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Candidate Ocasio Is A Cyber-Puppet
In The Obama-CIA Race War

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To Rense

The wild-eyed Democrat heroine (that’s with an “e”) Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is yet another spooky creature from the NSA-CIA’s bag of dirty tricks, assembled by the clever Jesuits from various moving parts from the intelligence-mafia’s supply room. Who and what are behind this new Joan of Arc, the great Puerto Rican hope, Wonder Woman from the Bronx?

Before going over her dubious career track and altered life record to qualify as a female presidential candidate-in-waiting, aka the next Hillary, let’s first, as always: Follow the Money.

Despite the claim of running her campaign on a shoestring budget to upset Democrat heavyweight Joe Crowley, her staff and expenses were paid for by two of the most questionable operators in American politics, both with deep intelligence connections: Cenk Uyghur, the online fakir who produced Young Turks, and Rep. Rohit “Ro” Khanna (D-CA), a hustler assigned to Silicon Valley by India’s all too ambitious spy service.

Or course, it goes higher than these two clowns. Strategic planning and concealed money transfers for the sinister subversion campaign comes from Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA, pronounced “offal”), the black-money fund behind Antifa ‘resistance' and the phony Trump Russia Dossier. (Why, you wonder, hasn’t the media reported this yet, about Obama funding the Moscow hit job? That’s why they’re called fake news.)

Uyghur and Khanna, a Punjabi multi-millionaire, along with the sleep-in pajama-boy corps, are part of the late-comer “brown mafia” organized by Obama to usurp the pioneering legislative reforms of American-born Black, Chicano and Asian political leaders who earned their stripes the hard way, in the ghetto from the ground up. The ambitious usurpers serve as front men for foreign investment and money laundering in Silicon Valley. To evade arrest for their questionable financial dealings, these con artists are allied with the NSA-DARPA-CIA political cyber-espionage racket, which is nothing less than an American Stasi.

Poor Girl from Westchester County

Infamously, Alexandria “Sandy” Ocasio-Cortez has been exposed by the New York media as an uptown girl raised in Westchester County and not the working-class Bronx resident she claimed to be during the campaign. Her family’s apartment in Bronx doesn’t quite qualify as barrio, either. The Parkchester “planned community” of her early childhood was and remains an upscale mid-rise brick coop. It’s nothing close to a cold-water walk-up. Maria in “West Side Story” she certainly is not.

For those who remember Bronx as “Fort Apache”, where white cops were under siege by Rican pushers and black pimps and Irish car thieves, must be hitting retirement age by now. Mayor Mike Bloomberg and before him Mayor Rudy have long since gentrified The Bronx, Harlem and Bed-Sty with SWAT raids that never won any human-rights awards.

Alexandria was named not after the lost library in Egypt but for her dad’s Jewish business partner and fellow architect Alexander Kirchenbaum. When she was still in her terrible twos, Sergio Ocasio-Roman came upon a run-down yet solid 3-bedroom wooden cottage surrounded by a vast tree-studded yard in upscale Yorktown Heights, in highest average income Westchester County. The local school is Ivy League prep. On vacations and free weekends, he lovingly renovated the classic country home. During her “tough childhood”, Sandy (the usual nickname for Alexandria) “commuted” from the Bronx. At that tender age, it must’ve been to a daycare center so that mommy could help with the home repairs.

By age 5, the Yorktown Heights cottage was in spic-and-span condition, meaning her talk about “commuting” to high school is a heroic retelling of her catching rides to The City for weekends likely spent at salsa dance clubs or bar-hopping. She’s no angel, recently toiling as a bartender for tips, and maybe for other reasons. Already 28, unmarried and Latina, hmmm….. Just jesting, Sandy, even if that’s what people whisper at church.

Another Dead Kennedy

Her science teacher remembers her for testing anti-aging products on a microscopic worm, an experiment that won her second-place at an Intel science fair. Upon graduation from Yorktown High, she entered Brown University in Boston. There, by the muddy waters of the River Charles, she interned at the local office of Sen. Ted Kennedy, the same chap who was so quick at Chappaquidick but alas came too late for Mary Jo. The senator’s staff assigned her to immigration affairs, an issue of vital importance to the diocese with its constant need to fill the pews. Just another pretty young face in the Democratic Party, and within a few months of her internship, the 78-year-old senator died.

This tragedy for her career was soon followed by the loss of her father due to heart failure. Despite his acumen as CEO of the renovation-business partnership, Sergio had strangely left no will, indicating that perhaps his fortune went to another Ocasio named “Cindy” in Westchester County, whose bio has been scrubbed. On and off the island, it’s no secret that Puerto Ricans tend to polygamous, a tradition since before Columbus made landfall. So Sandy had to move in with her mother back in the Bronx, a step backward indeed.

