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The Bush, Shark, Trump
Tower Plot - Real Or Memorex?
And Evidence For FBI Sheep-Dipping A Black Ops Killer


By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to Rense
Permission To Repost With Full Credit Granted


What’s in a name? Sometimes prophecy on par with Nostradamus.
Born in 1956, Barry Lee Bush was christened with an ideal name for an assassin.  The middle name 'Lee' is, of course, the name of the man considered the ultimate patsy in American history, forever at the center of the 'executive action' immortalized in the JFK shooting in Dallas.  Then we have the surname 'Bush', as in George Herbert Walker Bush, who is said to have been standing in front of the Texas Book Depository on 22 November 1963.  There is an online photo of the steps of that building at the time of the shooting, and in the group of people on the steps is a man who looks precisely like GHW Bush.  And then there's Barry as in Barry Soetoro Barack Obama, who authorized a worldwide assassination program and is the first president to support targeted killing of American citizens.

The recently arrested Barry Lee Bush is a 60 year old alleged would-be assassin who is, incredibly, a 'dead' FBI agent...resurrected and programmed to shoot Mr. Donald J. Trump.  Imagine, a murderous zombie infiltrating into Trump Tower...that should be a plot for a horror movie but it apparently just happened in real life and is being suppressed under an MSM news blackout.
A cover story was quickly concocted claiming the arrest was, instead of one 'dead' Barry Lee Bush, that of a supposed 'drunkard' security guard named Shark stumbling into the Trump Tower security area from across Fifth Avenue where he is employed at Henry Winston's fine jewelry.  The unwitting patsy, Shark, was taken into custody when the op was terminated by Bush's arrest.  Everything was quickly focused on the Shark being apprehended and that formed the backbone of the coverup.  Folks, guards at the purveyor of the world's most expensive jewelry do not booze on the job.

