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Careful Thoughts & Serious Actions

By Jim Kirwan


What the people of this place have been living through since the country was stolen from us in December of 2000, has been only the first phase of the final takedown that the New World Order has been promising us, since they took control of our money, just over a hundred years ago in 1913.

I wrote about some of the first literal-changes that began yesterday, in “Striking Back!” - But the response to the events happening in and around Bunkerville was only just getting started. Some of what several others wrote to me about, overnight, has changed the whole tenor of how this war against us is shaping up.

In response to Media-Suppressed Nevada Case History Shines Truth on Government Ranch invaders” imbedded in Striking Back!

A reader wrote:

Yes that is the ending to the Hage Case. It was a long, long battle, mostly over all these water rights and works. But food only grows where the water flows and that is dwindling fast, due to almost total mismanagement with intent to extinct the livestock and replace them with wolves and varmints and coyotes etc. anything!

People raise wolves to sell to the government! What next Grizzlies everywhere? Oh yah, that too already.

With the closure of a gazillion miles of off road dirt tracks, and lack of maintenance and neglect and "intentional Re-wilding" and so much worse, intentional planting of Endangered Plants, aka weeds which might grow and then the property is sized, Locoweeds and Wild Buck that were two we know that they used a lot. Until they got caught red handed!

Oh it was a normal day out near the mine, not far from Big Bear, walking along the road, when this eco character comes out of the brush and says “hi”, and he was excited about what he was doing, ‘What is it you're doing?’ "Oh I'm planting seeds to stop the mine!” - 'Oh great we hate miners’, leading him to tell us more..."Oh” he went on and on about the whole plot with the USFS who were funding his activities.

He never realized he was talking to the Mine Geologist, the Mine Owner and a sitting Federal Judge! LOL Oh Jim there is a GOD! Yah just got to believe!

Well the SHTF and that was stopped and none of it grew anyway. But they were always up to something so - US Marshals raided their office after hearing about large quantities of stolen mine chemicals stored there. Yup another evil plot foiled as they were just about ready to spill them all over the mines and water.

Mercury and Cyanide and acids etc. a whole lab... Well they had stolen that from another mine and called the Marine Corps telling them about this Meth lab at the mine cabin. The Marines believed them. They came out and blew it down to the sand and the old cool stone cabin is still used as a cabin, not a lab and a 30 ft crater in the road, well that was too big a blast and it sent flames into the dry brush and a brush fire erupted. The Marines sped away while fire trucks arrived... Marine detonators and junk all over the place! No ordinary arson! No campfire excuse was possible. The Marines apologized and waited to be sued but others intervened to cover all this over: It was so bad. Marines don't work with USFS anymore.

It went on and on until they were busted pretty good over a phony Endangered Eagle Fraud against a landowner near the lake, Seems they had property and didn't want them building, so they did this phony Eagle BS.

It was a very busy Law Office let me tell you! Every rural landowner knows the gov!

Hummm, suspicious deal out at Bundy's Did they run off from Media exposure? Probably, plus a way over budget fiasco and inability to actually get all the cattle.

They will pull back but be back at it again someday soon as they redo their plot. This story about the use of Gold Butte for "Mitigation" of solar lands destruction: It smacks of corruption and insidious RICO ACT & International Conspiracy.

I noticed the Bundy girl was scared of a lot of guns showing up and I can see why. It all becomes a set up for unlimited killing. Holding onto rights is tough enough but holding onto the HIGH MORAL GROUND IS FAR TOUGHER! Lotsa Prayers Bundy's are solid TALL PONIES in my book Real Americans.”

To which I replied:

Actually - something huge just clicked in my primitive thought processes. The potential promise that was contained in "Striking Back!" is actually much more positive than first imagined.

And I'm hearing from more and more people that are verifying everything I'm writing about. It's simple. For the first thirteen years nothing much came from the wholesale torture, slaughter and vengeance murders reaped upon the herds ­ because those slot-holders never really had anything at stake except their lives and since they really don't care about their lives or what becomes of their dreams: There was never any real danger present to the thugs and mercenaries since 2001- during all of that fallow plowing at the public’s infrastructure underneath the population.

The difference with the Bundy's and with all the rest of those that have always known firsthand - exactly how this scam works - means that this time there is both skin and blood in this effort, on all sides now!

It was the same during the run-up to the Revolutionary War the first time. Despite all the egregious tyranny, torture, abuse and in-house occupation by the Brits, in the 1700’s; nothing was done until those who actually had real values at stake, finally realized, that they had to fight for themselves or everything would be lost forever.

