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California LBGTQ To
Ban Heterosexual Life

By Jim Kirwan


The actual title of the article was:

It's Official Folks! California Has Just Gone Off The Deep End Look What Law Was Just Passed

Begins @2min 27sec

The State of California has just created their own travel ban which prohibits travel to any state deemed to be unfriendly to LGBT causes.”

Now all students of California State and University of California are no longer allowed to travel to North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi or Kansas according to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra. Outrageous!”

From the LA Times...

One reader said:

“Good grief.  Well, they can ban the sale of any agricultural products to states that are not LGBT friendly.   Then they can ban traditional marriage.   

I don't know what has gotten into people.   Perhaps it's something in the water.  If all it takes to make Americans crazy is organization and unlimited money behind the scenes, anything can happen. 

Government schools at all levels are pushing the communist agenda.  It is believed that workers can be molded into any form the state desires.    If you can convince someone to deny his/her fundamental sexual identity you can make that person do anything you want.'   

My own conclusion is that if this is not removed then we have granted an expostfacto right to the entire LBGTQ club “the right” to outlaw heterosexual behavior, which includes marriage ­ not to mention the right to produce children by legal unions. More than that ­ by giving special rights to the LBGTQ community and by blocking certain other rights, we are allowing this splinter group to totally control education and their twisted views on gender and sexual rights, for the next ten generations. All of this was done without a vote of the public: Because this crime was passed by a quiet vote of the so-called California Government that was signed by the fake communist Governor Jerry Brown ­ without a vote from the people of California....

Where is our newly created flaky president?

All citizens are responsible for the taxes and fees they pay, for in the state ­ how is it that certain of those state & national-rights can now be changed because of a sexual preference?

On 'BACKGROUND' I found this:


With this in mind why not vote on a law to allow other designated groups

to form one giant state based on their ideology?

If this were done La Raza could fight with the LGBTQ community,

this would pit the Latino majority population

against the White & Black communities vs. the LGBQ mob,

for absolute control over the State of California.

Maybe this is why the states were founded on following US law?

How is this not the beginning of just another illegal coup?