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Chagas Carrying Kissing Bug Seen in California

By Patricia Doyle



Hello Jeff -

I sent you the map that shows deadly kissing bugs have colonized half of the Continental US already.  This is not due to global warming it is due to illegals coming to the US with Chagas infection and infecting the US kissing bugs. Every now and then I am sure some of the bugs hitch a ride in bags and luggage carried by illegals entering the US.   They drop off or out of the bags and take a blood meael at night.  This is why we have locally occurring Chagas in the US.

Close the borders before more infected people enter the US. I am afraid if Hillary gets in that she will open the borders and in the tradition of Germany's Merkel, she will say, come on in, welfare and medical for everyone.  I shudder to think what other diseases will be walking across the borders.   They will walk in, fly in, come by boat and some from Latin America will come by bus.  The US will have a myriad of third world people bringing third world diseases.  As our infrastructure crumbles and health care becomes slow and overburdened these diseases will spread widely. I foresee Cholera, Polio, Typhoid, a massive number of Chagas cases, Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and so many other diseases like TB and resistant Syphilis and Gonorrhea on the rise.  We were able to end Polio by improving sanitation and ensuring clean drinking water for the Country. With all of the resources going to illegals thee will be nothing left for projects like sanitation, drinking water, and all sorts of projects to keep infrastructure solid.  This means will could end up living in the third world and getting infected with third world diseases.

The US does not need illegals as they do not work, for the most part, any way. Most come for welfare, medical care and food stamps, housing, and even cars.  All free but at what cost.  There just won't be enough money for projects we depended upon to keep our nation disease free.

We cannot afford open borders.


CDC: ‘Kissing Bug’ Seen In California, May Carry Parasite Causing Deadly Disease
November 24, 2015 7:47 AM

SACRAMENTO (CBS) ­ A bug known as the “kissing bug” that has the potential of spreading a deadly disease has been spotted in California, according to the CDC.

 The bug’s official name is the triatomine bug and can carry a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, which causes Chagas disease.

ou can catch the disease from the bug, but it’s not easy, the CDC says. The parasite that causes the disease is in the bug’s feces, which it leaves on or near a person when it’s feeding on the person’s blood ­ typically when they’re asleep. Infection occurs when the person rubs the feces into the bite or wound, or their mouth or eyes.

But much like mosquitoes and West Nile, not every kissing bug carries Chagas disease, sometimes called the “silent killer.”

The bugs are a Latin American import, but they’re in 27 states, especially those in the South.

Also called assassin bugs, cone-nosed bugs, and blood suckers, the bugs can live indoors, in cracks and holes of substandard housing, or in a variety of outdoor settings including:

    Beneath porches
    Between rocky structures
    Under cement
    In rock, wood, brush piles, or beneath bark
    In rodent nests or animal burrows
    In outdoor dog houses or kennels
    In chicken coops or houses

Researchers at Texas A &M in College of Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences are tracking the bug because it bites humans and animals. There aren’t any vaccines for Chagas disease and only an experimental treatment for humans.

“If people see or come in contact, don’t touch the bug with your hands. Take a picture and send the bug to the laboratory. We can test it for infection,” said researcher Sarah Hamer.


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