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Caravan Refuses Mexican Welfare, Jobs...
'We Want America' - They Intend Full Invasion

By Patricia Doyle PhD
Exclusive To

Hello Jeff - Evidently, Trump is planning to take them in. An Arizona hospital representative said on the news they are asking the government for 18.5 billion dollars for the treatment of caravan refugees with medical and mental care. She said treating the caravan will be expensive and long term.

So, it may all go down like this...the border control people will ask them to send ahead the sick among them and they will be let in and then the rest will break through throwing bottles and human excrement. I am also wondering if some will be carrying firearms. Hard to believe that they don';t have them or haven't been given some. The sponsors paying for the caravan and directly paying the 'refugees' as seen on video, will provide firearms and anything else deemed necessary to crash the border. There will be pure chaos after the sick get in. Then will come the perennially pregnant females and which time the males will surge through. I sure hope I am wrong but I don't think so. Trump has shown no backbone. He is sending 800 non-combat LOGISTICAL SUPPORT troops.

l think the caravan, the Western one, may fool us and instead of coming in at Tijuana it will come in at Yuma, Arizona.

Since Trump has declared this an issue of National Security, we must have armed troops all along the border from Tijuana to Texas. These Third World savages will cost a fortune should Trump fail us again. This is an invasion and if Trump can't or won't stop it, arguments for treason will be made.

This is not over.

As for the zionist-owned news media...they are all focusing on 'anti-semitism' after the synagogue shooting. The media is rarely mentioning the four cops who were wounded. The MSM is even pulling out the name 'David Duke' to kick around...never mind that Duke has made no comments at all. They are calling him antisemitic, as usual. They also are blaming Trump and the social media, etc.

There is no mention of the zionist HIAS organization which is inarguably heavily involved with bringing in Fourth World Somali and Arab muslims around the clock...people whose prime directive is NOT assimilation into but the DESTRUCTION of the US. This is a fact and cannot be dismissed. See this video is you haven't and you will understand...

There are also calls no just for gun control now but for the banning of ALL gun ownership! Take the guns from white Christian Americans while the worst of Third and Fourth World savage criminals and murderers fill up our towns and cities. Most of us cannot trust the city and federal cops to protect us.

Caravan Refuses Mexican Offer Of Jobs And Residency news/world-news/739010/ migrant-caravan-refuse-mexico- housing-jobs-donald-trump