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By Jim Kirwan


The War on America began with U.S. Government Censorship which was responsible for the open grave we dug for ourselves.

After the murder of JFK, Lyndon Baines Johnson began the current war against America by introducing these government orchestrated projects…

Virtually everything that has gone wrong here stems from this blatant war upon the public that was directed by LBJ, who was also the traitor who ordered the sinking of the USS Liberty by Israel, in the 1967 War.

All the government programs introduced since 1968: Directly depended upon the self-appointed-protections granted to the government by the same government which was led at the time by LBJ.

The triggering event was the public beating of the public Media at the Democratic Convention in Chicago in 1968, by Mayor Daley’s thugs in uniform, which were not restrained but encouraged by the police. That treasonous act marked the end of Free Speech in the United States and to date, that policy has still not been refuted: Despite the fact that the imposed-political-censorship is, and was, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution. And because we did not act we got the attempted sinking of the USS Liberty and finally the attack on 911.

This gave the traitors involved a real head-start toward crushing the Constitution and permanently redirecting America’s politics toward Israel, Fascism and the current Police-State that has never been questioned by any political party from 1964 until today. This was made-possible because the American public refused to challenge the traitors behind the public beatings of members of the media and the public in Chicago in 1968.

In fact every “president’ since LBJ has increased this tyranny and the treasons that flow from the Censorship of the entire body-politic.

That’s how we came to be here now!

And just where is that elusive place, as we speak? Of course it’s still bordering on pandemonium, massive confusion, treachery, treason, genocide, mass murder, torture and the plunder and rape of the world:

A Home for Every One” - Kirwan 1966

Yet the global picture has just become clearer than it has ever been for the last 47 years. Listen to this interview and decide for yourself: Then become part of the global-pushback in reality that’s the only thing that can destroy all of this; including the deeply imbedded CENSORSHIP of and by the public, everywhere. If we fail - this “Home” was designed for us in 1964…

What the world has been doing since 1964 has involved the massive genocide of the Palestinian people that continues to this day. Millions of people slaughtered; tens of thousands die every year, in Palestine alone. The number of the dead and mutilated all over the world continues to climb with these “unending wars” that have become our national obsession.

The Chessboard has Imploded

The number of countries that we have active troops in at the moment involves something like over 70% of the nations of the world, most of which are not being reported on. This coupled with the colossal collapse of the global-financial fiasco, virtually insures that the days of the global Oligarch’s are definitely numbered. Listen to this cogent analysis from Dean Henderson.

Tough Week for Zionists:

All of this starts by destroying “self-censorship” which far too many people still practice today, that’s just beginning to awaken…

Not to put too fine a point on this: It must be remembered that America was still in shock from the murder of JFK, when LBJ took over. That was followed by the murder of Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King and Malcom X, along with many lesser known leaders to insure that the public got the message

Resistance was absolutely futile”

Between the public fear, the apathy and the addictions of those who yearned for ‘power’ engendered by events: The American public just stopped paying attention to what was happening to them ­ a fact that has gotten far too little attention amid this fabricated takeover of the old United States…

To end this the global public has to “Lose the Fear” which they can finally begin to see is more than ‘just possible. When change begins to happen en mass ­ then the world can begin to start over. The ‘New Media’ is the key to the mandatory unraveling of this huge nightmare; but at least this has finally begun.


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