The punks today in cut off shorts and flip-flops have never

had anything at stake here, because they're all just a roving

pack of parasites looking for easy bucks to steal ­ they’ll

never fight if it ever comes to that because they're

cowards through and through. (Those first ten years were

just the warm-up that the savages knew could never really

threaten or endanger any of them).

But with the first appearance of armed and determined

people to face down the imitation troops - they had to pull

back because finally they're feeling the real possibility that’s

now in the mix. Those in stolen US uniforms know now, that they've been targeted - so it's an entirely new world for the fake forces. It's no longer "safe" to just slaughter the public like already-dead fish in their totally controlled barrels. Hell who knows maybe they'll even be targeted in their own homes

now that the cat is out of the bag?’

Millions of us have always known that if and when the outlaws finally come after those who actually worked to keep this nation free and prosperous, with their own sweat and labor, then everything here will change. It’s clear now that the national-target list is moving on into the ranks of those who can and do think—side by side with those who will and who have begun to fight back. These are the people who have or had something real to lose and just like Jefferson, they have chosen now to fight this to the death.

This from another reader who knows exactly what’s going on!

This is exactly why, I sold my ranch in New Mexico. I owned 275 deeded acres with 275 acres of US Supreme Court 1884, Federally adjudicated water rights, and leased 64 sections from the BLM. They cut my grazing allotment from 10 cows per section down to 2 cows per section.

That made my cattle ranch financially unviable and I lost most of my investment in the ranch. They drove me off the property by making it financially unfeasible to operate the ranch as a business, and I had to financially support the ranch with other money I earned at another job until I could no longer continue.

I have great insight into what the BLM and other Federal Agencies have planed for farmers and ranchers.”

In my own case, although I’ve certainly never been a rancher: The government with all their claims on everyone who earns a living in their own way ­ made it their business to destroy me precisely because I’m my own person and I’m not under contract to do anything for or with the FEDS in any way. CENSORSHIP and the IRS were their weapons of choice to shut me down. And while I technically survived I live hour to hour and nothing more. Had they left me and the millions of others just like me alone: Then it would have been likely that they could never have gotten us all into the belly of this beast that’s still trying to murder us.

Interestingly there was also this which links the gravity of this situation to their other global-plunders in the Middle East…

Yes it’s an incredible victory and we know WHOLE LOT OF CELL PHONE TIME WAS SPENT WITH OBAMA! He finally had to put the Ukraine on HOLD and deal with this home boy revolt!

Constitutional and land Rights lawyers no doubt had to persuade him vigorously to back down, can you imagine?

Eric Holder of course the undersecretary henchman of the Waco triad, to get him to pull - but OBAMA is a pussy. It really shows now that Israel found out, Egypt found out Assad found out, Russia found out and now Americans are finding out. He only has a pen and a cell phone!

No one is answering his calls, nor reading his BLOG or TWEETS


All GLOBAL resistance should be proud of their stands and victories! Yes there is no one around here who cared to look at any of this news.

NOT ONE cares about their own damn food one bit! None have ever made any and its all free with food stamps from OBAMA -what fools!

What we maybe witnessing is the final Stand against the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Read it and weep just how far this has been carried out and how close it all is to terminal, severing all life support systems and genocide of the Goyim Chattel. It really helps to go over now and again because no matter who wrote it, it ALL CAME TRUE! Far more prophetical

than anyone in human history! So while they slag the documents anyone who reads them has a deep awakening and chills, because it’s chilling, big time!

Meanwhile back at the ranch. The Agenda 21 Blown Sand was moving again and its choking death covers the desert, still this morning it’s almost uninhabitable.

I can see this happening all over CA as this man made drought and water mismanagement continues to turn everything to dust. We might win a range battle or two but we are far, far from understanding how to stop this destruction of the land, soil, forests, watersheds, farms ranches and towns. The Man & Biosphere Plan is so broad reaching, affecting and cutting off at the past that all who try to breathe, let alone get a little life going, growing.

It’s a DEATH PLAN taking over, over 70 countries! It’s extremely genocidal, anti science, anti nature and unbelievably anti Christ and God…”

And at least to me and to the quiet millions just like us, this is the new face of hell on earth—that maybe just now we might finally have a real shot at changing all of it: Now that the other half of our forces have begun to rally to the clarion call that was sounded from that one surrounded ranch in the wilds of Nevada…


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