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Catching Fire!

By Jim Kirwan

The Phoenix recreates itself every 500 years

By rising from its own ashes

To end this obscene moment and reinvigorate the world.

The world has looked to two criminal organizations to put an end to the global outbreaks of violence and chaos wherever real problems ‘happen’. The UN and NATO, which are both non-states and illegal, are the real and continuing source for global conflagrations and the artificial political fires around the planet. Together they’ve only brought the world more death and bloodshed served up by Israel; with continuing wars, famine, torture and permanent slavery to the global debt and the banks that created it—in the name of the criminal-farce of “supposed Freedom & Democracy”.

It’s time for the world to come together to end these global-fire-starters that pretend to be forerunners for the Phoenix. In reality these stateless organizations have only been the enforcers of torture, death and chaos, which they always bring, to every place they’ve been sent. The condition of the globe, at the moment, can’t take much more of this farce, as the entire planet is now the target for Full Spectrum Dominance, which clearly spells the end of this global experiment that so many call “humanity”.

In Syria today the “criminal-rebels”, paid for by the WEST, for the last three years of wanton bloodshed, murder and total destruction now want to switch sides after having finally been forced to surrender, in Homs. With hints of South Africa’s “truth commission” there is talk now of allowing the “fighters” to join the Syrian nation and become part of the army they spent years trying to obliterate.

In Northern Iraq, more than twenty years after the first attacks upon Iraq by GWH Bush; the policies introduced by the West are finally beginning to pay off. The real goal behind the two wars upon Iraq was to split Iraq and divide the Muslim nation. Today the first real part of that breakup has been achieved with the militant’s having taken over the northern third of Iraq.

In Ukraine events are becoming much clearer by the moment. The ‘army’ of Kiev is experiencing rebellion by thousands of its soldiers refusing to fight other Ukrainians. The recently elected leader is sending his entire military force into the contested Eastern region, to make up for the fact that the population did not respond to the national order to enlist in the military. Simultaneously, while promising to provide corridors to safety for non-combatants, the “leader” will give them access to the corridor provided they sign up with government identification cards to make those who sign, into permanent Orwellian slaves for the police-state, if they survive at all.

Beyond that the people in the beleaguered Eastern provinces are expected to trust the same people that have just murdered hundreds of their friends and neighbors, to protect them, from the same people who did those atrocities over the last few weeks.

In the real world a third party (that could theoretically be trusted) would have had control between the forces that committed the war-crimes and the people trying to flee the violence. However since that would involve something like the UN, which can no longer be trusted ever again (after Kosovo, Haiti, Africa, Rwanda and dozens of other places where they have proven that all they have ever done is to profit from the disaster’s of war): Obviously Ukraine in 2014 would be no different… These headlines take up only the first 1 minute and 10 seconds in the link below…

Geopolitically the leadership of Ukraine continues to make huge mistakes, both militarily and politically, with time running out on all fronts.

Russia agreed to restore the original twenty-percent discount for the continuing sale of gas to Ukraine. But the new government in Kiev is demanding another 20% reduction, on top of the old most favored nation status, in the price, before continuing to talk.

Meanwhile, having already lost Crimea and now by carrying out a scorched earth policy, supposedly to end of all resistance inside Kiev controlled Ukraine: There will be no economy at all for Ukraine to function with. The EU has already denied entrance to the EU for Ukraine because the country is not large enough to produce a stable economy—but still the “new president” is making further demands that will leave Ukraine in a totally unsupportable position as a viable state of any kind: The only basis for the survival of the nation of Ukraine lies within the same provinces which the central government seeks to exterminate.

If Ukraine cannot manage its business affairs, or its military affairs then that “place” is of no use to the EU or to any other association seeking to take over Ukraine for its “resources”. The goal that began with the violent overthrow of the democratically elected government seems to have failed on every other front—except as this provides the West with a foothold to attempt to challenge Russia for dominance in the region.

At the same time, Japan and Australia have announced a new military pact, to challenge China while embracing USI. This “pivot to the East” by USI, was begun to weaken the Russian Chinese strength in opposing the West generally. Yet no one involved in this effort is paying any attention to the fact that Japan will have to be evacuated within a year because of USI’s nuclear attack on Fukushima, which left Japan radiated and further makes most people wonder what’s really in this, for anyone in the long run?

And as if to pour salt on Australia’s problems today; Obama announced that Australia’s gun confiscation program should be used as “an example for the U.S.”

My biggest frustration so far is the fact that this society has not been willing to take some basic steps to keep guns out of the hands of people who can do just unbelievable damage. We’re the only developed country on earth where this happens. And it happens now once a week. And it’s a one-day story. There’s no place else like this [The Amerikan CEO] said.

kirwan: The CEO was lying as usual, look it up!

A couple of decades ago Australia had a mass shooting similar to Columbine or Newtown, and Australia just said, ‘Well, that’s it. We’re not doing — we’re not seeing that again,’ and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they haven’t had a mass shooting since. I mean, our levels of gun violence are off the charts. There’s no other advanced, developed country on earth that would put up with this,” Obama added.

There are two more parts to the flames that still threaten the world…

The first is the obscenity of the fake global debt. France hits on the way out of this nightmare: “Tear Up the Debt”!

Anyone who has read a newspaper in recent years knows how important debt is to contemporary politics. As David Graeber among others has shown, we live in debtocracies, not democracies. Debt, rather than popular will, is the governing principle of our societies, through the devastating austerity policies implemented in the name of debt reduction. Debt was also a triggering cause of the most innovative social movements in recent years, the Occupy movement.

