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Castles Of The Heart

By Jim Kirwan


Individually we each tend to build our own ‘Castles of the Heart’ that are composed of our dreams, our realities and the sweat blood and tears that we each put into making our realities come true.

It was this fact on which the world was built by hard-working determined people that made the world, right after WWII. That was then more than just possible. It was those people who made this world so profitable, for those that arrived by 1950, to even begin to think about how to steal it all: They devised this scam to rape the world and end it for all the rest of us at the same time…

In the 1950’s Truman licensed the use and misuse of Atomic-Power across this land and he opened the door to the planet-wide use of nuclear energy: Despite the known fact that there was absolutely no-way to ever dispose of the nuclear waste that this would produce. The land for “UN” was donated by Rothschilds, and as it turns out it’s mostly shale and is extremely UN-stable. It’s similar to the Earthquake fault-lines on which most US nuclear-facilities were also built. These nuclear-facilities were and are nuclear-plants that are the same or very-similar to the Fukushima plant that exploded in Japan.

On October 24, 1945 Truman welcomed the United Nations, and the-UN, that was simultaneously created: It was all down-hill from there, for the population of the world.

The generation of Americans that allowed this to take place, did that because they saw how they could pave the way to their own version of the “Golden Years” untouched! They covered their asses and cut the rest of us loose, to twist slowly, slowly in the chaos of those winds, that we are being slowly-beaten to-death by now!

After WWII our military was basically minimized until Korea came along thanks again to HST. But dutifully we went to that war, which Dirty-Harry insisted on calling “a Police-Action”. The uniforms were the same as in WWII, but everything else including morale was totally different. The same was true of the U.S. general-staff that had already become too pliant to be effective against the real forces that were protecting North Korea.

The public paid little attention to Korea, except for those who had loved-ones in it. Then in the early sixties we began to go into Vietnam in huge numbers and everyone became involved because of the DRAFT that was still in-place. The “WAR” there however was totally different than what we did during WWII. One consequence of that failure was all that fruit-salad which appears on the chests’ of so many of our general-officers today which is nothing but just-junk. The “wars” from then until now have been fake-wars featuring ever-more mundane US invasions all over the planet. Yet few ever-mention this glaring fact!

After eight years of defeat in Iraq and our clear-defeat in Afghanistan, the-UN began to make itself apparent to the wider world. It should be remembered that the-UN had already been a featured player throughout the world, before that time. Three times it was sent into Haiti, thanks to Bill, and over and over again into Bosnia, various nations in Africa, and elsewhere, usually small countries where the hated-blue-helmets brought rape, pillage murder and slaughter to innocent people by the millions.

The-UN was savage and globally-hated for the same reasons that Genghis Kahn was hated long before global-history even took note.

The-UN was composed of conscripts from tiny places and third world nations and they “served” because of what they could steal rape or murder. The whole world knew it, but no one really cared. In Bosnia the blue-helmets ran illegal drugs and guns and contributed greatly to the global-sex trade and illegal human body-parts, which they tired but failed to cover-up. Pedophiles and pornography also prospered under the officious glare of the-UN, but there was almost no coverage at all about their true activities inside those “war-zones” wherever they were “employed”.

But then NATO and the-UN moved into higher profile wars. They played major parts in the decapitation of Libya and the war on Syria as well as what they now want to do to both Lebanon and Iran.

Why does this matter?

It ‘matters’ because the populations of the world are the ones that take all the risks, suffer all the consequences and pay all the taxes while NATO & the-UN take everything worth having while contributing absolutely nothing to the effort. Neither has a nation to support or any people to whom they owe any allegiance whatsoever.

Both these phantom-forces are routinely used to destabilize and overrun “other-places’ while their owner’s risk-nothing at all, whether these criminal-shadow-government-forces win or lose. It’s a great system that has none of the problems any other state “enjoys”. No fixed population, no real payroll to meet, no food needs that cannot be stolen from the places they are sent into and no official-benefits to worry about if their conscripts get damaged. Unlike individual national-forces that the nation they fight-for has to provide for, for the rest of their lives. NATO & the UN just throw away whatever is no longer functional and move on.

Meanwhile back here in the beleaguered USA we have just discovered that “we” have been made into citizens of both the-UN and the North-American-Union: That being the illegal joining of Canada, the US & Mexico into another fake-world under the auspices of the same people who run both NATO & the-UN. This happened because Barry volunteered us, for membership in both these new-configurations and then forgot to tell the public anything about that!

This brings us to the latest nightmare for Barry & his Outlaws: The NDAA. That began with the signing of NDAA-2011 which was supposed to be activated in 2012: Nothing happened. Then in 2012 another NDAA was created and signed, which was to be activated in 2013. Nothing happened then either. Except that even more crap was added to both “laws” which was also signed and was supposed to begin implementation on January 1, 2014. So far still nothing has happened ­ but the Outlaws are running out of time!

The roadblock that the Barbarians face is that the general-public has not been directly told about the fact that they have been sold to the-UN and to NATO as well as to the North American Union—so that in reality we have nothing whatsoever to say about what those UN-organizations choose to do with Americans. If the traitors in the City of Columbia tell us, then all hell might just break loose. If they don’t then they don’t have any way to force Americans to do what they have been saying is true since 2011?

The Gun-Grab which the-UN has demanded has yet to happen. The constantly threatened Attack-On-America can’t move forward until they actually Grab-the-Guns! Therefore all their constant screaming about the coming false-flag-events mean absolutely nothing so long as America remains heavily armed and is becoming more pissed-off each and every day—as they all get closer and closer to seeing through the entire charade that has virtually nothing at all behind it now, because there is NO-UN which actually exists in the real world.

This is why the so-called government has been strangled at each and every turn for the last three years. (1)

There is however one thing that the Pirates apparently did succeeded in doing. They have insured the fact of that hole in almost every human-heart!

That outsized hole is the price of having and holding a “Castle of the Heart”. It’s the hole in every heart on which each castle is individually-built.

The castle is the VISION and the hole is the price that must be paid for constructing the reality of your personal dreams.

That hole doesn’t always kill its owner, but it can damn sure complicate the rest of what’s left of your life!

What this particular image referred to back in 1994 was the exorbitant personal-price which the coming New World Order would extract from every visionary that still dared to dream of any kind of real tomorrow. This message was not heard and now everything that the people of the planet tried to create is up for grabs, because so few are willing to defend the work that billions did to keep the world within reality!

1) Unmasking the Reality



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