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Reuters TV Shows Caravan Moving Like An Organized City
Haircuts In Barber Chairs! Cell Phone Charging Stations!
Four Huge Power Generator Trucks - Cokes, Cigarettes!- Pics

From A Friend
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I just turned on Reuters TV via my Roku streaming TV.

Look at the photos attached. I was not able catch the 3 hair cutters in a tent cutting hair with powered trimmers in BARBER chairs but I got 2 shots of some in the caravan charging their cell phones via trucks. There are at least 4 big trucks IN the caravan with huge generators on them! These 'poor people' are coming here and they have better smart phones then I do !?!?!

Right after the reporter showed the cell phones being charged the feed was cut.

This is a very organized operation. They're literally moving like a portable city. Look at the photos you see one of the generator trucks in the first photo.

The cameraman started with the guys getting their hair cut with powered cutters in barber chairs. Next we were shown a long line of people drinking Coca-Cola and smoking while waiting for their turn at a haircut. Then the scene goes out to two separate trucks charging lots of smart phones.

These people are not walking or just using trucks for a ride. They have all the amenities of a city.

Haircuts? Got to look good when they hit the border! And those Cell phones, $400-$900 each!

This is solid proof of how organized and well-funded this operation is!

Poor, my ass!