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The CDC's Big 'Ebola Jet' Went To Africa (again)

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff ...  This is SO wrong.  Almost a half a million dollars per flight to pick up and fly nothing more than infected black savages back to the US for FREE medical care.  I feel so frustrated and betrayed because no matter how much we talk about this but the "usual suspects" in Congress - and Trump whom we voted for - just refuse to stop the CDC and NIH from bringing these deadly cases of Ebola back to America.

We KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have Lassa Fever, Ebola, severe deadly Cholera, and now Polio circulating in Africa.

Why can't Doctors Without Borders treat these people THERE?  Why can't they go to hospitals in capitol cities around Africa and receive treatment which in many cases is simply to make the patients comfortable.  In the case of Cholera, treatment is replacing hydration and electrolytes.  

We know from experience that when we bring the Ebola-infected here on a temporary bases that these Africans refuse to leave after they've been 'cured'…even though the virus can still be cultured in the 'cured' patients many months later.

There is now litigation in the courts with Ebola refugees who were scheduled to return to Africa last year but have refused to obey our courts.  Why they are not being deported escapes me.  Simply arrest and deport.  I understand because they are black Africans our politicians are afraid to lose the black vote.  Too bad they are not afraid to lose the white taxpayer vote.

Proof the flights continue is right here…

N163 PA has capability for several BSL 4 stretcher cases, and it can also sit patients in seats.  The jet can bring in many patents at once.

WHY are we bringing these people here for medical care?  Many US senior citizens cannot afford to go to a dentist or an eye doctor or a doctor.  Believe me, I know what it is like to have a toothache due to broken tooth for two years…because I could not afford to have it pulled.

When is someone in our government going to stop the massive financial waste spending on people who would love to kill us all off?

The 'usual suspects' in the Congress do not care.  So, when it comes time in November, let's show them we do not care for THEM.  We cannot depend upon the elected officials we voted for so let's drain the swamp ourselves and vote the bums all out.

Another CDC plane headed to Dakar and will bring infected people back to the US.

Proof is HERE...