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Capriccio For A Sausage Fest
By Chef Alefantis - PizzaGate 8

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense

Now for a breather before resuming our Kulturkamp against high-society pedophilia next week, let’s enjoy a divertissement of dissonant riffs and loose ends, a capriccio inspired by Pizzagate, which is not to be confused with carpaccio from the blade of celebrity chef Marina Abramovic. Listen closely to the “curiouser” notes in this random medley from suppressed reddit discussion threads. Mute the flugelhorns and bassoons, maestro, to focus our rapt attention on the Pan pipes of Orchestra Meinlust Boyes (OMB) led by guest conductor Jared Oestermiller and featuring alto tenor Jaime Les-Enfantes.
 Stop the clapping! Excuse us for this brief interruption before our program begins. As your MC, I’ve just sent an usher to complain about the loud thumping from the next-door hall. It seems there’s polka party running past their scheduled rental time. Ah, yes, it’s the Illuminatus Club celebrating the third anniversary of a secret affair between Joe Scarborough and Jesuit-Jewish-American Princess Mika Brzezinski, the co-hosts of the NBC morning show.
 For the sake of those in the audience who don’t know her, pardon my frankness while we await an apology, Mika is the granddaughter of Edvard Benes, head of prewar Czechoslovakia’s Rothschild-controlled Jewish government and postwar “Liquidator” of ethnic Germans. Mika’s father is none other than Zbigniew Brzezinski, the original sponsor of the Afghan jihadists and their boy dancers. Mr. Zbig is descended from one of those Polish noble families intermarried with cultist Jacob Frank’s well-oiled young maidens from Odessa. Mika’s employer NBC is owned by Brian L. Roberts who in Yiddish is a mensch. The usher returns with a note so let me read it. This is an outrage! The Order of Jesuit Illuminati demands that we cancel any and all “fake” melodies of Russian origin, including Oestermiller’s interpretation of “Swan Lake”. Our answer to the next-door party’s demand for artistic censorship is “Let them eat bacon-wrapped kielbasa”. Maestro, start up the band!
Eine Recliner Nachtmusik
 The child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart himself could not have equaled the rhapsodic thrills delivered over a two-night gig at the White House by the chamber quartet of James Alefantis, Christopher Moukarbel, Chris Crocker aka Cunningham, and Chelsea Swanger at a two-night performance, September 26-27, 2012.
The star of the two overnights was Chris Crocker, who had morphed from his persona as an underage transvestite into a close-cropped gay porn actor. His notorious defense of Britney Spears, titled “Leave Britney Alone!” in which he “flashed crotch”, got the most hits of any online video in 2007, making him an instant celebrity.
Crocker has since admitted to Huffington Post about “sending people nude photos when I was 14” and that “I have always been comfortable doing everything on camera, so I figured why not porn as well?” Is it pedophilia if a boy voluntarily pimps himself out prior to the age of consent? It depends on the age of the sex partner and the type of sexual activity that ensued. The non-penetration rule was defined by Bill Clinton’s defense in the Monica Lewinsky case: “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.” Since Clinton was never defrocked and sentenced for receiving extramarital oral sex, the U.S. courts have not challenged his legal opinion that sex is not sex so long as traditional intercourse does not transpire. Anything else goes, under the Clinton notion of jurisprudence. Young Crocker’s online exhibitionism would still constitute child porn, possibly subjecting his parents or guardian to a considerable penalty and possible imprisonment.
 The Tennessee-born gay porn idol recallls meeting the boyfriend of documentary filmmaker Mourkarbel, who then featured Crocker, under the pseudonym Cunningham, in “Me at the Zoo”, which premiered at the Sundance Festival in January 2012. At the time of the White House overnighter, the pornographer was preparing rushes for an HBO series called “Sex Now” planned for release the following year, which featured online voyeurism and sexual services (dirty talk, stripping and masturbation by part-time sex workers called “cam girls” and cam couples). The series of three episodes released by HBO in summer 2015 were renamed “Sex On”, as in online.
 The fourth person with Alefantis was Chelsea Swanger, a freelance photographer who posts photos of female athletes and published at the Harrisburg Magazine in the town where Hersheys is located. Whether she engages in pornographic work is undisclosed.
