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Feinstein, Waxman & Company

By Jim Kirwan


In Los Angeles there is a Veterans’ Home that is being defunded. The Veterans have been kicked out onto the streets.

This is without a doubt the biggest land fraud scheme in American History.” The VA is stealing 400 prime acres in West LA that belongs to the Disabled Homeless Veterans of America... This land is worth hundreds of billions on the market today!

Begin @ 2 minutes into the video:

Over 25,000 Los Angelians will be trekking across the Veterans home land, without even realizing that they are trespassing.

Robert Rosebrock who is heading the Old Veteran’s Guard of the Revolution - and our mission is to save our Veteran’s land and to bring our homeless Veterans home. This is our home. That war ended 38 years ago. Today 47% of all homeless vets are from the Vietnam War.

Millie Weaver: How many Veterans are there actually in the Veterans Home ­ right now?

RR: Well let me explain: Most of these buildings are empty they were built 70 years ago. There are a few, I think you met some of them over there ­ they’re in rehabilitation. There are domicile facilities but many of the buildings are empty - they’re rat invested and…

MW: I wanted to find out what the LA Marathon Volunteers and VA employees had to say about this issue.”

K: The Vets were kicked off their land in order to allow the LA Marathon to be run right through their property—without the permission of the Veterans who were thrown into the streets.

At 3min 29 sec cops show up to stop the video being taped of this interview with residents claiming:

It is illegal to interview veterans and people on campus and that’s just not authorized.”

MW: Is free speech not authorized? Are these grounds open for Free Speech? …

Cop: … There are federal laws - If you’re using it for any type of commercial purposes or any type of gain or anything like that ­ that’s where we come into that ­ that’s what we’re just trying to find out.”

MW: So I’m a citizen here videotaping this event. There’s a lot of citizens here videotaping here… I don’t understand why I’m being hassled because I’m just trying to videotape this event and document ‘life’ ­ this is life ­ you know!”

Cop: “Absolutely, absolutely, we’re just asking you not to interview our volunteers. You can take video you can take stills we just ask that you don’t interview anyone without any prior consent of the VA. ­ because our public-affairs does need to coordinate any interviews.”

MW: I interviewed some people running the LA Marathon and none of them had any clue that basically so many Veterans were exiled from the Veterans Home. This was a bigger issue than I had even realized…

RR: It’s based on what we call the DEED of 1888.

MW: On March 3rd 1888, John P Jones and Arcadia De Baker patriotically deeded over 400 acres of pristine West Los Angeles land ­ to be permanently maintained as a National Home for disabled Veterans.

RR: In it ­ it states five times in the Deed that it be permanently maintained as a National Home for Disabled Soldiers… There’s an Act of Congress that preceded that ­ even before this could be established. And it’s incorporated into the Deed. And it refers back to the congressional Act of 1887, one year prior.

MW: Last year around this time you were arrested?

RR: That was in 2009… We had the American Flag up here and they came out and took it down. We had it up here for 66 Sunday’s and we hung it in distress, (upside down) which is totally legal. When a ship is in distress you hang it on the vessel ­ we did it here. They came out. I was arrested six times and all six of those citations were false trumped-up - dismissed in Federal Court.” (1)

K: Here begins the tale of the crimes by members of congress who are responsible for the theft of the Veterans legally owned lands and who unbelievably are seeking to massively profit from this theft in the tens if not hundreds of billions of dollars…

MW: “This is the home (on the land) which the head of the VA is allowed to stay at. It’s a giant mansion, she’s NOT a veteran. Donna Bidder has a court order to recuse herself from her position, yet she treasonously remains ­ and nobody has enforced it.

RR: I have reached out to Secretary Shinseki (Secretary for Veterans Affairs), Congressman Waxman, this is in his district: and to Senator Feinstein the US Senatortotally ignored.

K: It is quite possible similar things went on at the Presidio in San Francisco. The Presidio was a deactivated military base. “Jul 20, 2013 - History of the Presidio (from 1776) by the National Park Service. The Presidio was the site of Spanish, Mexican and American armies.” (Goggle it)

Mayor Willie Brown oversaw the privatizing of the Presidio similar to what the Department of Veterans Affairs are now doing to The National Home for Disabled American Veterans in Los Angeles. Feinstein is one of Willie Browns’ closest sponsors, and always has been. But Willie was also very close to Pelosi, who is the US Representative for San Francisco, and who was probably tangentially involved with that huge parcel of land in LA… as if anything more were needed to arrest these thieving carpetbaggers in Los Angeles!

The Presidio might have given Feinstein, Pelosi, Waxman and others the idea to do what they are doing today in Los Angeles…

Diane Feinstein: “One, I’m not a sixth grader I’ve been sitting on this committee for twenty years. K: (And she’s been a criminal much longer that that).

Ted Cruz: Is it the view of the Senator from California that Congress should be in the business of specifying particular individuals who are not covered by the Bill of Rights?

DF: Sir Congress is in the business of making law. The Supreme Court interprets the law! They strike down the law, they strike down the law. When this is brought up before the court, if it should pass ­ I’m sure that argument will be made.”

