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Let's Change Everything!

 By Jim Kirwan


Mark Wilson AP Photo


These creatures above aren’t cops, they’re just criminals

in uniform!


We are being bombarded across the world

At rates of criminality that defy the human capacity to adjust

To any of their-agendas.

Those who are determined to change all of this must STOP: Turn everything around one-hundred and eighty degrees and then proceed to rip the bottom out of every program they’re using to force the world to artificially-submit to all this tyranny they created in the first place.

It’s really always been up to us to change the subject, because the sheer scale of what they are demanding is physically impossible to fulfill—even if anyone wanted to try. Make your own agenda, stick with it then take your agenda directly to them, in ways they cannot refuse to respond to!

What the hell am I talking about?

To begin I’ve listed just some of what’s involved, according to the Old World Order: As listed in the article “The Police State in Review, 2013”. Remember this is only one year’s worth of nightmares. I’ll list just some of the titles of what is discussed in just this one article to give you the mechanics of this picture of how much of our lives they are demanding the right to interfere with—which is why we must change the entire subject and put an end to even the possibility of their continued-existence.

Checkpoints and Warrantless Searches have become a way of life.

Operation Independence

Mackinac Bridge Walk

Chicago Marathon to enhance Security in the wake of Boston Bombings

Operation Clean Halls

Philadelphias Abusive Stop & Frisk Tactics


Region Stop Team hits Northwest Indiana

Innocent Driver searched, Independence Day checkpoint

Police force drivers into off-road Sobriety & Dog Checkpoints

Police to take blood & Saliva from drivers at New Years Drug checkpoints

Federal Contractors set up Road Blocks in over 60 U.S. cities

Reasons for warrantless searches:,%20vehicle%20inspection%20checkpoints

Tampon Possession

Warrantless searches to curb littering in the Parks

Expanded Smog Checkpoints

k ­ ‘Most of this occurs within the 100 mile “Constitutional Free Zone” that was declared in 2013 ­ courtesy of the NAU, The-UN & DHS!

Militarizing the nation by giving away very expensive weaponry and vehicles “free” to towns, cities and states as well as to colleges and universities to lock-in as many localities as possible into their war-zone mentality.’


Madison, In

Dallas County ­ bullet-proof, mine-protected, military SUV’s

Eureka, California

New York Defense Department gives war-vehicles to Sheriff’s

North Carolina

South Carolina





k ­ Are you impressed? Don’t be! Compare the potential effectiveness of these behemoths with the 90 million gun owners who will be using their brains, tactics and know-how to defeat this pathetic attempt to scare the public into submission. Between their versions of home-grown terrorism, a by-product of the government’s own private army, which has zero-training and lots of testosterone to counter serious military-skills and hunting-skills gained over a lifetime of practice ­ and at the end of the day guess who will win invariably, each and every one of those encounters? The government will claim the power of the drones and fighter-jets as well as helicopters but having them is no guarantee of effectiveness in any particular situation: That’s where experience and the ability to properly assess any given battlefield will win those conflicts…

Tube-fed 3 year old treated like a terrorist

TSA Theft from Baggage,9834/

TSA loudspeakers threaten travelers with Arrest for joking

TSA pre-screens Taxes, Car Registration, Passport, Job History.

Feel-Free-Less: TSA will grope you less for $85

TSA now overseeing warrantless vehicle searches

TSA Expands searches to Subways, Train Stations, Ferries

k- Note: There is no legal-reason for TSA to do anything to anyone and never has been: Because there was never an attack upon the US by any foreign-terrorists—there was only the attack of 911 that was organized and carried out by George WH Bush, Mossad, and other organizations who were acting on orders from American traitors. The TSA is a Mossad owned and run organization and has nothing whatsoever to do with protecting Americans from anything ­ and never has. “Where Are the Indictments”:

Armed TSA Teams now roam the public on suspicionless searches.

TSA does surprise check on Lamar-Amtrak

Super-bowl fans to undergo pat-downs and x-ray scans

k ­ The NFL has volunteered their stadiums for use as holding areas for FEMA Camps, whenever FEMA-Camps become active.