These aspiring young talents and Boy Scout leader Alefantis were shepherded supposedly for a West Wing tour by White House staffer Monica Lee, but the duration of their stay indicates an overnighter followed by a second sleep-over. The visitor departure log indicated 2359 hours (a minute before midnight), which is not about the bewitching hour when little Cinderellas turn back into ragamuffins or Uber rides revert to pumpkins. It means an overnight stay or at least slipping out in the wee hours into the darkness of Pennsylvania Avenue.
Did the Alefantis crew, which included a photographer and notorious trannie/gay porn star, shoot video inside the White House for a porno video? If so, let’s hope they mopped up the body-fluid stains from Dolly Madison’s carpet. Or were these young talents there to enlighten the President and select members of his team with video clips on the latest trends in online pornography? However discomforting the scenario of a pedophile coven might be for American moms and dads who had sincerely believed in change and hope for the better, Alefantis made a swell impression in the president’s gleaming eyes.
On that first day, September 26, the President gave speeches at Kent State and Bowling Green University, and then rushed back to the White House, arriving at 8:30 p.m., ahead of the arrival of Alefantis’s pajama boys. On the following day, Obama flew to Virginia Beach for a campaign speech to the Farm Bureau, and then got back to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue at 2:30 p.m. for a cat nap before a second night’s pillow fight. If I’m allowed to make an editorial comment, the President should keep his gay porn viewing to a remote safe house instead of sullying the heritage of the White House. British invaders set fire to it in revenge yet the White House survived, but the national symbol cannot stand for long when termites are gnawing within.
There are three other Alefantis visits on the White House visitor register, which have caused some confusion in reddit discussions:
- December 16, 2010 6 p.m. to 11:59 p.m. Alefantis arrived at the invitation of POTUS with 497 other guests to attend an evening ceremony to appoint singer Jon Bon Jovi to the new White House Advisory Council on Community Solutions. The 1980s glam rocker from New Jersey was adored by fans for his androgynous pretty JonBenet face and tail wiggling that appealed to married women and young boys. Meanwhile the president and his guests ignored the military veterans in the cold outside protesting against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan without offering them even a cup of hot coffee, quite deplorable as far as hospitality goes.
- December 11, 2012 2 p.m to 9 p.m. Jimmy Comet was invited with 757 other guests to First Lady Michelle Obama’s Toys for Tots collection. Alefantis, who collected toys from customers at Comet Pizza and his Buck’s restaurant, was scheduled to arrive at 2 p.m. indicating that he may have attended an unlisted meeting before the evening reception. Undoubtedly, the regulars at Comet Pizza had closets full of toys for young boys and girls with enough to spare for orphans and poor youths in the ghetto, an investment in the future if there ever was. Merry XXXmas, kids. Want to sit on Santa’s lap?
- April 9, 2014 6:45 pm to 11:59, is an odd meeting, the nature of which has mystified Pizzagate online researchers.
Arias from “The Mandarin’s Son”
On April 9, 2014, from 6:45 pm to 11:59 (past midnight), Jared Oestermiller with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) met with 19 gay activists, including James Alefantis aka Jimmy Comet.
The guest list included real estate agents, a official in the trucking industry, journalists, attorneys, lobbyists and one pizzeria owner. If one excludes personal partners in attendance, there were 17 key players presence. Besides being gay, what was the common denominator among this motley crew?
To understand the role of the magnificent seventeen, one must peruse the organizational chart of the U.S. intelligence community, which is subdivided into a pyramid topped by an upside-down pyramid, joined in the middle by a small square, like a dumbell (a bad analogy for national intelligence even though it fits, as in the DNI James Clapper’s spurious claim of “fake news” being perpetrated by Russian agents).
Inside the lower pyramid are the 16-plus-one intelligence-gathering agencies, CIA, NSA, ONI, ATF, and so on. A super-secret 17th intel group is not shown on the official list. These agencies report to the office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), led by James Clapper, positioned in the small square between the tips of the two triangles.
The filtered intel findings and analyses from DNI then are moved upward into the inverted presidential triangle, through four layers of review before a neatly bound report lands on the desk in the Oval Office. These filters are the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), which reviews the financial data and sifts through economic intelligence; the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB), which double-checks and assesses the quality of analysis and sources; then the President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), where academic experts and veteran intel officials summarize position papers and proposals into executive briefs; and then on to the National Security Council (NSC), which sets policy and action plans for presidential approval.
