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By Jim Kirwan



The mad girl with the staring eyes and long white fingers

Hooked in the wall.

The storm wracked hair and the screeching mouth:

Does it matter Cassandra. Whether the people believe your bitter fountain?

Truly men hate the truth; they’d sooner meet a tiger on the road

Therefore the poets honey their truth with lying; but religion venders and political men

Pour from the barrel, new lies on the old and are praised for kindly wisdom.

Poor bitch, be wise

No you’ll still mumble, in a corner a crust of truth,

To men and gods disgusting—You and I, Cassandra.

Robinson Jeffers ­ 1948

It has ever been thus all the way down through history and it remains true to this moment in time as well. The image was taken from a 7 foot high sketch that I made over the course of one night, after I read the poem. She’s bare breasted, but considering the level of censorship today and how the slants differ, depending on who’s trying to convey what ­ I replaced her breasts with the poem.

The relevance here is based on what’s currently swirling around Jade-Helm, that some believe is nothing but total bullshit.

I was having a coffee this morning with someone who reminded me of a scene we’d both witnessed from a coffeehouse in North Beach about six months ago, where part of a Hollywood film was being shot on Columbus Street. And since both the street and the sidewalks were closed for the filming ­ we along with a large crowd, watched. What we saw was a series of shots that included creatures wrapped from head to toe in a special cloth that was literally coated with censors from head to foot, including their faces which made them appear to be something like alien acrobats in a play that seemed to unfold without a script at breakneck speed. A wrecked police squad car had been prepositioned with ‘burning’ wreckage and there were other hints about what might be taking place… but it wasn’t until this morning that we were able to put the pieces back together again.

Recently there have been some releases of additional information such as yesterday’s release of the fact that all the information on the Veterans in the US, has been given to the government, for tracking purposes. That upset a number of ex-GI’s, but if they’d been following the news for the last 15 years they would already know that all their information is already in the hands of the government and has been for decades. They already have everything on your driver’s license, your banking information, everything about where you live what you buy at any store ­ all of it is already known, so why the latest outrage?

That could have a lot to do with the way they announced the information, dividing the Vets into different areas of the country and by age as well. Ostensibly this could mean that the government was ‘testing’ the veterans to see how they might react to the one thing that might get their attention, so that when the time comes the outlaw nation will know what to do and how to handle any rebellious vets they might have missed until now. Of course this will not have much to do with the millions of vets living under bridges or just the homeless in thousands of cities nationwide, but maybe they don’t think those victims matter either way?

What does this all have to do with watching Hollywood create a fake-screen activity, before they actually film the whole thing as if it was real, before they put the fake event to the test against the blue-screen version when the time comes ­ That’s where the censors come into play ­ once they have the canned version they can maneuver the censors any way they want to create something that couldn’t be shown in any other way. Then they alter the backdrop and run the false-flag-film as if it’s actually happening in anytown USA.

They recently completed a contest between a human ninja and a computer to prove that the computer could defeat the ninja: Which was not quite accurate, given that they had already filmed the actions of the human when he used his sword, from every angle, then they used that knowledge which was fed into the computer so that the machine could find the flaws in the Ninja’s attack and defense of himself to defeat him ­ IBM did the same thing before using ‘Big Blue’ to defeat the world’s chess master ­ so that IBM could brag, that the computer can actually defeat the world’s greatest chess master: That was because the computer was primed with every possible piece of information, before the final match, to provide the required result.

Why would not the Outlaw government want to know as much as they can about the force that outnumbers them and how they might react given that we are better armed than they are ­ before that day comes when they have to decide exactly how to use Jade Helm against the public to “Master the Human Domaine” in their favor?

In mythology Apollo fell in love with Cassandra, whom he gifted with always telling the truth. When that relationship fell apart Apollo cursed her with never being believed ­ about anything. That is where Cassandra’s gift to history has remained down thru the ages…

It’s time that people began to study those crumbs of truth that litter the world today, around each and every crime-scene on this planet. That was the reason I did the sketch, and then added a repeat to the last line of the poem:

You and I Cassandra ­ You and I”

And Cassandra’s never disappointed those of us

That continue to dare to question ­ everything!



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