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Calling Them By Name!

By Jim Kirwan

ISIS & ISIL are US Inc. & Israel

The universe is a living breathing entity in which everything is directly connected to everything else. If we could see the world, as it is now, it would resemble a single human being having an epileptic seizure of the brain.

The effects of this deal with evil, upon the body of human life, in the world, would reflect the paralytic and violent reactions of the entire planet that are no longer in control in any area. As this seizure continues nation after nation will erupt with uncontrollable rage and this is part of the global war that was forecast for July 1, 2014. Everything except the global collapse of the financial world has already happened—yet the world has still chosen not to react. ­ video

TEXT of Rage & Outrage are Waiting

The West has allowed the world to understand that they are ISIS and its subsets of forces, that are now roaming the planet raining chaos and global destruction in every area of what the world once looked like - just a few months ago. If they had done this in US and Israeli military uniforms the world would have risen up to decimate us in every country where we have invested the planet with this global-disease of paranoid greed, torture and murder worldwide.

But by deferring to an unknown series of falsely labeled criminal-corporations which the entire world has been living with since WWII: These outrageously evil bastards who are now defended by mercenaries and religious maniacs, are graphically confronting the Amerikan-public – that has stopped looking deeper for any of the real causes behind the current attacks upon the entire planet.

But those who have born the brunt of our massively illegal wars know exactly who they’re dealing with because they’ve already paid with their blood & treasure: Which is why this will be a global-battle to the finish worldwide!

The truth of who and what and why

Is revealed in the Armored Caterpillar Bulldozers

That were again used to destroy so many more religious shrines

ISIS jihadists demolishe mosques, shrines in northern Iraq

Here’s what we allowed to happen to us,

Just since the beginning of the New Millennium

“Here’s How We Came To Be Where We Are Today”

But now Israel’s global blackmail has been thrown out of the closet onto the floor of public debates around the earth. Once the clear intent of their plans for humanity hits home: Israel will reap what they have been artificially reacting to since they began to pretend that they are a state. Israel has accused Iran and others, many times, of wanting “to see Israel driven into the sea”. But now many in the world are hearing Israel’s threats against all the nations of the world; when Netanyahu blatantly says, as part of his Sampson principle:

“We will turn your countries into glass if you try to resist us”

Netanyahu of the illegal state of Israel

And as the world digests the fact that Israel, who has planted nukes in all the major nations around the planet, (25 of the over 350 nukes they stole from the US - under the GWH Bush are here in the US alone). Once this fact sinks in and the global public realizes that there really is “nothing left to lose” then Israel and US Inc will be totally finished ­ because at the end of this coming slaughter, it will be those two criminal conspiracies that will be wiped off the surface of the earth and that will be as it should be, because they have earned that fate a million times over…

And YES it will cost the world that much, because too many waited far too long to act!


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