With all the career spooks caged inside the bottom triangle, which is watched over by DNI Clapper, the OMB inside the presidential triangle is free of intelligence oversight and ethics standards. Its autonomy from scrutiny means that the clandestine spy team under Oestermiller reports only to President Obama. Not bound by conventional rules, this secret corps of gay operatives can transport children across borders through networks of safehouses and arrange child-rape parties, sometimes with ritual murders, for the very same reason that the Caesars held orgies, which is to politically blackmail of senators and tycoons. Moral degradation is the glue that binds together a despotic regime.
The Watergate plumbers were rank amateurs when compared with Obama’s gay praetorian guard. Why is the Oestermiller meeting conspicuously on the White House record? Answer: To justify the generous budgetary line item for the gathered participants as discretionary spending by the Office of the President. Oestermiller’s previous job was at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) with a project on HIV-AIDS prevention. The CDC connection provides official cover for funding the president’s gay Stasi spy operation, funded with automatic approval from the OMB, the federal accounting office. The sneaky black budget explains how James Alefantis gets his nearly unlimited funds for restaurant investments, sponsorship of non-profit groups, avant-garde art events, travel to Berlin and Hawaii, and ownership of a string of properties in Washington DC and Virginia.
Excuse us for this heavy orchestration since Part 8 of Pizzagate is supposed to be light entertainment. Policy wonks with perverse sexual habits can sure ruin an intermission, so let’s indulge in a pause for refreshment. You ask whether Stolichnaya vodka is served at our mezzanine bar because good ole boys at CIA drink whiskey and rye? Nyet! The Moscow mule is a perfect cocktail for the Clinton crowd clinking glasses with Russian tycoons. So raise a glass of U-1 (UraniumOne) vodka: Pa-ye kha-lee! (“Let’s get started”).
Now, about the arias from the Mandarin’s Son, to comprehend these palace intrigues, one needs to recall the competing centers of imperial authority under the Chinese emperors. The Forbidden City was divided by the rivalry between the Mandarins of the civil bureaucracy and the Eunuchs of the royal harem. Since a despotic ruler cannot trust an independent bureaucracy that will outlive his reign, he will instead rely on a corps of tame, obedient castrati to staff his personal spy service and pen his edicts.
Obama’s gay Stasi constitute an independent hub of presidential power outside the intelligence nexus, insidiously collect ing sensitive personal information and compromising photos or video on senators, congressmen, bureaucrats, intel chiefs, governors, bankers, corporate executives, media moguls, celebrities and anybody who might threaten the president’s absolutist power. With its network of informers and pimps, and entrapment schemes, Obama’s inner circle can blackmail nearly anybody who counts, as demonstrated by the ruling class unanimity on the big lie of “fake news”.
The realtors with this secretive network provide safe houses, like the one Seth Rich stopped at for a last round with the contacts who had met him at a gay bar, before he headed home and met his death on a dark street. The murderous homosexual agents are part of the same crisis-management team deployed against Pizzagate. There is nothing novel about using gays for the state’s dirty work since the cross-dressing queer FBI director J. Edgar Hoover perfected these onerous methods of espionage and blackmail.
The existence of a clandestine gay spy network raises questions of whether the earlier Alefantis-Crocker-Mourkarbel visits to the White House were arranged to show President Obama samples of compromising online videos of his opponents for their blackmail potential. James Alefantis appears to be “first among equals” in the gay Stasi, probably assigned to vetting those in attendance at Oestermiller’s parlay. Does that explain why Alefantis, as the secret deputy of the gay Stasi, was rated by GQ magazine as the 50th most powerful individual in Washington DC.?
There is a precedent for a gay spy service known as the Sturmabteilung or storm troopers, the SA, who are also known as the Brown Shirts. Take note of “brown” in the handkerchief code. Jimmy Comet is the Ernst Rohm in our time. Beware of the Night of the Long Knives coming your way, Jimbo. Watch your back, bro’, cause you happen to know too much.
