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'Business' Is The Real Enemy



Not the business of the necessities of life, just the massively criminal enterprises.

From the time I was small, throughout my teenage years, I learned early about the sacred-principles of “B’ness”. Life was hard, but it was beautiful. The only major thorn, even early-on, became that “special category” that excused every wrong, slipped past every social-norm on the all too simple excuse: “Hey it’s just business!”

As I continued to grow in various Universities’ of the Streets I kept on learning, discovering and hating, almost everything the term

BUSINESS’ ever stood for. In an effort to understand the corporate aspect I took jobs inside corporations, politics, and “businesses” ­ to try and understand what I thought I must have missed. The truth was far worse than I imagined, and the proof of that lies all around us now ­ in ruins.

Early-on I questioned “why” the same people that supposedly believed in right & wrong, or even simple civility suddenly became stone whenever the term “Business” was mentioned. Gradually the whole concept became clear. When behavior mattered it was essential that people behave as if they cared about other people and the principles by which society was able to function.

I did a lot of things, most of which I wasn’t proud of but I was learning, firsthand about the ugliest sides of business, mostly for myself. As I continued up the ladder that was my life, into that fog that always hides the tomorrow’s of our lives, I kept on trying to understand how what was so apparent, could be so diametrically opposed to everything else in life?

The ultimate-goal it seemed was only money; or anything that could lead to more power, more domination, or that most-mysterious place of all - where “nothing could ever be enough”!

I was surrounded by the edge-of-knowing, yet I failed to take in that naked-truth which is not hard to see at all, if you’re looking. Once I finally ‘got-it’ and began to understand what it meant ­ it seemed too small a piece of knowledge to be the master-key to understanding the twentieth century. But as it turned out - that was apparently exactly what that knowledge was, and still is, despite all the centuries that it’s been decimating, with the arrogance of their nakedly evil-ways.

B’ness in virtually every country is used to justify everything from mass-murder to genocide, from nuclear wars to the starvation torture and death of millions of people every year ­ and the bottom-line is always the same:

It’s Just Business!

Whether looking at religious-people, neighbors, politicians, friends or presidents, it seems that it’s always the same excuse to cover it all:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely”

There is a mind-set that serves this calculus to the enth degree, and it’s based upon that split-second skill at making snap-decisions like pulling a trigger or making a deal. Only those who have that skill will survive what’s coming ­ and that’s a fact!

Alice has been deflowered and Wonderland is Dead. The principles on which this place was theoretically created are no longer operative. But “B’ness” is alive & well, even though it’s as corrupted as Kissinger, as filthy as the whole Rothschilds family ­ diseased, crippled, but always struggling to steal that last penny from the dead of every nation before they leave…

Business” must be totally overhauled from top to bottom if the planet is to have even a small chance of ever coming back to life. To do that business needs to undergo a thorough autopsy that would be able to remove the cancers, seal the glaring lesions and restore the vitality that once drove real businesses to thrive. Here’s an example of what passes for a B’ness venture now. “Yahoo” is the server for my email!

Google Bans Babylon Bab·y·lon [noun]:

In the Book of Revelation, the name of a whore who rules over the kings of the earth and rides upon a seven-headed beast. "Mystery, Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth."—Revelations 17:

Internet giant Yahoo! announced on November 10, 2013, that it won't end its revenue sharing contract with Israeli Babylon, despite Google terminating its similar contract on November 30.

Google provided above 40% of Babylon's revenues during the second quarter of 2013; Yahoo! provided over 30%, which amounts to almost $20 million.

Babylon is the largest company in what is mockingly known as the Israeli Download Valley,* or in a more serious term the field of directing users. Israel has conquered several internet and information-technology niche markets. This is true to the extent that most American citizens are unwillingly sharing their secrets with the State of Israel.

I reviewed Babylon a few months ago in Microsoft Strikes Israeli Software after the American giant limited the activity of Babylon and similar companies on its browsers. I Google decision was the result of pressure coming from users of its browser Chrome that correctly understood they were being robbed by Babylon.” (1)

As for the human side of life: American’s need to learn that no one is ever going to be “SAFE”, not in this world! Whether it’s in business or from the corrupted-filth that this government has become: All we can do is to live every second of our lives, as if they were the last moments we might enjoy. “Life” is something that must be taken one-day at a time and used up fully, so that each tomorrow can continue to offer new challenges each and every day…

We need to fight for those we love, just as we try to insure that our lives need not be subject to unreasoned-fear, false-imprisonment or the tortures or the threats of mindless-madmen: Which mandates the total abolition of the Patriot Acts, DHS, the FED and the current US government in its entirety.

I’m almost half-way past seventy, which does not seem to have been long, yet it’s been long enough to know that there are far worse things than dying. What’s coming in the next few weeks is a very-special-time when many things will need to be considered very thoughtfully, because the time to decide what you are and what you will soon need to do - is here.

Good Night & Good Luck America

Because we’re going to need it!

1) Google Bans Babylon


War Is a Racket by Smedley Butler



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