If it were shown that public debts were somehow illegitimate, that citizens had a right to demand a moratorium ­ and even the cancellation of part of these debts ­ the political implications would be huge. It is hard to think of an event that would transform social life as profoundly and rapidly as the emancipation of societies from the constraints of debt. And yet this is precisely what the French report aims to do.”

This is backed up by several articles, here are two of them.

1. Massive financial fraud, calling worthless debt notes “money” and coercing Congress to pass laws labeling these debt notes as required legal tender backed by the full faith and credit of the USG.

2. Illegal, Unconstitutional foreign Wars of Aggression for War Profiteers which include large international defense contractors and Zionist private Central Banksters in the City of London and America.

3. Untold tragedies of the Mass deaths and horrible woundings, lifetime disabilities and sufferings of wonderful American Soldiers and their families, all based on massive, financial fraud, Treason and Sedition. Note: these are now crimes against humanity, war crimes and RICO crimes fomented by these private Zionist Central Banksters and their war mongering, war profiteering international defense contractors. The true civil liability against American Soldiers and their families for this Treason, Sedition, RICO and criminal negligence by these Zionist Banksters is so great it is almost unfathomable and is certainly beyond imagination for most.

4. The ability of the City of London Central Banksters to build up a huge American and British “5 Eyes” Worldwide Intel System using massive bribes, covert murders, blackmail and human compromise ops to build up a huge Secret Shadow Government which invokes the false cloak of “National Security” to cover all their Treason, Sedition and RICO Crimes of State. Note the WZs covertly transformed the Five Eyes System into a Six Eyes System with all NSA raw data downloaded by satellite to a secret Intel hub inside Israel operated by Israeli-Firster DOD contractors.

5. Acquisition and consolidation of all Major Mass Media into a huge USG propaganda dispenser, the Controlled major Mass Media (CMMM) which transmits massive amounts of USG lies to mind-kontrol the American masses and is just plain little more than staffed by presstitute talking heads and press whores that are willing to recite any USG script filled with lies for large salaries and fame.

6. Free Trade and the massive exportation of almost all heavy manufacturing and Industry out of America causing the elimination of millions of good paying jobs and the eventual reduction of America to a third world nation and the loss of the American middle class.

7. Illegal establishment of Federal and State Income taxes, as well as Real estate Taxes, and use of the IRS (a private Corporation incorporated in Puerto Rico) as the illegal collection agency for these illegal Federal taxes for the Federal Reserve.

8. The emergence of a huge police state and Intel and mass surveillance system where “national security” is routinely invoked to cover wrongdoing and RICO crimes by the USG, Intel Agencies who traffic in large amounts of illegal narcotics and harassment and murder of whistle-blowers and dissenters. Note: Only the very top officials understand the true agenda of DHS which is a secret World Zionist Bankster agenda to destroy America, and mass murder most Americans and steal all their land, resources and holdings. Their “worker bees” love the cloak of authority but if they ever learn what their actions are really contributing to, they would resign and turn against DHS and the militarization of the police against Americans now viewed as their new enemy in a covert war on dissent against the WZs.

9. The generation of complete corruption at every level, including most Judges, even Supreme Court Justices and most police departments, best described as a total loss of the Rule of Law. Almost every politician and USG official are either bought and owned, or blackmailed or human compromised by World Zionists. Any individual or organized crime Kingpin who is wealthy can buy excellent representation at every level of government and gain access to Taxpayer Funds through sophisticated “corporate welfare” schemes.

10. Manipulation of the supply and distribution of money to create recessions, depression, inflation or deflation, and massive unemployment to provide the theft of increasing amounts of the fruit of American workers labor and production and the ability to steal their farms and privately owned real estate. Currently the US Debt-based “Dollar” is only worth 3% of what it was initially issued at in 1913 and its value is still dropping.

What will happen if the USG’s Full Faith and Credit becomes seriously diminished?

Since 1971 the US Petro Dollar has been the world’s reserve currency. This involved various secret agreements made between the City of London Banksters, their American franchisee the so-called Federal Reserve private Central Bank, the oil companies (aka “Seven Sisters”) and almost all of the non-communist nations at the time.

A significant number of economists now believe that most Americans will soon be finding out because there are major trends now which suggest this loss of faith in the credit of the USG is now occurring and accelerating and a clear trend for the US Petro Dollar to become eliminated as the World reserve Currency.

Where are all the Trillions of Dollars of Federal Reserve System debt-notes ending up now?

The American private Federal Reserve System has been issuing trillions of dollars in debt-money to keep the American economy afloat in a time of a serious major depression just as bad as the 1930?s. These debt notes have saturated the world and are now beginning to be dumped on the market, a trend which unabated will eventually significantly decrease the purchasing power of the US Dollar.

This massive debt on the American people is comprised of phony debt-notes and was never real money in the first place. It was used to bail out numerous foreign private central banks which are part of this Zionist criminal central banking system all over Europe.” More at the links below:

The Terrible Price to Pay

The Price of Closure

There is no reason why the people of the world need to remain imprisoned in these blatantly global crimes any longer. The puppets in each of the remaining ‘states’ do not represent the people in those ‘states’. If the fires of the Phoenix Rising begin to be felt around the world, there’s nothing that could stop the natural flames from wiping out the nightmares that will ultimately destroy every nation that still exists on this war torn planet ­ it’s time to ACT!


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