The others at the Oestermiller-Alefantis meeting, listed at VOAT, are:  
Roberta P. Elias from World Wildlife Fund (WWF), which links to the British Royals
Alyssa A. Wilmoth, actor with the Capital Talent Agency (think: hiring of crisis actors for false flag ops)
Jeffrey B Hiott, American Public Transportation Association (moving contraband, human trafficking)
Llewellyn Hinkes-Jones, writer for the Atlantic, Toronto Star, Washington City Paper
Thomas R. Keegan, either a congressional staffer or journalist/actor
Robb A. Murray, apparently a realtor
Christoper D. Masters, roommate of Roger Cornell
Christopher B. Wood, Discovery Channel marketer in 2010 hostage crisis
Carlos Guitierrez, co-worker of Christopher B Wood
Daniel, R. Zak, reporter with Washington Post
Kenneth M. Wilkinson II, property appraiser
Roger A. Cornell, realtor
Jonathon W. Gartshore, lobbyist for World Wildlife Fund, another Brit agent
Fychan E Jones
John A. Coplen II, DC real estate agent
Joseph. M Kapp, business analyst
Patrick J. Tangney, settlement attorney
Thomas Mitchell III, arbitrator
Now that secret circle of Obama’s “eunuchs” is out, thanks to the sleuths of Pizzagate, it becomes clearer as to why all the lackeys jumped on the “fake news” bandwagon. The party’s over, boys. Now for our next selection, polyphony from Telemann’s opera buffa “Pimpinone”.
Pinging Doktor Pong
The Obama-Alefantis connection has deeper roots, as shown by the availability of a ham-and-pineapple pizza in East Berlin. Our passage to Hawaii starts below the Berlin Wall, or what’s left of it, into the Death Strip on the edge of uber-hip Green Party stronghold Prenzlauerberg. This section of the infamous wall was preserved as a stretch of open space to memorialize East Germans who attempted escape but were gunned by the GDR border guards.
Post-Cold War, the Death Strip is a graffiti-sprayed playground for teens, with its Sunday afternoon Bearpit amateur karaoke show in the amphitheater and outdoor basketball courts (take note, Barry, and be sure to tuck a hankie in your back pocket). Adjoining the Turkish ghetto of Kreutzberg, the Death Strip is a gay-cruising zone for those hankering after Arab, Kurdish, Kosovar, Bosnian or Albanian hot meat on a stick, a spicy kofta kebab slathered with tahini sauce.
In year 2000, James Alefantis and partner Oliver Miller discovered Prenzlauerberg, where Miller opened Dr. Pong, a ping pong bar. San Francisco architect Miller had arrived to Berlin earlier, in 1993, when he noticed that ping pong is the only low-cost sport for plebeian youths in every sad town from Muncheberg to Kosovska and Bucak, Turkey. Playing ping pong is an easy way to strike up a conversation with penniless and hungry young kids eager to please an older male who takes them under his wing. In the sexually segregated Muslim realm, sex between an older man and a young boy is taken casually as a misdemeanor that goes unnoticed as opposed to the felony of adultery by a woman, which is punished by the death penalty. The bored boys from nearby Kreuzberg are easy pickings drawn to the bait of ping pong and beer.
Just up the street from the Mauerpark market, the ping pong tables at Dr. Pong provided the model for Comet Ping Pong Pizza in Washington D.C. The Berlin pedo-center is described in a reddit post: “Dr. Pong is a rugged little dingy bar in the heart of Prenzlauerberg, reminiscent of a teenage clubhouse with its minimal decor.” Note “teenage”. Its limited beverage menu is mostly non-alcoholic for entry-level rough-trade Muslim boys circling around the game tables for the next volley in the group game of “Around the World”, a dress rehearsal for a daisy chain.
While the Doctor doesn’t do beer deliveries to embassy residences, there’s probably a lot of demand from diplomats for take-out meat sticks, judging from the great reviews on Trip Adviser’s English-language list of the top 10 bars in Berlin. The Top Ten list fails to include the plusher interior of the fetishist KitKat Club. Another telling indicator is that 666 bar-hopping tours stop at Dr. Pong, indicating a connection to the Satanic rites similar to those in DC. What’s intriguing about Dr. Pong is that its male-on-male games may have provided the concept for torture of Iraqi prisoners at Abu Graibh prison.
During the last years of the German Democratic Republic (GDR) or East Germany, Prenzlauerberg was the favored residential district for gays, hippies and avant-garde artists, a tradition that continued after national reunification in October 1990. Prenzlauerberg is also the location of Rykestrasse Synagogue, the largest Jewish center in Berlin, which was restored at great expense after reunification while Berlin was being restored to its former glory as a Jewish capital with coprophilia clubs and fetish bars to degrade the goyem.
Oliver Miller’s arrival in 1993 coincided with the massive expansion of human trafficking of children for the European pedophile sex trade out of the war-torn Balkans in the wake of the Clinton-Blair NATO interventions to break apart Yugoslavia. Berlin was a transit point for children transshipped between Belgrade and the UK by the Kosovar mafia and Western military contractors including DynCorp. London is the wholesale global market for child sex slaves through fraudulent NGOs that act as adoption agencies.