TSA introduces cartoon animation to introduce kids to warrantless checkpoints

The Crux of the NSA Story in one phrase: Collect it all!

NSA Prism Program taps into user data of Apple, Google and Others

XKeyscore collects nearly everything

Snowden Leaks reveal

NSA collecting phone records of millions of Verizon customers

Man remains silent at Federal Checkpoint

DHS Ok’s Suspicionless’ Seizure of Electronic Devices

k ­ One of the perks of having a Constitution-Free-Zone extending one-hundred miles inland from every US border!

Fresh reports of Aircraft searches

Secret No-Fly Zone - video

Prison stats show a decrease in prisoners, yet TSA & DHS act against what they see as a huge criminal-tendency in the population

Medical Marijuana Patient could cost taxpayer’s more than 1.2 million dollars

Nothing Civil about Asset Forfeiture

Shoot Any Family Pets - Puppycide Archives

Police kill 80-year old man shot dead in his bed by Sheriffs

Mother of Three negligently shot in the head in botched drug raid

Two women in Bikini’s given body cavity searches on the side of highway

Police stage a “simulated drug raid” on 5th graders, child attacked by K-9

Students to be tracked via chips in ID’s

Schools scanned student’s irises without permission

NYC institutes mandatory flu-shots for children ages 3-5

Solitary confinement for students will continue

Georgia cops hand out felonies to high-schoolers for having pocketknives locked in cars

School asks kids to justify repealing amendments from the Bill of Rights

Students taught that ‘Government is Family’ A Caretaker that should be obeyed.

Schools locked down at every opportunity

Schools in Idaho and Arizona go into full prison mode

Obamacare creates Data Services Hub

k -This ends with two complex stories: The Dormer Manhunt & The Boston Watertown Lockdown… all of both is the very-ugly truth!

What this means for most Americans, if they bother to read this is that the United States no longer has any laws that might interfere with government thugs who can decide on a whim whatever they want to do to anyone is always going to be “alright”. It’s as if there never was any constitutional law, no Republic and definitely no human rights that must ever be obeyed—or at least not since Mossad & Israel took over the day to day operations of the old United States: Having paid-off the entire congress and the courts to give them anything and everything they claim to need to take-over this country without any fear of anyone that might interrupt this hijacking of what used to be a nation.

Americans are being hit from all directions by the criminal-conduct of law-enforcement, legislators and the courts, not to mention the traitors in the Tarnished House. “Being responsible” to the Outlaw-thugs that have replaced government agencies and law-enforcement with Fascists, makes whatever we do, or fail to do, subject to arrest no matter how inane. It’s time to stand up and push them back by tracking them back to their comfort zones and let them feel some real-heat for a change

Get together with your friends! Put together some strategies that can begin to reverse these crimes whenever and wherever they occur.

To have been hit with 70,000 new laws in just the last two years is totally beyond the pale. To pretend that everything is no different than it was back in 1999 is equally obscene. The whole world is now upside down. The number of changes in our lives amounts to at least twenty-years of complete and total-change in just 2013 alone. This creates an impossible-physical-situation that simply cannot continue under any circumstances.

Psychologically, emotionally, and physically what we are supposedly living in now is nothing short of a Gulag without the razor wire. Make your own rules and demand that your rules be followed, not the tripe that these thugs continue to churn out each and every hour of every day!

Freedom was never free, but neither is Slavery or Unconditional-Surrender: Each of these conditions will cost you and yours in blood and treasure, so why not choose FREEDOM over Surrender? Stand up and force this nightmare to change completely. We will all die one day—why not make the way you live this life count for something while you’re still here? (3)

DEMAND that the prosecution of all those affiliated with 911 be arrested, charged and executed, for starters, if you ever want to get your life or anything else back, that once belonged to you ­ again! (2)

1) The Police State in Review, 2013

2) Where are the Indictments!

3) ‘Law’ No Longer Exists



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