The murder plan, if there indeed was one, was all-too textbook clever: sneak a silencer-fitted Glock pistol into Trump’s campaign headquarters high-rise, wait for the GOP presidential nominee to arrive, aim, gently pull the trigger, tiptoe away and disappear into thin air.  Meanwhile, a 'drunk' pistol-packing security guard patsy, Mr. Shark, is filled full of lead, never to say a word…or those of the patsy Lee Harvey Oswald who said, legitimately, "I want a lawyer…I am not resisting arrest... I didn't kill anybody...I haven't shot anybody."
There was zero chance of Bush ever being identified, much less arrested, because he is officially dead, gunned down by friendly fire and buried 9 years ago according to former FBI Director Robert Mueller. To improve on the perfect crime there is always a patsy.  In this case, Snopes reports that a security guard and ex-NYPD cop by the last name of 'Shark' (honest) was supposedly 'inebriated' while legally carrying a pistol and who…while allegedly drunk…tried to force his way into the security zone where the about-to-arrive Trump motorcade was to unload the candidate and his staff.
Unfortunately for the FBI, the best-laid plans can go awry, and this past Tuesday, August 2, the living corpse named Barry Lee Bush was caught by a Secret Service agent sneaking past a security barrier toward a service elevator in the Trump Tower.   Barry Lee Bush was reportedly packing a Glock and a silencer.  The NYPD source noted that the Glock had never been stamped with a serial number on its frame.  A technical point to note is that a Glock missing a factory-stamped serial number is as rare as hen’s teeth, and we’ll get back to that point below. It seems the Stop Trump campaign is getting desperate at very high levels. Using a 'dead' FBI agent, a deep-cover, black ops assassin, isn't something a local 'Never Trump' group would do.
During his booking at a Manhattan Police station, the infiltrator identified himself with a fake moniker, Barry Franklyn. An electronic search at the National Crime Prevention Network matched the intruder’s fingerprints to Agent Barry Lee Bush, reportedly killed by friendly fire during the 2007 arrest of bank robbers, and his death certified with the eulogy given by FBI Director Mueller, himself.
To get past the media cover-up of this bizarre plot, the NYPD leak is detailed at
The Big Apple’s not Dallas, and Trump is well-regarded by New York’s finest. So the Don is still alive and well, to the great disappointment of Wall Street, ex-Mayor Mike Bloomberg and executives at the Clinton Foundation in Harlem. This “dead man walking” mystery is the JFK case of the present moment, a planned executive action during the presidential campaign of 2016, a crime of high treason in an attempt to subvert democracy in blatant violation of the Constitution.
Since it will take some time for independent investigators to track down the individuals responsible for this grotesque conspiracy against representative democracy, I am dredging up here whatever background and insights are immediately available.
First question: who’s on the grassy knoll?  There’s no greenery in the vicinity since Central Park’s a few more blocks uptown. A second shooter, however, could have a clear line of sight through a sniper-scope from across the street at 33 Fifth Avenue, the Prada boutique.
As in the premature obituary for Mark Twain, reports of Barry Lee Bush’s death were “greatly exaggerated”. In the overall excellent expose by the Get Off the BS blog, the only problem came from repeating the New York Times’ original error in attributing the cause of death of Bush to the “misfiring” of another FBI agent’s gun. That rifle was properly operated but aimed at the wrong target. Reporters at the time of the shooting were being stonewalled by FBI headquarters. (The Times is not the journal of record as claimed, it is a propaganda sheet for special interests inside the Beltway and Tel Aviv.)
The sequence of events is outlined in a 10-page internal inquiry, released under the FOIA in 2012:
- On 5 April 2007, two FBI teams, a Special Operations Group (SOG), which included Bush from the Newark office, and a bureau SWAT team, were tailing three bank robbers, who were in two cars in Hunterdon County, northwest New Jersey. Eyewitnesses from a string of recent bank jobs asserted the Latino gang members were armed with assault rifles.
-  One of the suspects’ cars was black and the other white. The black car stopped in front of the PNC Bank in Readington Township, New Jersey, while the white car kept a look-out in the parking across Highway 22.
- The SWAT team divided in two squads to intercept the suspects. Into the parking lot, unexpectedly, Bush drove up in a bureau-owned black Chevy Impala, which was of identical make as the robbers’ vehicle by the bank on the other side of the highway.
- The SWAT squad rushed out of their van, tossed a flash-bang and its echo was possibly confused for gunfire. One trooper fired three .233 rounds from his M4 carbine. One round hit Bush in the right shoulder. The lookout did not respond with gunfire and immediately surrendered, obviously in total surprise.
- Oddly, there were no fellow SOG team members near the solo Bush, since they were ordered to protect the perimeter.
- Further details of Bush’s death and autopsy were not described in the FBI inquest.  
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III read a eulogy at a memorial service in Pottstown, Pa, on April 12, hardly time for the body to chill much less to conduct a thorough autopsy. The main suspects received long prison sentences, keeping them out of the public eye for keeps.

Just a Nick on the Shoulder

Bush was hit in the front right shoulder with a single .223 caliber barrier-penetrating bullet from an M4 Remington carbine. The ballistic profile for that slug is distance penetration, meaning it is designed to pierce through sheet metal or windshield glass and remain intact rather than fragmenting. The victim would bleed profusely if a blood vessel is ruptured, but the exit wound should be small and clean, particularly in the case of Bush who was not wearing body armor and standing outside his car.

Since the bank robbers were known to be “heavily armed”, an emergency-response team on board at least one ambulance was on stand-by in close proximity. A bandage was probably the only patch needed since he was not hit near the heart or his lungs but in the upper right shoulder, until he could be stitched up in hospital. At short range, the bullet would not have lodged in his body. If this whole event was a cover operation, then the M4 carbine would have been loaded with blanks and the flash-bang used to distract from that ruse. Whatever the case, Bush should easily have survived and be back on the job after a month of recuperation.

Jason Bourne Redux

At the memorial service, Director Mueller mentioned that Bush had been involved in overseas operations. “Whether he was in New Jersey or Nairobi, he would not rest until every last detail had been accounted for. Every time he was given the ball, he carried it across the goal line. On rare occasions, he would get frustrated with the pace of investigations. On these occasions, unsuspecting trash cans would suffer the consequences.”

Nairobi was the center of two major terrorist attacks: the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi; and the late November 2002 ground-to-air missile firings at an Israeli airliner.