Fake Socialists of America, Unite!

Her membership in the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) was the saving grace that kept her inside political circles on visits with the Dakota Access pipeline protests, the Flint, Michigan, lead-contaminated water crisis, and later to the ICE detention center in Turnillo, Texas. Like the other bright-eyed young leftists, she worked as a foot soldier in the Bernie Sanders campaign. To pay the bills that the DSA didn’t cover, she worked as bartender at FlatFix, a Mexican restaurant, an ideal spot for garnering the Hispanic vote and monitoring the latest bad news from illegal immigrants inside the kitchen.

It was her fellow DSA activists who urged her to contest the 2018 primary for the New York 17th district seat. The DSA team arranged the funding flows from Khanna, Uyghur and Obama through their front groups Justice Democrats and Brand New Congress. The 10-term incumbent, the old warhorse Joe Crowley, had been tapped by party insiders to replace Nancy Pelosi as minority leader. His “surprise” outster in the primary indicates a shady alliance between aging establishment feminists in the Hillary camp and the insurgents with arch-rival Sanders. These deals don’t happen because they make practical sense, but must be arranged by the bigwigs, and here it had to have been Barack Obama.

Monarch Ultra in ritzy Westchester

Before proceeding into the longtime CIA connections with DSA, let’s here respond to the many online comments about Alexandria’s spooky wild-eyed stare. Since Castro’s revolution, Cubans and Puerto Ricans have been the special subject for the continuing CIA psychiatric-suggestion program...formerly known as the MK-ULTRA project depicted in the Jason Bourne novels-movies. A recent example was the case of the Puerto Rican janitor at the New School of Social Research named Oscar Morel, the patsy in the Manhattan mosque shooting (which saved corruption-beset Mayor Bill DeBlasio from being dumped. See my article on Morel at

Ocasio’s home county happens to be the site of a psychiatric research facility called the Weill Cornell Psychiatry Center at New York Presbyterian Hospital Westchester. It is a branch of the same mother hospital, then known as Presbyterian Hospital in Cornell (Ithaca, NY) where top-ranked neurologist Dr. Harold Wolff conducted human trials for the CIA ‘s MK-ULTRA program, testing the effects of LSD and several other illegal mind-warping drugs on unsuspecting patients.

That pioneering work of transforming disturbed individuals into killer robots has since been disguised through compartmentalization under different medical research departments. In case wild-eyed Ms. Ocasio, a supporter of gun confiscation, ever launches, as in goes ballistic, do not be surprised. Unforeseen accidents happen, you losers at Langley, so be sure to give her a set of alias ID and addresses for the benefit of reporters. Nothing is more suspicious than refusing to release the shooter’s name days after your event.

MK-ULTRA had dark roots not only in pharmaceutical development by Nazi-era pharmacologists (transferred to Sandoz in Switzerland, and then continued by Eli Lilly and Purdue University, my alma mater), but at a cultural theory level with the Freud family’s psychoanalysis research at the Tavistock Institute in London and also in the transformative-aimed projects spun by the Frankfurt School of critical theory, especially Herbert Marcuse who was employed at the CIA during and after World War II.

The Democratic Socialists of America emerged from this same matrix of social-psychological-cultural experimental work involving psychoanalysts and neurologists with the CIA. The on-and-off FBI and later CIA, interest in its predecessor group, the Socialist Party of America, flared in the build-up to World War II, when its perennial presidential candidate, the Presbyterian anti-communist hero Norman Thomas espoused pacifist objections to US entry into the European conflict. On orders from the Roosevelt government (and obviously the Rothchilds), his organization was then thoroughly penetrated by intel agents (as told to me long ago by one of their key infiltrators) due to suspicions that Norman Thomas was under the influence of the America First movement due his vocal criticism of Zionism. A fact-based concept is usually considered by the paranoiac to be some sort of conspiracy.

Replacing Protestant Thomas with a Jesuiit Clone

It was during the Vietnam War era that the CIA spymasters sent in their prime agent on campus (founder of the NSA, the National Student Association) Allard K. Lowenstein to befriend Thomas on a CIA-funded trip to monitor elections in the Dominican Republic. His mission was clear, make Thomas join the team or else, as had already been done with the compliant antiwar fraudster Rev. William Sloane Coffin at the Presbyterian Riverside Church.

To understand the mindset of the CIA at the time, the “peace” movement had to be converted to promote the “pacification” program launched by the CIA in Vietnam, involving mass incarceration inside strategic hamlets and the napalming everything in the free-fire zone outside the compounds. Do not think this outdated or outlandish, since something very similar is now being organized for the global village in cyberspace. Your firewall is a flimsy defense against what the spooks are deploying (even as I jot these words).