Sadly for Alefantis and Miller, the pair arrived a few years too late to join SchwuP, the Movement for Gay, Pederast and Transsexual Rights, which until 1987 was a wing of the Green Party, itself a product of the sexual liberation and drug experimentation theories of the CIA-allied Frankfurt School. Even after being busted for possession of methamphetamines, SchwuP leader Volker Berg survives as a parliamentarian in the Bundestag as the crusty old chief of the German-Israeli Parliamentary Friendship Group. Go chew on that, vice cops and DEA agents.
In 1986, Volker’s “Schwuppies” distributed this Green Party flyer to parliamentarians: “He is a boy, roughly 10 years old, with a pretty face, full lips, a straight nose and shoulder-length hair. The wings of an angel protrude from his narrow back, and a penis is drawn with thin lines on the front of his body.” In any country other than defeatist Germany beholden to the Israeli pedophiles, this sort of drivel is called illegal pornographic trash and justification for SWAT shoot-to-kill raids.
The politically ambitious Greens eventually had to repudiate their support for sex with kindergarteners by their founders including Danny “the Red” Cohen-Bendit, the CIA-promoted leader of the 1968 student riots in Paris. The pedophile campaign was carried forward until 2008 by Volker Berg’s partner Jacques Teyssier, a former member of the French intelligence service, who was on board of the Lesben und Schwulenverband in Deutschland (LSVD), the lesbian and gay association in Germany. The German gay movement is obviously a brainwashed arm of the CIA.
The darker side of the pedophilic underground has since been carried on by a provocative novelist with the pen name Klaus Wanninger, the Anonymous of the Karlsruhe-based Schwaben-sumpf (the Schwabian Swamp). Sadistic and Satanic imagery was developed in parallel by this deviant strain, which obviously has had a huge influence on the artists and customers at Comet Ping Pong Pizza.
In early 2012, Alefantis and Miller teamed up to start a restaurant called Nalu or “wave” in Hawaiian. The partnership in the Berlin restaurant inspired Alefantis to sponsor a “sausage festival” at his Buck’s Fishing and Camping restaurant in Washington DC to honor a visit by Oliver Miller. There is no indication that Nalu or Dr. Pong has ever celebrated Octoberfest in Berlin by adding traditional bockwurst mit sauerkraut und senf (mustard) to their menus.
Hotdog Stand in Hawaii
A reference to sausages did appear in an email that Obama’s chief climate-change negotiator Todd Stern sent to John Podesta.
Date: 2015-09-03 18:17
Subject: man, I miss you
The next three months are going to be rougher internally than in Beijing. Between 7th and 1600, no fun. Hope you’re doing ok. I’m dreaming about your hotdog stand in Hawaii. . .
The term 7th refers to the 7th floor of the State Department, with 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue being the address of the White House. After convincing the government China to support UN COP21, Stern was stressed-out by the preparations and diplomatic push for the make-or-break 2015 Paris climate-change conference. That much is clear, but the strange communication about a hotdog stand in Hawaii has been a matter of conjecture among reddit and Voat sleuths. One post suggested it referred to a fast-food joint on Molokai island, owned by a man with the surname of Podesta, but the suspicion was in error since one of the two given names does not match that of Hillary’s campaign manager.
A more reliable lead emerged when online researchers tracked down the business history of the Arab-owned Besta pizzeria, located two doors down from Comet Ping Pong in DC. That search disclosed local ownership of a Besta Pizza by the Filipino-American Batin family in Koloa, Kauia in the State of Hawaii, under a franchise based in Las Vegas. The since-bankrupted pizzeria on Kauai island is the probable place that James Alefantis learned the art of wood-fired pizza-making, specializing of course in ham-and-pineapple and seafood toppings. After the closure of the Las Vegas office, the franchise operator FCD Property LLC reappeared on the East Coast in Baltimore and, under Arab ownership, near Comet Ping Pong.
Kauai, the “Garden Island” renowned for its tropical ecology, is a favored destination for ultra-wealthy global jet-setters, who are too snooty to set foot in tourist-packed Waikiki, the likes of whom include Pierce Brosnan, Ben Stiller and Michael Crichton. Barack Obama has frequently vacationed there, most recently on for a ceremony in September 2016 to declare the world’s largest marine reserve stretching from Kauai to the Midway islands.
