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The Cataclysmic Threat

By Jim Kirwan


To Reality

Earthly changes can be reflected in an eclipse of the sun:

But the death of an entire solar system

Is a cataclysmic event.

The world has been mumbling-aloud about the need for “change” for decades: At least since the 300 outlaws met in 1973. But if we were serious about making the needed changes, then the people of the planet would have looked first at themselves, centuries ago. Because the obvious failure throughout the world is reflected in the War-on-Women that goes hand in glove with the War-on-Nature that has been with us since the Patriarchal-World declared War on the Matriarchal-Universe, thousands of years ago.

What has not been understood is that these are two halves of the same coin. The masculine and the feminine are not in competition with each other. They never were: They were always meant to work together, to improve humanity and to raise the values in daily-living to a higher order of life. If the planet cannot honor its women and its men, then why did we even bother to call ourselves civilized in the first place!

Every being on this planet came from a woman. With this in mind how can “women” ever be considered to be the sworn-enemies of every man on earth? Religious dictums aside: How in hell did we manage to drag the whole-world down into this condition in which we’re all being targeted for death—because we’ve turned ‘living’ into a competition between men and women for petty dominance, instead of recognizing how desperately each side of this coin needs the other, in virtually every equation?

Both men and women need each other if humanity is to be able to truly soar as people or as individuals: The strengths of all of us are required if the human race is to have any real future at all. If humanity can’t come together “to back-off from this belligerent-interpretation” then we’re all finished here. (1)

Whether we use nuclear weapons on each other or not: If the people of the world can’t get along with our natural-partners in life itself, then what’s the point in living? Joseph Campbell was fond of saying:

Life is not a problem to be solved; it’s a mystery to be lived.”

When the Judeo-Christian Ethic was adopted by the ancient world, the paternalistic authoritarian rulers were seeking to smash all the mysteries and enslave the world. To do that they decided the Matriarchical side of humanity had to be condemned to eternal silence or at least to an early grave if women continued to resist their self-appointed masculine dominance over everything in the ancient world.

Their poster for that kind of power was written into the Bible as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Conquest, War, Famine & Death

Again & Again © Kirwan 1974 & 1977

This horrific image was clearly intended to TERRORIZE the people of biblical-days, which it did! The Four Horsemen was their direct treat to the ancient world; in the same way that 911 was intended to threaten and then enslave the people of the twenty-first century, with total fear and global-domination that would end all freedoms in this world, forever!

Today there’s an article by Zen Garner called “Wicked Women in Places of Power”. These distorted women hint at the downside that we’ve allowed to be created, by design, to twist the global-feminine into the hatred and vehemence which the patriarchal-world wants to use to mark all women with the stigma so clearly shown by each of these evil creatures.

There are a great many women who are emblematic of the opposite of these political-freaks: Yet it seems there’s no space-available to remark upon those women who do what they can to lift the world from beneath the continuing darkness or from the days of Biblical threats that have been translated into New Millennium threats that we have formally enshrined in all the lies of 911.

A reader wrote:

Some of the questions for today’s world have to do with “What could have been” if the world had devoted its collective energies to the ‘right things’, to the humanities and to living productive and thriving lives that matter to each individual and to the human race as well?

If the earth had been respected, instead of being continually raped for personal-greed and global-corporate arrogance: How different a world we would all be living in. If male and female were interactively combined: Then respect could flow freely and the energy from that spirituality could lead to enlightened energy solutions that would end the global-dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear energy—so that we could clean up the ruin that we’ve made of most of the remaining planet…

If we were serious about fixing the problems we have, because too many are pursuing lives that are based in ancient history, instead of keeping pace with the universal facets of our lives that nature was to have been our guide for—then the world of today would be nothing like it is today.

To address this global problem we need to recognize our need as ordinary people to talk with each other and devise new solutions to our global-problems. If we could talk about it, we could navigate ‘between these desperately separate worlds, so that we might begin to put aside the hatreds and divisions that have kept this world divided for the last few thousand years.

The suppression of women on this planet

Has been the most destructive force ever known.

All statistics bear out the fact that when women are uneducated and (used) as they are today, the birthrate escalates. Men, not women have created the plight that men now deem the number one problem on the planet: Overpopulation!

Many different Patriarchal religions have exacerbated this epidemic. ‘Epidemic’ being in this case—Male Dominance and the male need for absolute rule.’

We have to start somewhere! If we begin with ourselves, as the building blocks of mystery, momentum and life, then we can begin to tear down this global-theft of the power, inherent within the masculine and the feminine as a starting-point. We need to begin to move toward that place if we are to ever interrupt the cataclysmic threats which we all face now…

The reasons for these wars that are being done to us, is to keep us impossibly busy, just trying to stay alive - so that we never have any time to think. That was the purpose in 1973 for forcing everyone to have to work two jobs, to provide what one used to. Just like “Cheney’s unending wars” are now being used to keep everyone distracted worried or afraid about everything from fake-home-grown terrorism to the real fear of losing either our jobs our homes or our savings, if not our lives: Which are threatened more and more each and every day…

What do you think?

  1. We Can’t Go Back!



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