers just over a hundred years ago.

Today: Just go through any business and try and find anything made in the USA? Almost everything is made or created somewhere else. Some things are supposedly assembled here, but that’s it ­ we originate only garbage which we send to China to be recycled. American’s don’t even count the votes in our presidential elections any longer the ballot boxes go to Israel.

We might as well move the government to Tel Aviv because all our officials answer to Israel one way or another anyhow…


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