The Arkia Airline attack was conveniently timed after the creation of the FBI’s Fly Team in June 2002. The Fly Team are anti-terrorist specialists proficient in stake-outs, intercepts, explosives forensics, psyops, money laundering, the gamut of the black arts. Hundreds of deployments include the Middle East, Africa, South and Southeast Asia, Iraq and Afghanistan. The feds are part of the Joint Task Force in collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security and the CIA, and cooperate with Mossad.

In other words, Fly Team is a perfect job for a bad-cop working under cover. Besides kick-trash busts of thugs, there may have been other enticements for a 51-year-old veteran, married 20 years and in a midlife crisis that could easily be resolved in Bangkok or Dubai. His financial condition was not reported, but the widow and family must have collected sizable benefits for death in the line of duty plus life insurance payouts, which beats alimony.

From Newark to Newtown

Deep-cover anti-terrorism investigations put police-intelligence agents, especially ones with excellent marksmanship and combat skills, into frequent contact with their counterparts from Israel’s Mossad intelligence agency. The Israeli spies would be extremely curious about a tough and experienced American crime fighter. Mossad would check his name against its files and hack into U.S. databases to learn more about the mystery man, and when none of the pseudonyms fail to correspond to lists of cops, soldiers and felons, the Israelis would then turn to the one man in the know about American gunslingers.

The go-to guy is the ”internationally recognized firearms training expert” Emanuel Kapelsohn, a lawyer on the advisory board of Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Fund and a police trainer in the use of force. Kapelsohn is a certified firearms instructor for the FBI and Glock, the manufacturer of the unnumbered handgun seized from Barry Lee Bush at Trump Tower.

In a 2007 press story on the fifth anniversary of Agent Bush’s death, Kapelsohn was interviewed at length. The gun expert said: “We’ll never know what was in Bush’s mind . . . what he thought or saw or heard or didn’t see. This is probably something that the other agents are going to ask for a million years: Why did he do that?”

(Well, Emanuel,by now it’s still way less than a million years but I might have figured out his game, but then again I’m not a fed.)

Kapelsohn was then a staff lawyer at Lesavoy, Butz and Seitz in Lehigh Valley, Pa, just across the state line from Readington Township. His boss Buddy Lesavoy, a prominent leader of the local Jewish community, arranged, financed and registered the permits for the Chabad House in Lehigh Valley. Chabad is the Lubavitch sect’s airBnB for Israeli art students.

Kapelsohn resurfaced in 2012 as an expert source for a New York Magazine article on Adam Lanza’s gun collection in the wake of the Sandy Hook School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut. In that discussion, he was evasive and completely mum about the 10mm Glock pistol that Lanza allegedly shot himself with in the head inside the school hallway. Produced in Austria, Glock pistols are constructed of polymer, giving them a fuzzier profile in security scanners than cold steel armaments, a favorite for assassins. Glocks are legal, but possession of a silencer is against U.S. law.

Now, to revisit the can of worms that my articles on Sandy Hook and the CIA blew wide open, yes, there were far more crisis actors at Newton than at summer-stock theater or that I could have imagined at the time. Still, in spite of the bursting bags of fake blood, some children and teachers were obviously shot dead by a pair gunmen who were spotted fleeing from the rear exist of the school building. My article retraced possible extraction routes, narrowing those down to connecting roads across the state line and then north to upstate New York. Past incidents involving state police and prison guards, along with the handiwork inside the school, indicated the shooters had extensive experience in law enforcement.

My conclusion by then was that there must exist a covert network of former cops involved in these sorts of special operations for Homeland Security and related agencies, including the CIA. The living “dead” Barry Lee Bush, with his knowledge about police stations and gangsters in every nook and cranny on the East Coast, would be part of that clandestine network. Gosh, think of the possibilities. After the inauguration, it certainly would be interesting if Barry Lee Bush could sit down for dinner with President Trump, without the Glock, of course.