After Lowenstein’s journey to the DR with Norman Thomas, the socialist leader suddenly retired and went silent, with recently released documents indicating his regrets for that brief collaboration with the CIA. (It just goes to show how persistently the devils will hound a man of moral conscience until he finally sins.) Lowenstein continued his CIA missionary work overseas, especially in the Western European countries and the “softer” members of the Warsaw Pact, especially Czechoslovakia, specifically Prague.

Several years after the war’s end, Lowenstein was shot dead in his Manhattan law office by his“mentally disturbed” protege Dennis Sweeney, in yet another Jason Bourne-style mop-up job. The assassin was one of many gunman in New York state whose names are identical, “Dennis Sweeney”, much like the multiple editions of Jason Bourne and James Bond. Alexandria Ocasio, take note of how the story usually ends.

Enter the Jesuit-trained activist Michael Harrington, who replaced the side-lined Norman Thomas and founded the Democratic Socialists USA, a Catholic-based clone of the American Socialist Party. At Saint Louis University High School, Harrington was best friends with Tom Dooley, who soon became world-renowned as the Jesuit priest and medical doctor (and Cardinal Spellman’s sock puppet) whose books and sermons did more that anyone to get the Kennedy administration to escalate the Vietnam War in defense of the Catholic-dominated government in Saigon.

The Jesuit version of this “alternative” socialist agenda cloaked as Liberation Theology (now being pushed by Jorge Maria Bergoglio aka Pope Francis) was the creation of executives of the Catholic-dominated CIA and their stooge Harrington. His big moment came when the Kremlin ordered Soviet tanks to crush the Prague Spring, splintering the student antiwar movement of 1968 into dozens of factions from hardline Stalinists, Maoists and Ho Chi Minh supporters, to the “reasonable” DSA.

Following orders from Langley, the DSA deviously maneuvered throughout the Chicago National Convention protests in late summer 1968 to eliminate the more radical (aka honest) antiwar protesters. In violation of a truce with the students, Mayor Richard Daley’s police force and National Guardsmen bolstered by armored vehicles brutally assaulted the many factions camped-out overnight in Lincoln Park. Meanwhile inside 5-star hotels, the Democratic Socialists and Rev, Coffin survived unscathed and in control of the antiwar movement. In short, the DSA is a country club for CIA agents like the treacherous Rev. Coffin Sloan and pawns like Ms. Ocasio.

In a similar fashion, the Bernie Sanders movement is not just a Pied Piper’s challenge to the Trump president, it also will end as a CIA killing field to wipe out simple-minded young idealists whenever the same Democratic Party establishment no longer needs their services. Wake up, you butt-dumb millennials, and read about ‘68 because it’s all been done before. The midterms and 2020 are just a rerun of the same old backstabbing game.

Same Scam, Same Scum

Fast forward to 2017, when the DSA quit the Socialist International, that treacherous partnership of the Rothschilds, Jesuits and CIA,. DSA dropped out of worldwide “socialism” for the same duplicitous reasons typical of the late Michael Harrington, the need to appear to be “American”, so as to compete with President Donald Trump’s unabashed patriotism.

What goal are you struggling toward, kids? The same as yesteryear’s great cause celebre? Vietnam, is today not a paradise of equality and human rights; it is a full-on uber-capitalist state where workers are paid $2 per hour, where protests are outlawed, and whose military is embedded with the Pentagon, the Kremlin, the Israeli Defense Force and their lackey India. In hindsight, one wonders what the ‘60s were all about, other than the MK-ULTRA formula of drugs, sex and rock’n’roll. So what about Truth, Justice and the American Way? Call Superman, since even Donald can’t deliver on all of that.

Now today, in preparation for the upcoming midterm elections, and presidential contest in 2020, the Jesuit-Rothschild-CIA operation is back on the ground again, rolling forward with oodles of dollars for young activists on a suicide mission. The ‘60s Version 2 is being recycled by the same national security establishment, their psychiatric bureau, and the mainstream propaganda corps, the very same political hucksters, mind controllers and war criminals who deceived and screwed over my generation 50 years ago. Except this time around they have total control over the fifth dimension of cyberspace.

The uber-sharing economy on a world scale is a pipe dream, yet another brand of a discredited socialism, yet also fueled and financed by cocaine and heroin smuggled in by the CIA. Mega-scale economic reform and social engineering have failed to create utopia and instead has destroyed much of this fragile planet. Instead the proven results are mindless greed, corruption, waste, moral violence, a meaningless lifestyle, collapsing health and utter hopelessness, even if you happen to be an investment banker. Those promises spewed by the CIA’s mouthpieces are just a cynical diversion from the hard realities of reforming the financial rules to stop turning over the farm to Wall Street and the Federal Reserve.