Dick Durbin: That’s exactly the point. The Senator knows that having attended law school and professes to have some experience in the Constitution ­ none of these rights are absolute.

RR: This underscores the mental illness of this woman quite frankly. She should be impeached, thrown out, this is again she’s a part of this - part and parcel. She supports the very wealthy homeowner groups that support her - that want this for a public park: Both her and Henry Waxman.

MW: Diane Feinstein is trying to take the Vets guns from one hand while taking their money from the other.

RR: First of all she has aided and abetted with the homeowner

Group to get this land at what we’re lookin’ at right here, which is a billion dollar piece of property. If you could look at a building like this it’s worth a billion. There’s 16 acres of local comparables with land like this (and it’s) fifty to sixty billion an acre: And there’s 16 acres.”

K: There’s an artist's rendering here, in the video, showing 16 acres which might be developed @ $16 billion minimum ­ to $800 billion. Here; the size of the parcel of land being discussed, is unclear. Does this apply to only the 16 acres mentioned or to the full 400 acres? (2)

She has arranged, her and Waxman, ~ to get this land right here where veterans from the Civil War once walked ­ and turn it into a public park rent - free.

MW: They have the veterans, kicked out of their Veterans Home,

out pan-handling on the streets, while government wildcatters pump black-gold from the veins of the American soldiers. Is that oil going to the veterans?

RR: Not at all, thank you for asking. This was a gift from to families. They opened the first Veterans Home after the Civil War, for disabled homeless veterans. This land was selected and what was so amazing is that there is an oil well on this property, to make sure that this would always be funded at least ­ there’s a royalty. The royalties don’t go to the VA. They go to the Department of the Interior.

MW: Who’s getting all the oil money?

RR: Well the last we know of it there’s BreitBurn Energy who holds the lease on it and then the Department of the Interior gets the royalties. Not the VA. The list goes on and on of people who have leases in here. (Enterprise Rent-a-car, Tumbleweed Buses, Buerge Ford, Richmark Entertainment, Los Angeles Film Festival, Westside Services & Parking Lots… ) Privileged leases to supposedly offset the expense of running the VA.

K: The same kinds of privileged arrangements run throughout the Presido deal supposedly to support the city and to make that former park a shining example of private ownership of public lands. This has never been seriously challenged, yet!

MW: How would you feel if you were temporarily kicked out of your home so that the government could remodel it? Meanwhile they’re having a Marathon in your backyard and you’re kicked out in the streets homeless!

None of the funds that are actually going towards helping the veterans are really going towards helping them ­ the veterans?

RR: No, no, no, It’s like the non-profits that are out there ‘raising money to help the vets”. They all get the fat-salaries and expenses and at the end they say ­ “Well here’s a buck ninety-eight for the Veterans ­ you know we raised tens of millions of dollars and here’s a token for you. The ACLU lawsuit ­ they’re asking, “Where Is the Money?” And Henry Waxman was asked this. This is amazing. This is one of the most powerful men in Congress…

Henry Waxman: “We’ve never been able to get a lot of the details of exactly ­ how much money they got and how that money was used.” Waxman then goes on to shut down the hearing rather than to answer anything further. Waxman continues: “Do you think that the way to incentivize the country is go on offering them more carrots?

RR: He (Waxman) was seated in Congress about three months, four months before the fall of Saigon: The end of the Vietnam War. Henry was protesting that war. Not fighting it, but protesting it.

They recently appropriated twenty million dollars to rehab one of those rat-infested buildings; about 55 rooms that will house 65 veterans ­ a year and a half from now. We have 20,000 out here. This is the real tokenism that if you do the simple math - that’s $400,000 a room? You could buy them a home…

MW: Exactly! It appears that the VA is giving the veterans mixed-messages about what it takes to live on the VA’s property…

RR: This is without a doubt the biggest land fraud scheme in American History and it will prove to be some of the most atrocious Crimes Against Humanity: That being our homeless veterans who are forced to live in back-alley squalor while some of the wealthiest people live next door here… Everybody talks about ‘honoring our troops’. … We risked our lives to protect this country. We made a vow to them. I’m 73 years old - I’m still protesting for my country.

MW: (to the listeners) So what do you think, do you think all veterans are mentally ill - Like Diane Feinstein states?

Diane Feinstein: If I understand this, this adds an exemption of retired military. The problem with expanding this is that with the advent of PTSD, it’s not clear how the seller or the transfer of a firearm, covered by this bill, verify, that an individual was a member ­ or a veteran ­ and that there was no impairment of that individual…”

A Veteran: If she actually said that then she is actually unbalanced and she should not own a firearm (k -which she does) and vets should have firearms, rather than gang members. (1)

And this is just the tip of this iceberg…

1) Los Angeles Veteran News is Rampant with VA Veterans Abuse

2) Please NOTE: This section of the video was unclear. Without an official transcript further clarification might be needed, to clarify which parcels of land (acres) are being discussed.



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