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Celebrating Treason


By Jim Kirwan


In the Halls of Congress

Given the total farce of the Republican Party’s non-debate wherein no real questions about 911, treason or AIPAC were ever asked ­ It seems appropriate to suggest a real solution to the Amerikan electorate that still plans on ‘voting’ in the next formally approved selection.

For the last 50 years there have been three political parties operating in the USA. Republicans, Democrats and AIPAC ­ all three of which are in the same treasonous political party. They all get their money from the same criminal sources, which is the fact, so why not make all the stealth players visible?

After the boringly empty Republican Debate and the probably equally boring Democratic farce; but just before the general election: Is AIPAC secretly planning to publicly run on the American ballot, for President of the United States? What could be better?

Israel needs to stop screwing around in ‘the dark’ and just “go public”. What could be better than having Netanyahu be president of both countries at the same time: Then we could drop all the pretense and posturing and just rule the planet as the Unisex-Global-Gaza that’s been the goal all along?

If this is not going to happen then at least we need a nationally televised day, to re-proclaim the oath of office that needs to be repeated, in public, by all members of Congress, the Supreme Court and the White House. Each member of the above needs to individually answer on camera, the question of their loyalty before the world. Anyone who affirms their loyalty to Israel First needs to be arrested and have their US passport revoked.

Before going ballistic you might want to remember that Joe Bidden the current Vice-President has often proclaimed that he is “proud to be a Zionist”, as have several other members of this congress, including some closet Zionists that are also running for president.

The candidates running for office in the coming selection must verify their loyalty to the United States and only to the United States and the Constitution ­ before they can qualify to run for any political office in this nation.

One other requirement to run for office in 2016 must also promise a full and transparent investigation of everyone that was promoted after 911 - along with publicly revealing what happened on that day and who was directly responsible for the deaths of those killed on 911: The candidate’s position on these critical-issues’ must become a qualifying and unavoidable topic, before any candidate can even run for any office in the United States in 2016.

If Americans will not force these issues then they don’t deserve a country or even a life of their own…

One of the reasons we have elections is to clarify and either approve or disapprove the actions of the government in the years leading up to each election - to ignore 911 again, this time around, given the severity is to continue all the treason already committed.

In order for any candidate to be qualified to run for office; the money being spent must be verified as having come from Americans and not Zionists, AIPAC or any other foreign government. If such actions were to be taken seriously then we could rid the world of Israel and AIPAC permanently ­ all we have to do is let the public know that the congress and the government of the United States is in reality in the condition shown below…

When Dictatorship is a Fact

Revolution is a Duty”

All that money that AIPAC spends to coerce the elections and US policies came from Americans in the first place. Israel is stealing our money to give to those that are lying and blackmailing their way into office to murder Americans. If we don't permanently end these treasonous practices then we'll all be dead, much sooner rather than later.


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