It was a well-established fact that Sandy Hook was a Homeland Security school with emergency plans draw up by DHS. At the time, I focused on how the Homeland Security Act was drafted with the help of the Shin Beit and introduced to Congress by Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, an ardent Zionist. During the Sandy Hook controversy, DHS Secretary Napolitano was such a big figure, in more ways than one, that I failed to get past her to consider her predecessor, Michael Chertoff, Secretary of Homeland Security 2005-2009.

The Rise of Homeland Totalitarianism

Robert Mueller’s dozen years as FBI chief were paralleled by the rise of DHS, which amalgamated a myriad of smaller law-enforcement agencies to become a domestic CIA, Stasi and Gestapo rolled into a single juggernaut, the post-911 police state. Over those troubled years, the term “false flag” became a household word with the proliferation of suspicious attacks against the American public.

Facilitating a Mossad role in U.S. domestic surveillance, a key player was Chertoff, the second head of DHS and a pro-Israel neoconservative. Allegedly a dual citizen due to his mother’s Israeli citizenship, Chertoff has strong connections to the Zionist power structure on the East Coast. His father, Rabbi Gershon Baruch Chertoff, was a Talmud scholar and leader of a synagogue in Elizabeth, NJ, which is just across the Hudson River from the site of the World Trade Center.

Michael Chertoff during the mid-1990s practiced law at Latham & Watkins, even founding the firm's office in Newark. That task in Jersey brought him into the bailiwick of legendary (and still reportedly alive) FBI agent Barry Lee Bush. They were the baritones (versus the Sopranos).

A legal arm for Wall Street and Hollywood, Latham & Watkins is the world’s highest grossing law firm earning 2.6 billion dollars in fees annually. Among its high-profile clients, the firm represented Judge Jay Bybee, who argued the legality of torture at Abu Ghraib prison; the Church of Latter Day Saints (think: Mitt Romney); the Church of Scientology (read: CIA). Its former legal staff includes Beth Wilkinson, the prosecutor who got the death sentence for Timothy McVeigh for the Oklahoma City bombing. All of the above shows Mssrs. Latham, Watkins and Chertoff to be dirty lawyers for big-time criminals, fraudsters and, forgive the redundancy, politicians.

These intersections between the now-robotized operative Barry Lee Bush, and Michael Chertoff, Glock trainer Emanuel Kapelsohn; the Israel intelligence services, and FBI Director Robert Mueller represent the coalescence of those power players who created the post-911 Intelligence State. Under this Deep State regime, the security services penetrate and permeate every institution of government, civil society, military, finance and corporate business. In the contemporary U.S.-Israel-Saudi co-dependency, the Intelligence State is a hybrid apparatus, largely influenced by Jewish plutocrats and their hidden Arab allies, with a few Asians on the periphery.

The essentially foreign mentality behind Deep State explains the methodical de-Americanization drive that is usurping native-born peoples, the Scots-Irish, Italians, Germans, English, Dutch, French Huguenot and Irishmen, while further marginalizing African Americans, Latinos and native American Indians, all of these being ethnic groups who are the very foundation of the national culture and its traditional values. Constitutional rights of citizenship are being bulldozed aside, while an immigrant clown like Khizir Khan waves a pocket version miniaturized for the benefit of heavily armed robo-cop units arresting targeted suspects and shooting native-born citizens on the streets, and then to read the rights to the dead. Meanwhile psychological war is being waged night and day, across the bandwidth and on all wavelengths, spewing falsehood and illusions, with the aims of deception and total mind control.

As put by the Jason Bourne from the MK-ULTRA saga: “Everything I found out, I want to forget.” After waking up to the reality, however, there is no way to return to the comfort zone.

Yet for all their wealth and worldly power, the archons of the Deep State are gripped in fear and loathing of what the Trump campaign represents (and what Sanders supporters should be alongside fighting for), a nation of sovereign people determined to regain their land, rights and freedoms.

Now that the zombie Barry Lee Bush flubbed his assassination mission, let’s turn the scope around, to peer at the other side of Fifth Avenue. Squint an eye through the glass. The Devil wears Prada, doesn’t she?

Yoichi Shimatsu is an investigative journalist based in Hong Kong, who was a volunteer community organizer during the New York City debt crisis.


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