What besides plumeria blossoms and papaya trees brought Barry O’Bomber Soetaro and James Achilles Alefantis to this haven for the rich and famous? One of the major attractions of Hawaiian resorts is, of course, prostitution and, given slack law enforcement, the “beach boy” trade for tourists, female or male. Did Alefantis moonlight as a male escort, and then work his way up the job ladder as a procurer of teenagers for wealthy gay visitors? Kauai was the probable starting point for businessman Alefantis’s daily special combo of pizza and underage sex workers.
Along with teen boys, another attraction prior to the legalization of cannabis dispensaries was the illegal marijuana and methamphetamine trade, boosted by the state’s Maui Wowie image, always a plus factor for laidback Kauai gay pride fests. With this context in mind, a second look at the Stern-Podesta email indicates that the White House climate-change official had probably stopped over in Hawaii on the way from Washington DC to Beijing. There, on Koloa Landing, Poipu beach, is the “hotdog stand”, a codeword for underage male prostitutes. (Intimacy with adult beach boys is legal whenever payment for a sex session is included in the surfing lesson, and so the hotdog code is intended for beach boys under 18 years of age.)
The use of past tense indicates Stern had earlier been introduced to the Kauai boy-sex scene by John Podesta, a frequent visitor to Hawaii in the entourage going to President Obama’s home state and possibly earlier. Todd D. Stern was a member of Vice President Al Gore’s delegation to the 1997 Kyoto Summit on Climate Change. The main sponsors of that event in Japan were the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), the utility that would gain notoriety for its cover-ups of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and Toyota Motor Exports, which was planning a future of electric cars recharged by nuclear power plants, thus the anti-coal strategy. Al Gore is a nuclear proponent whose political base is in the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), a leading nuclear investment zone. High-percentile THC joints on a Kauai beach probably accounts for the lunacy of signing aboard the Kyoto Protocol of the Elders of TEPCO.
The blowback from nuclear collusion onto the Hawaiian Islands happened within days of the Fukushima meltdowns of mid-March 2011, with huge spikes in radioactivity levels wafting across the Pacific, which soon led to mutations of vegetation across the islands. The information on the biological effects of nuclear contamination was totally suppressed by Obama’s Department of Energy. The federal cover-up prevented public-health responses to combat the steady rise in the local rates of heart-failure and cancer, which rose after a long period of decline prior to 2011, and were therefore likely due to radioactivity exposure. Since Fukushima, Hawaii is no longer a green paradise and is instead a death trap for residents and visitors who loiter near the nuclear-contaminated seawater along the beach. By failing to warn and protect the Hawaiian population from radioactivity, Barry Obama has doomed his reputed birthplace, which he does not treat as a genuine motherland.
There’s only one question left to answer, how do you want your hotdog? Mustard, relish, kraut or relish, or simply undressed?
Trivia from the Magic Flute
Our program concludes with alto tenor Jaime Les-Enfantes presenting a sample of melodies from Mozart’s menagerie of wild beasts and Frankist warlocks.
- Greek connection: The Alefantis family are descendants of Greek immigrants. John and Tony Podesta’s mother Mary Kokoris is Greek. Alex Tsipras, prime minister of Greece, is of course the fellow Greek who aided and abetted Bill Clinton and George Soros in organizing the European migrant crisis of 2015 that sent thousands of unaccompanied refugee children to human trafficking networks in the Balkans and Western Europe. Everything’s connected.
- Georgetown link: John Podesta received his law degree from the law school of Georgetown University to become the great protector of the national pedophile network. James Alefantis graduated with honors from elite Georgetown Day School before migrating to Indiana and Hawaii, then on to pedo Berlin and back to DC.
- Tony Podesta’s ex-wife Heather Miller has not publicly disclosed her origins, but a search of the historical record shows her hometown to be Nicolaus, California, population 211 in the 2010 census, an agrarian village located on the outskirts of Yuba City and on the bank of the Feather River, near Sutter’s Mill, a site famous for the ‘49er gold rush. She’s a small-town yokel who struck it rich as a corporate lobbyist and art collector. What’s she got that the rest of us don’t?
With that, our program of light entertainment has drawn to an ed. Next week we resume our grand symphony series with the big guns of Wagner horsn and timpani kettles. We hope you’ll join us for another evening of classical delights. Miss Cunningham, Christine, if you’d be so nice as to escort these gentlemen to their car. Charming girl, isn’t he?
Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based investigative journalist and former lecturer of news reporting and media studies at three universities.


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