A better future can become possible only by making investment funds available to small-scale industries, local brands, family farmers, independent transport operators and local newspapers instead of to the mega-banks, hedge funds, venture cap and other types of criminal finance. No reform in the USA will succeed unless American society returns to its core values of hard work, personal savings, community spirit, ingenuity, the legacy of land and a frontier culture of neighborliness and self-responsibility.Change starts in your backyard. America does not have to so great again, Americans just need to relearn how to be good. So get to work on building what’s real.

Foreign Cyber Spooks inside the gates

Before signing off, let’s cast some light onto the dark corner of the NSA-CIA operations where those greasy worms Cenk Uyghur and Ro Khanna are crawling. For his soul’s sake, if for no other reason, the cyber-swami from Punjab should be growing walnuts in the Central Valley instead subverting the youth and trying to capture the White House for the India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW, the Raj branch of Her Majesty’s secret service.)

Khanna defeated incumbent Mike Honda in the 2017 Democratic primary for California’s 17th District, which covers Silicon Valley. The Indian challenger was supported by the likes of Eric Schmidt of Alphabet (Google) aka Dr. Strangelove, Sheryl Sandberg and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Palanthir’s Peter Thiel, venture capitalists John Doerr and “Mr. Coleslaw”, the document-shredder who heads the Indo tech mafia named Vinod Khosla. Bro’ Ro’s net worth of $27 million cannot be accounted for by his father’s transmission shop in India nor by his work as an aide to CIA heavyweight Al Gore.

Rep Honda, who in contrast to the operatives of the Indian political mafia is not an agent of his ancestral homeland (but in contrast has been a strong critic of Tokyo on the wartime comfort women issue). Honda has rightfully accused the Khanna campaign of cyber-espionage in bribing an Iranian-American member of his campaign team to steal his listserve of supporters and hacking a dropbox to hijack the donor list. The cyber-thief Khanna, in other words, is the Obama clone who is personally involved in the Total Surveillance State under NSA-CIA-RAW cyber-tyranny. Keep him on your watch list, folks.

Another cause of concern is his long-standing loyalties to the Clintons even after her email server scandal, which is unacceptable for a Silicon Valley insider. It just proves that the lot of them in Silicon Valley are Zionist-Hindu-Zionist subversives and crooks with zero scruples, not a whit of American values, pure and simple. They are as foreign blood-sucking vampire bats.

In the most scurrilous low-down accusation, Bro’ Ro accused Honda of racism against darker-complexioned people of color, an outright fabrication. Therefore you third-rate racist Khanna, let me say it out loud: You and the hiphop pajama boys have a deep-seated inferiority complex toward East Asians. Take for example Obama’s stepfather Lolo Soetero who actively participated in the brutal slaughter of 2 million Chinese Indonesian for their “crime” of working long hours to save the money to invest in their children’s education instead of blowing their pay after hours. It has nothing to do with skin tone but with the moral values necessary not to end up as ghetto trash, whether one starts out poor or ends up rich, trash is trash. Now it’s you who’s blowing someone else’s money on the George Soros’s agenda, proof enough of lack of any moral caliber. Listening in, Maxine? Stop talking that spite, cause it’s beneath your dignity to influence younger people to be violent racist thugs protecting your racket. Dump the envy, stop the blame, and try working harder for your constituents, do something right for once in your life.

Apologist for the Armenian Genocide

Supporting Ocasia from the online news scam is the Armenian genocide apologist, media celebrity Cenk Uyghur. If he was German instead of Turkic, he’d be arrested for endorsing mass murder. Neglected on the list of shame is his beloved Turks slaughter of the Assyrians and Greeks. Prove you’re a patriot by killing an unarmed Christian. Perhaps he can find an even more receptive media audience in Shinzo Abe’s retrogressive Japan.

His net worth of $5 million is supposedly accounted for by the popularity of the Young Turks show with its claimed 1 million viewers (mostly bots). His newest scam is ta takeover of the Democratic Party though a campaign finance scheme for unethical upstarts called Justice Democrats, and also Brand New Congress. If Ms. Ocasio wants to do anything for women’s rights, she should add this notorious sexist creep to the #MeToo list.

So these are the exemplary “progressive” sponsors of Bernie’s Brown Shirts, con artists who are preparing yet another genocide with their ongoing foreign invasion of “travelers and refugees” (aka criminals, jihadists and child sex slaves) into the United States, all orchestrated by the CIA as was “Europe’s summer of migrants”. As for the alt.right knee-jerk, no, Ocasio is not a communist since there is no such thing anymore, anywhere, indeed if there ever really was. Those phantoms from the past, like their dopplegangers, the fascists, are buried and gone.

It’s all just online gaming, fantasy role-playing. Manchurian candidate Alexandria is just another lost soul play-acting in the Bot Wars, although those scary vacant eyes may indicate something much more troubling.